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  • Green Lantern beaten by a road sign?

    I seem to recall an episode where Green Lantern is fighting someone and seems to have the upper hand until the bad guy sees a road sign, grabs it, and proceedes to beat the tar out of GL with it. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Can anyone name the episode? Or upload a gif or vid of the Yellow Traffic Sign Beatdown of the Century?
  • ".. gathered together .A.."

    1973 ... my favorite show as a kid - aired when I was three years, four months, three weeks old

    If I had to choose which incarnation of SUPER FRIENDS to watch, this would be the one - I don't care about the other flashier versions to come along over the next 15 years - the first version is the one I love. ".. cosmic reaches of the universe .." I think 'the voice' says :)

    Give me Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog over Zan, Jana and Gleek any day!

    In one of the Justice League: Unlimited episodes they pay tribute to the original opening credits of Super Friends, 1973, with Superman, Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman sitting around a table - and Aquaman wasn't a full time member of JLU so they had to do that with purpose - the view was from above.

    Thank you H&B. SF'73: RIP
  • This was an excellent series!

    This was definately my favorite Saturday morning cartoon when I was growing up; actually it was probably my all - time favorite cartoon when I was a kid. I'd love to see the reruns and watch them with my kids. I just recently discovered Justice League, so I'll be watching that now, but I love to see this classic come back!
  • 33 years and still a classic.

    Wow, it is hard to believe that it\'s been almost 33 years since the start of the Superfriends or as it most known today the Justice League. If we were to compare this series to the recent incarnation, I think that we would see so many difference\'s, some more obvious than others.

    Let me just say that without this series, I don\'t think we would have ever gotten the modern Justice League. So many of the writers and animator\'s grew up watching this show and it\'s spin-off\'s that it helped them make there new version a classic on it\'s own.

    So if you get the chance to see this show either on tv or DVD then do so. Yes the stories are totally unbelievable and the animation is rough, but the characters are strong and enjoyable. Way to go Hanna-Barbera, excellent work.
  • Incredibly Stupid!!!

    Without a doubt Superfriends were the dumbest cartoons ever. It was no wonder because Hanna Barbera created it as a Scooby Doo clone with the Justice League. Sure Wendy was barely tolerable but Marvin and Wonder Dog? Marvin was barely a teenager but he's a total retard with that big stupid M on his shirt. It is a wonder that he was not killed in school. As for the Superfriends they had the dumbest villians and had the dumbest cases ever. From Dr Goodfellow to King Plasto watching this show was like hitting your head with a hammer. Thank God this travesty lasted only one season then they wisely retooled it but it was still barely watchable.
  • Bad idea all the way around.

    The idea of two non superpowered kids and their intelligent dog was questionable at best but trying to have the idea work over 45 minutes was a disaster. Even in episodes where the concept was interesting (a computer that eliminates all work and then promtly goes haywire, an alien stealing power, a scientist trying to change the Gulf Stream to heat his own country, another scientist trying to stop money being \'wasted\' on space travel, and an enviromentaist who is going too far) there are long dull periods which usially involved some improbable chase.

    Adding to the problem was the fact that Marvin and Wendy came off as not all that bright and tended to get themselves into situations way over their heads. Then there was the question of why did the Superfriends keep these guys around. As lame as they were at least the later Zan and Jana had super powers but Marvin and Wendy had nothing.
  • I have only seen the reruns but I wish they still had it.

    I am aware of the new Justice League and that is a good show but there is just something about this show that makes it different. I guess it is just the regular superheros of the superfriends and I loved how they went up against Lex Luthor and Bizarro. It was a great show that I wish was still on.
  • I loved the SuperFriends, but there was one thing that did bug me about it...

    There weren't ever enough ALL-IN episodes. There certainly weren't enough Wonder Woman episodes. The shows had a couple or maybe a few SuperFriends per episode and that was it. I love the SuperFriends because I loved it back then, and it gave way to imagination, but it's no where as well-written, powerful or politically eye-opening as Justice League (or JL Unlimited).
  • An excellent show for kids

    I hate to see that many people didn't like the real first season of Superfriends just because Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog didn't have powers. Well, they didn't need powers to be great. What good or help were the Wonder Twins with their powers? Wendy alone has more brains than the Wonder Twins and Gleek together. Also, something that I love about the first season is that they were really trying hard to give valuable moral lessons to the kids. I hope that on present time, there would be more series like that one, that they offer good adventure along with important lessons to make the kids become grown up people with decent moral values.
  • Owning both Seasons 1 and Season 2 on dvd. I can see why Hanna Barbara changed the name from Challenge of the Superfriends after running short on ideas.

    My favorite characters in Superfriends for the hero's Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder-Woman. The villains were Lex Luthor. Their was so many different varations of this show but its great to see them being released on dvd. Bring on Season 3!!!! Keep up the great work Hanna Barbara! NICE!!
  • the superfriends a show of the justice league which showed batman superman wonderwoman aquaman and many others fight the legion of doom

    this show is okay it is and emmy award winning show but it was funny and many people dont give it enough credit for starting the super hero trend on T V. It may have not been a good show but it was funny and entertaining. Its a good show.
  • Great for little kids, a waste of time for anyone older than 12.

    While a couple of the characters (Marvin and the dog) in this show would probably insult the intelligence of any sentient being over the age of 12, Hanna-Barbera obviously was targeting a much younger market, introducing the Justice League mainstays of that era to pre-schoolers and those just slightly older.

    Generally, for the little kids, the stories are actually a lot better than many of the H-B offerings from the previous decade, such as Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and QuickDraw McGraw.

    Similarly, the cartoonists did an excellent job of rendering Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Robin, and Wonder Woman true to their appearance in the 1960s and early 1970s comic books.
  • Marvin and Wendy, and their dumb dog made this show suck.

    I only liked one episode. I think it was called "G.E.E.K." The rest sucked. I can't believe garbage like this lasted that long. Marvin and his dog are dumb. Even though Wendy is smart, Marvin and his dog made it crash and burn. This show did a horrible job at even attempting to be funny. Believe it was far from funny. I'm warning everybody who reads this, don't watch this particular Superfriends show.