Super Dave (1987) - Season 3

Global (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Fifty
    Episode Fifty
    Episode 22
    Super Dave greets an old friend in the audience and surprises him with an old photo that doesn't look like him. Later, Super Dave opens the new Hall of Fame part of his compound.
  • Episode Forty Nine
    Episode Forty Nine
    Episode 21
    Super Dave welcomes an accomplished violin player to the stage. Later, Super Dave shows the new tennis area of his compound and the equipment there.
  • Episode Forty Eight
    Episode Forty Eight
    Episode 20
    Super Dave is upset by a newspaper headline that suggests he spent government money on himself rather than on a petting zoo. Super Dave does a makeover segment with celebrity lookalikes. Later, Super Dave show his new mobile health and exercise system.
  • Episode Forty Seven
    Episode Forty Seven
    Episode 19
    Super Dave hosts an "I Can Do It!" segment. Later, Super Dave shows an area of his compound that he calls "Diet Park".
  • Episode Forty Six
    Episode Forty Six
    Episode 18
    Super Dave holds an impressionist contest for three audience members. Later, Super Dave opens a new area of the compound which introduces a new type of fuel for cars called "garbane".
  • Episode Forty Five
    Episode Forty Five
    Episode 17
    Super Dave holds a 'Fan Appreciation contest'. Later, Super Dave looks to renovate a house on his compound.
  • Episode Forty Four
    Episode Forty Four
    Episode 16
    Super Dave deals with a camera operator who wants to show a trick to the audience. Later, Super Dave shows the new marine part of his compound.
  • Episode Forty Three
    Episode Forty Three
    Episode 15
    Super Dave recovers from an accident introducing his new comedy area of the compound. Later, Super Dave goes to leave the hospital but runs into complications.
  • Episode Forty Two
    Episode Forty Two
    Episode 14
    Super Dave hosts a " I Can Do It! " segment. Later, Super Dave opens his new champion golf course.
  • Episode Forty One
    Episode Forty One
    Episode 13
    Super Dave introduces a worker who has worked on performing for an audience. Later, Super Dave shows the remote control model section of his compound.
  • Episode Forty
    Episode Forty
    Episode 12
    Super Dave show his senior sports camp. Later on, Super Dave demonstrates the exercise center in his compound and shows some of the inventions there.
  • Episode Thirty Nine
    Episode Thirty Nine
    Episode 11
    Super Dave shows a new area of his compound where items are recycled for new household furnishings. Later on, Super Dave drives a cola car in promotion of his new soft drink.
  • Episode Thirty Eight
    Super Dave is inducted into the North American Sports Federation Hall of Fame. Later, Super Dave performs a stunt involving a giant football.
  • Episode Thirty Seven
    Super Dave shows the new lumberjack area of his compound and performs a climbing stunt.
  • Episode Thirty Six
    Episode Thirty Six
    Episode 8
    Super Dave deals with a performer that he doesn't thinks is original enough. Later, Super Dave is treated to a surprise birthday gift of a fifties malt shop.
  • Episode Thirty Five
    Jose the gardener performs a song at the beginning. Later, Super Dave performs a stunt involving a very high water ride called "Ride the Wild Goose".
  • Super Dave Salutes Sweeps Week
    Super Dave talks to audience members about what they do for a living. Later, Super Dave performs a stunt based on the classic children's story The Three Little Pigs.
  • Episode Thirty Three
    Super Dave addresses talk that he is going to be traded to another network. Later, Super Dave performs a holiday themed trick.
  • Episode Thirty Two
    Episode Thirty Two
    Episode 4
    Super Dave selects audience members to guess what march is being played by a band on stage. Later, Super Dave performs a stunt in an indoor ring that mimics bullfighting in cars.
  • Episode Thirty One
    Episode Thirty One
    Episode 3
    Super Dave plays the piano, wishes happy birthday to a special stage hand and performs a stunt involving a giant yo-yo.
  • Episode Thirty
    Episode Thirty
    Episode 2
    Donald shows Super Dave a shortcut to the studio that takes longer than expected. Later on, Super Dave prepares to leave for a trip aboard a customized bus.
  • Episode Twenty Nine
    Super Dave performs at the dancing animals area of his compound and helps a heavyweight boxer train for an upcoming fight.