Super Friends - Season 2

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • Aquaman, Batman and Robin team to stop a pirate who fancies himself "The Protector" of the seas. Next, the Wonder Twins rescue two "Stowaways" when the yachtsman piloting the craft is knocked unconscious. Then, the remaining Super Friends must combat "The Ghost" who's turned Wonder Woman and Superman into spirits. Lastly, when a sacred white elephant goes on a "Rampage" in India, Superman and Green Lantern must learn the cause of the beast's destructive behavior.moreless
  • First, Aquaman and Superman must act quickly when a villain transforms the world's oceans into a "Frozen Peril." Then, the Wonder Twins aid a girl who's the victim of a "Dangerous Prank." Next, the Super Friends race to stop an unscrupulous professor before he gains control over "The Mummy of Nazca." Finally, Wonder Woman and Atom attempt a "Cable Car Rescue."moreless
  • When animals begin vanishing from a zoo, Superman, Batman and Robin investigate and discover "The Man Beasts of Xra." Next, the Wonder Twins help two white teenagers learn the folly of "Prejudice." Later, the Super Friends rush to the rescue when a new invention creates a "Tiny World of Terror." Lastly, Superman and Flash save a group of stranded travelers from the menacing "Tibetan Raiders.moreless
  • First, the Super Friends save two overzealous scientists from uncovering a "Forbidden Power." Next, the Wonder Twins rescue an overweight boy attempting a dangerous stunt to win the approval of his peers in "Pressure Point." Then, the Super Friends must use all their resources to thwart the diabolical scheme of "The Lionmen." Lastly, Batman, Robin and Black Vulcan save Gotham City from "The Day of the Rats."moreless
  • Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman join forces to save the country from "The Fifty Foot Woman." Later, the Wonder Twins help a teenage boy learn a lesson about "Cheating." Then, the Super Friends confront their greatest challenge ever when they attempt to stop a space probe on a deadly mission of "Exploration: Earth." Lastly, Samurai and Aquaman save a remote African village from an "Attack of the Killer Bees."moreless
  • The Super Friends are summoned to save the world's monuments from "The Collector." Then, the Wonder Twins help a polio victim to realize he is strong despite his "Handicap." Next, the Super Friends must save the planet from the world's most brilliant and dangerous woman, Medulla, and "The Mind Maidens." Later, Batman, Robin and Apache Chief save two women from the Abominable Snowman in "Alaska Peril."moreless
  • First, Aquaman and Superman save the planet from the "Attack of the Giant Squid." Then, the Wonder Twins stop two boys as they engage in a "Game of Chicken." Next, the Super Friends combat "The Water Beast." Later, Superman and Samurai rush to investigate when a UFO crashes in an active Hawaiian "Volcano."moreless
  • The Super Friends investigate when "The Invisible Menace" causes the disappearance of a professor and his latest invention. Next, the Wonder Twins intervene when an "Initiation" rite goes awry. Later, the Super Friends unite to stop "The Coming of the Arthropods." Finally, Wonder Woman and Rima aid three geologists after they inadvertently invade a tribe's sacred burial ground and are sentenced to the "River of Doom."moreless
  • The Super Friends aid a noble leader threatened by his nemesis, "The Enforcer." Next, the Wonder Twins rescue two boastful boys from "The Shark." Later, the Super Friends must thwart a madman's plan to turn Earth into the "Planet of the Neanderthals." Lastly, Green Lantern and Aquaman race to save miners trapped in a "Flood of Diamonds."moreless
  • The Super Friends search for "The Secret Four" who are stealing oil. Then, the Wonder Twins help a young zoo attendant when there's a "Tiger on the Loose." Next, in "Voyage of the Mysterious Time Creatures," the Super Friends intervene in the struggle between two leaders of another planet. Finally, Wonder Woman and Apache Chief must find "The Antidote" to aid the people of a remote jungle village.moreless
  • Superman and Wonder Woman work together to defeat "The Monster Of Dr. Droid." Next, the Wonder Twins stop two teenage "Vandals." Then, a warped emperor hopes to entertain his subjects with the battle of "The Super Friends Vs. The Super Friends." Finally, Batman, Robin and Atom work to control "The Energy Mass" before it causes a speeding train to plunge into a gorge.moreless
  • Wonder Woman and Superman battle the mysterious "Doctor Fright." Next, the Wonder Twins are alerted when two teenagers compete in a dangerous, illegal "Drag Race." The Super Friends race to find an antidote to halt "The Day of the Plant Creatures." Then, Batman and Robin rescue two teenagers trapped in a deadly "Fire."moreless
  • When "The Marsh Monster," a legendary creature, steals the plans for a new invention, the Super Friends rush to the scene. Then, the Wonder Twins work to save "The Runaways" from danger in a large city. Next, the Super Friends must act quickly to avoid a positive answer to the question "Will the World Collide?" Lastly, when a scientist's journey into the future goes awry, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Superman race to complete a "Time Rescue."moreless
  • First, the Super Friends defend Earth against the "Invasion of the Hydronoids." Then, after being rescued from a dangerous situation, Beth's friend Jodi learns never to "Hitchhike." Later, when an entire city disappears, the Super Friends must save the "City in a Bottle." Lastly, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman react quickly to a "Space Emergency."moreless
  • The Super Friends are summoned when Dr. Cranium uses "The Brain Machine" to increase his intelligence. Then, Zan and Jayna save two boys who have taken an airplane on "The Joy Ride." Next, the Super Friends thwart "The Invasion of the Earthors." Finally, Black Vulcan and Aquaman rescue a tanker from "The Whirlpool."moreless