Super Friends - Season 1

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • The Watermen
    Episode 16
    Holo and Zara are desperate aliens who are stripping silicon from the earth oceans. They need silicon to get their spacecraft back to their home planet. Unfortunately, their efforts are creating a dangerous red tide in the ocean.
  • The Planet-Splitter
    Episode 15
    In an insane plot to split the planet in half, Dr. LeBon and his assistant Wilbur begin stealing diamonds and replacing them with imitations. Wendy and Marvin are captured by LeBon when they are guarding a diamond with Superman. Imprisoned, they tell Wilbur the story of Superman's origin to pass the time. Meanwhile, Dr. LeBon collects more diamonds.moreless
  • 12/8/73
    A mad scientist named Dr. Gulliver hatches a plot to shrink people down to a height of two inches believing that he can solve global hunger. The SuperFriends try to stop him, but each is shrunk down and captured. Marvin and Wendy, however, manage to contact Green Arrow. Will the SuperFriends be saved by their friends and returned to their normal size?moreless
  • 12/1/73
    While investigating the disappearance of a few air conditioners, the SuperFriends discover an underground world populated by moving rocks and trees. The SuperFriends also locate a couple named Minimus and Maximus Mole who are behind the air conditioner thefts. They are using special water from an underground lagoon to make trees and rocks steal the air conditioners for them. They want the air conditioners so that they can cool down an area near a crater so that they can have access to the crater's enormous supply of diamonds.moreless
  • 11/24/73
    A mad scientist named Raven is using a white dwarf to make things disappear. Raven was once sent to a special prison by Superman and wants revenge. He locates some kryptonite, but the SuperFriends manage to get to it before he does. In order to force the SuperFriends into giving him the kryptonite, Raven steals the Washington Monument and kidnaps Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog.moreless
  • The Ultra Beam
    Episode 11
    Believing that gold is the root of all evil, two scientists named Hank and Ben invent a gold destroying laser beam. Unfortunately their laser has a side effect that damages other minerals.
  • 11/10/73
    King Plasto uses FRERPs (Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Plastic) replicas of buildings and animals to steal plastic. He wants the plastic to make more FRERPs to construct his island paradise.
  • The Balloon People
    Episode 9
    A family of Balloon People arrive on Earth and befriend the SuperFriends. They have come to Earth to escape their home planet, which is suffering from pollution and ecological catastrophe. The Balloon People catch the interest of greedy man named Noah Tall who takes them prisoner. The SuperFriends, however, manage to rescue them and capture Noah Tall.moreless
  • The Androids
    Episode 8
    A mad scientist named Dr. Rebos uses his specially programmed androids against the space program. When the SuperFriends are called in to stop him, he makes an android version of Superman to destroy a space station near Mars.
  • Too Hot to Handle
    Episode 7
    When the SuperFriends are investigating a global heat wave, they learn that the Earth is being pulled closer to the sun. The SuperFriends get the help of the Flash who uses his super speed to move the Earth back to its normal orbit. The SuperFriends discover that the Earth was being moved by an alien named Kolbar from the planet Solar Terrarium. He tells them that his once warm home planet is becoming cold because of pollution. He was moving the Earth in order to give his race a new home planet. He apologizes for his actions and the SuperFriends head to Solar Terrarium to clean up his world and give his people a fresh start.moreless
  • The Shamon 'U'
    Episode 6
    Dr. Simeon Shamon is a scientist who is using magnets and lasers to mine for gold from space. Unfortunately, his mining method is creating a dangerous mist which causes plants and animals to change form and grow. When Wonder Dog grows to enormous proportions, the SuperFriends decide to stop Shamon. With the help of Shamon's assistant, they manage to force him to stop mining. The SuperFriends, then, focus their attention on cleaning up the atmosphere and curing the plants and animals.moreless
  • Dr. Pelagian's War
    Episode 5
    Dr. Pelagian is an ecological fanatic who can communicate with animals. Pelagian is attempting to force three powerful industrialists to stop polluting the planet. He threatens them with natural disasters if they fail to comply. When the SuperFriends try to reason with the industrialists they refuse to change their minds. The SuperFriends are forced to find Dr. Pelagian and stop him before he can make good on his threats.moreless
  • The Weather Maker
    Episode 4
    A scientist plunges parts of the world into a deep freeze by shifting the Gulf Stream to the north. He wants to warm his polar homeland named Glacia. The SuperFriends stop him, but in doing so they manage to bring a little warmth to Glacia.
  • 9/22/73
    Professor Goodfellow is a computer engineer who builds G.E.E.C. (Goodfellow's Effort Eliminating Computer). He built the computer to eliminate physical labor in the world. When a mouse gets into the computer's hardware, however, the machine malfunctions and plunges the world into chaos. With the help of Plastic Man the SuperFriends manage to fix the machine and convince Professor Goodfellow that it should be turned off.moreless
  • The Baffles Puzzle
    Episode 2
    Professor Baffles demands a ransom from the world's leaders or he will start making valuable items disappear. When his demands are not met he makes an art exhibit of lithographs vanish into thin air. The SuperFriends are called in to investigate. With his demands unmet, Professor Baffles next sets his sights on a money shipment and it also comes up missing. Wendy tells the SuperFriends that she has noticed the smell of almonds every time that something disappears. Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog decide to investigate on their own and are captured by Professor Baffles and his crew. The SuperFriends now must find Professor Baffles not only to stop him, but also to save their young friends.moreless
  • The Power Pirate
    Episode 1
    Superman is called away to California to save a pair of trains from that are about to collide. Shortly after there are emergencies with a cargo ship, a construction site and a dam that has lost power and about to cause a flood. The SuperFriends discover that all of the catastrophes are linked to a scientist named Sir Cedric at a nuclear power plant. They next discover that he is an impostor who is in fact an alien that is stealing energy for his planet. Can the SuperFriends stop him before Earth is stripped of all of its resources?moreless
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