Super Duper Sumos

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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Super Duper Sumos

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Welcome to the Super Duper Sumos guide at Type - Animated Genre(s) - Comedy, Action/Adventure Show Status - Canceled/Ended Guide Status - Co-Editor Desired About Super Duper Sumos In this show (which is said to be even more obscene than Ren & Stimpy), three half-ton sumos dish out justice to the evil "Bad Inc." The sumos are trained in the ways of the PHaT (Peace, Honor and Truth) by their ancient Japanese father/trainer, Wisdom San. This trainer adopted the sumos when they were very young, and began teaching them PHaT right away. The big-bottomed bros use their fighting skills and the super-attack "Sumo Size" to defeat Bad Inc., a group of villains that consists of Ms. Mister, the easily annoyed leader, Dr. Stinger, a love-struck scientist who is constantly hitting on Mister, BS, an English braniac with far-fetched ideas, and Genghis, a cranky ghost who is always boring the group with tall-tales. They got guts, big ol' butts! Let's get PHaT with the Super Duper Sumos and Bad Inc.! Now that you've done that, let's meet the Sumos. Booma is the insane one whose butt is alive (a la a certain children's novel), Mamoo is the practical sumo with a love for cooking, and Kimo can predict the future! Finally, there's Prima, a little girl with a big brain. She uses her IQ to guide the sumos down the right path. It may seem that people who aren't fond of bathroom humor will not enjoy this DIC toon, but you're wrong! There is plenty of intelligent humor for people with a less childish taste in cartoons, such as the constant Bad Inc. subplots and hilarious flashback sequences. Episodes of the show used to be shown here. Character Guide Booma - Despite his lack of intelligence, Booma is the most popular Sumo of the group. With a small brain and large heart, this Californian sumo wrestler is a very valuable member of the crew. His hobbies include glutting himself and taking care of his backside. Kimo - Kimo is the wisest of the three. "Honor" is practically this Sumo's catchphrase, his signature move even contains the word! Kimo's abilities include the capability to keep his wild and crazy brothers in line, to predict the future and to honor the PHaT. Mamoo - This underrated Sumo is a professional with the stove, but cannot help but always say what he thinks! He loves to be honest and truthful, and has a powerful signature move known as "Sumo Squeeze." He is also responsible for the most disturbing element of Sumo-Sizing! Which part? Watch and learn... Ms. Mister - Ms. Mister is the leader of Bad Inc. She doesn't do much for the evil group other than approve and supervise their stupid plans to destory or conquer Generic City. She is also forced to live with Dr. Stinger, who is constantly annoying her with his affection toward her. She also carries Genghis in a jewel on her dress. Dr. Stinger - Stinger is a mad scientist, although he is a bit more on the side of "mad" than he is "scientist." Dr. Stinger usually invents the monster of the episode, but doesn't let his work interfere with his time with Ms. Mister. Genghis Fenghis - Genghis is an ancient spirit who lives inside of Ms. Mister's jewel. And he is just that - ancient. When he actually comes out of his home to "help" the group, he is usually boring them to sleep or cracking jokes regarding being deceased. BS - The name says it all. He may be intelligent, but his plans are very far-fetched and complicated. Additionally, BS has a knack for technology, and doesn't like spending a day away from his cell phone and computer. Wisdom San - Wisdom San is an ancient Japanese tutor who adopted the Sumos. Good ol' Wisdom San is always there for the Sumos with his confusing moral support and quotes from the ancient poet Masho. Prima - Prima is a young girl who also gives the Sumos advice. Much like Wisdom San, the Sumos look to her for moral support in any obscure situation they may be in. Crasho Basho Sumos - Three evil sumo wrestlers created by Bad Inc. in order to destroy their arch-enemies. Mamoo's counterpart has four arms, Booma's has three buttcheeks, and Kimo's has a metal chest. They appear in the show a few times. Theme Song Lyrics Go! Super Duper Sumos! Hwah! Super Duper Sumos! They got guts! Super Duper Sumos! Hwah! Super Duper Sumos! Big ol' butts! Peace! Honor! Truth! Super Duper Sumos! Hwah! Super Duper Sumos! They got guts! Let's get PHaT! Go! Super Duper Sumos! Super Duper Sumos! Super Duper Sumos! They got guts, and butts! Thank you 4KidsTVMasterMatty for allowing me to use an element of his format.moreless

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