Super Dave (1987) - Season 4

Global (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Seventy One
    Episode Seventy One
    Episode 21
    Super Dave lets a crew member from the compound perform. Later, Super Dave unveils the earthquake preparedness part of his compound.
  • Episode Seventy
    Episode Seventy
    Episode 20
    Super Dave welcomes a ventriloquist as his guest tonight. Later, Super Dave shows a flight school he is planning to open.
  • Episode Sixty Nine
    Episode Sixty Nine
    Episode 19
    Super Dave welcomes The Smothers Brothers to the show. Later, Super Dave shows his safe soccer stadium.
  • Episode Sixty Eight
    Episode Sixty Eight
    Episode 18
    Super Dave is annoyed by once again a crew member performing on the stage. Later, Super Dave uses a test car to demonstrate new safety features he has come up to protect a driver when he is bumped by another car.
  • Episode Sixty Seven
    Episode Sixty Seven
    Episode 17
    Super Dave holds a recollection contest which involves showing some of his past stunts. Later, Super Dave shows a new area of his compound dedicated to created illusions on televisions and similar media.
  • Episode Sixty Six
    Episode Sixty Six
    Episode 16
    Super Dave shows what is going to be available for an upcoming car auction he is holding. Later, Super Dave shows his museum of modern art and the unusual pieces of art there.
  • Episode Sixty Five
    Episode Sixty Five
    Episode 15
    Super Dave challenges a guest to perform increasingly difficult tasks while playing a piano. Later, Super Dave is at his new eighty thousand seat stadium and looks to perform the toughest stunt of a pentathlon of five stunts Fuji has designed.
  • Episode Sixty Four
    Episode Sixty Four
    Episode 14
    Super Dave looks to make world history by doing a stunt that breaks the water speed record in a "superboat".
  • Episode Sixty Three
    Episode Sixty Three
    Episode 13
    Super Dave looks to perform a stunt involving jumping a bike over cars into a tank of water.
  • Episode Sixty Two
    Episode Sixty Two
    Episode 12
    Super Dave opens an exercise complex for senior citizens at his complex.
  • Episode Sixty One
    Episode Sixty One
    Episode 11
    Super Dave looks to mark the tenth anniversary of his compound but things go awry.
  • Episode Sixty
    Episode Sixty
    Episode 10
    Super Dave talks about demands from the network that he make the show sexier during sweeps week. Later, Super Dave shows a trial store he has set up on his compound.
  • Episode Fifty Nine
    Episode Fifty Nine
    Episode 9
    Super Dave addresses a magazine article that criticizes the way he spends money for toy manufacturing. Later, Super Dave shows a geiger car that is being tested at the compound.
  • Episode Fifty Eight
    Super Dave shows off the new minature golf course in his compound, which includes a tape replay of past Super Dave stunts available on different holes.
  • Episode Fifty Seven
    Super Dave revisits the Confidence Building part of the compound. Later, Super Dave looks to perform a stunt commemorating Bond movies.
  • Episode Fifty Six
    Episode Fifty Six
    Episode 6
    Super Dave holds a Beach Boys song contest. Later, Super Dave looks to demonstrate his new racing track by driving a car around it.
  • Episode Fifty Five
    Episode Fifty Five
    Episode 5
    Super Dave shows the stables area of his compound. Later, Super Dave looks to go bungee jumping in his latest stunt.
  • Episode Fifty Four
    Episode Fifty Four
    Episode 4
    A stage hand asks Super Dave to be allowed to perform for the audience. Later, Super Dave gives a tour of a part of his compound called "Storybookland".
  • Episode Fifty Three
    Super Dave presents a music video made by a fan showing past highlights of the show. Later, Super Dave shows the new fast food restaurant on the compound that sells healthy fast food.
  • Episode Fifty Two
    Episode Fifty Two
    Episode 2
    Super Dave shows a souvenir village part of his compound that specializes in selling recycled gifts. Later, Super Dave, with a holiday theme in mind, goes on a recycled raft ride.
  • Episode Fifty One
    Episode Fifty One
    Episode 1
    Super Dave shows a new part of his compound that is modeled after the legendary Noah's Ark. Later, Super shows a house for a guest star that has been re-arranged as a practical joke.