Super Duper Sumos - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • 2/2/03
    In this episode, Bad Inc. gets a time machine to try to stop the Super Duper Sumos but the sumos find out and go back in time and fight Bad Inc. with themselves, their young selves and their older selves.
  • 0.0
    Kimo's love of miniature golf leads to the discovery that Bad Inc. is attempting to control kids' minds.
  • 1/12/03
    Booma unexpectedly gets a job as an underwear model. After this, he becomes very protective of his rear. And that is very unfortunate because Spanky, a butt-slappin' monster soon comes to town. Kimo and Mamoo must fight alone, as Booma refuses to put this butt in harm's way. If you are viewing this via the Episode Guide, please click on this episode's title, as there is much more information through that way.moreless
  • A Clock Work Sumo
    Episode 22
  • The Girth of Cool
    Episode 21
    Bad Inc. unleashes a robot so cool that the stupid citizens of Generic City encourage him to destroy the town.
  • 8/11/02
    Stinger captures Chris Kringle and disguises himself as the jolly old man in order to distribute killer toys to the Earth!
  • 7/28/02
    Stinger animates his supper into a huge, murderous dumpling, which begins to terrorize the citizens of Generic City.
  • No Lie Pie
    Episode 17
    The sumos are watching TV when Kimo and Mamoo start fighting for the control. After Mamoo wins he switches the channel and the sumos watch as their neighborhood chef loses a contest to Bad Inc's Iron Man Chef. We then find out that Bad Inc's plan is to make chefs all over the world lose their confidence, then restaurants close down, and since people don't want to eat their own food they'll beg Bad Inc. to rule them and bring them food. After their All You Can Eat Buffet closes down, Mamoo enters the Iron Man Chef contest. He wins the first two challenges, but the Iron Man Chef bakes a monster pizza. The sumos defeat it, but Mamoo loses the contest. After a flashback the sumos defeat the Iron Man and they feed Bad Inc. a No Lie Pie which makes them confess that the whole contest was rigged. They also confess some other things...moreless
  • 7/14/02
    This episode begins with Mamoo and Kimo fighting over a blanket because it is freezing and the 3 sumos have to share one blanket. As they fight Stinger uses one of his devices to raise the temperature outside and make it ideal for his monster seeds to grow into giant plants, turning the city into a massive vine jungle. As the sumos begin defeating the vines Stinger sends in the Kamikaze Pygmies from Wisconsin to fight them. After being knocked unconscious with smelly cheese the sumos awaken to find that the vines have them tied up. They quickly eat through the vines and defeat the tiny pygmies. As the episode winds down Stinger turns one of the pygmies into a giant and the sumos defeat him at the end.moreless
  • Honour Thy Phather
    Episode 15
    Ms. Mister sends Genghis to split up the Sumos. Genghis shows up at their home and pretends to be Kimo's father. By showing Kimo some phony pictures of them together and bringing up phony memories Genghis manages to get Kimo on his side. Eventually Mamoo and Booma complain about Genghis and Kimo moves out with his "father". Kimo then goes to work with Genghis for Bad Inc's parent-child day. Everybody except Ms. Mister brings a "child". Kimo stays with Genghis until he realizes that honoring thy father isn't always the most important thing. In the end Genghis even helps Kimo because of the fond memories they shared.moreless
  • Phat to the Phuture
    Episode 14
    Booma desires to win himself a new car, and Kimo, who can predict the future using the PHaT, sees that he will soon get himself into all sorts of assorted injuries, and is injured himself in an attempt to protect his dumb blond bro.
  • Back to School
    Episode 13
    To protect a dweebish child, the Sumos go undercover at the local highschool. However, they don't fit in too well (literally).
  • Sumos on Ice
    Episode 12
    Bad Inc. blocks the sun with a huge pie-shaped blimp to freeze the planet. The Sumos must put an end to this forever winter and turn the heat up.
  • Yak Derby
    Episode 11
  • Car Yak'd
    Episode 10
  • Rest Area 51
    Episode 9
    A morning of camping turns into a fight against all sorts of gross monsters when Sumos stumble into Bad Inc.'s company retreat at their toxic-waste plant.
  • Handle with Care
    Episode 8
    The sumos believe that Bad Inc. turned their friend prima into a little, glass figurine. They plan on getting to Dr. Stinger to change her back.
  • 3/19/02
    Bad Inc. wants to rid the world of cruise ships. The sumos have to get past many sea creatures to stop them.
  • 5/12/02
    The Bad Inc. building is getting too crowded so they decide to make another one right above the sumos' house!
  • 5/5/02
    This episode starts off with the 3 sumos fighting for the last donut. After Booma's butt crushes the donut, the other two sumos decide that they Booma should keep it. Meanwhile Bad Inc. has devised a new plan, in which robotic ballerinas with bombs for heads would help them take over the world. A real ballerina shows up at the sumos and warns them. Eventually a battle ensues and the sumos come out victorious....moreless
  • 4/28/02
    Because of Bad Inc., Booma's butt gets smaller, to get to about the size of a normal persons' butt. He starts to lose self-esteem over that.
  • Basho Crasho Sumos
    Episode 3
    This episode starts off with Booma cheating at a game of chess vs. Kimo, which leads to Mamoo and Kimo beating the truth out of him. Meanwhile Bad Inc. has devised a new plan to defeat the sumos, they create three evil sumos. They send a marmot with a message and the sumos show up. The sumos show up because its the honorable thing to do, even though Mamoo warns them that it is a trap. Each sumo fights an evil sumo specifically created to defeat them. A four-armed sumo defeats Mamoo, a three-butt-cheeked sumo defeats Booma, and a sumo with a metal chest defeats Kimo. So the sumos decide to cheat and they win, but they end up getting captured. Using the marmot they escape and fight the evil sumos, this time they exchange opponents and win the fight.moreless
  • The Seven Sumorai
    The Seven Sumorai
    Episode 2
    Bad Inc. is making giant buildings in a small fishing town in New Jersey, and the sumos have to stop them.
  • Seven Sumorai
    Episode 2
    Bad Inc. is making giant buildings in a small fishing town in New Jersey, and the sumos have to stop them.
  • Bad Inc. creates a forty-foot, monstrous Teddy Bear, named Binky, which terrorizes the city. The Super Duper Sumos must put the sumo-sized squeeze on Binky and save the day.
  • Binky Did a Bad, Bad Thing
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