Super Friends - Season 4

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • When an evil computer takes control of Gotham City's electronic equipment, the Super Friends must find a way to stop "The Killer Machines." Next, a professor creates a "Garden of Doom" when he accidentally transforms ordinary tomatoes into huge, man-eating plants. Lastly, the Super Friends fight against the "Revenge of Bizarro" when Superman's old nemesis changes Batman and Robin into Bizarro versions of themselves.moreless
  • First, the Super Friends must find a way to halt an unstoppable invasion of destructive "Termites From Venus." Then, Gleek and the Wonder Twins work quickly to save two boys, and an entire town, from a volcanic "Eruption." Finally, in "Return of the Atlantis," even the Super Friends need additional help when an underwater city rises to the surface and the inhabitants attack the nation's capitol.moreless
  • The Super Friends respond when the moon cracks open, revealing a gigantic destructive bird, in "The Man in the Moon." Then, Gleek helps the Wonder Twins when the carnival they're attending turns into a "Circus of Horrors." Finally, Riddler hides the antidote to a chemical he's sprayed on the Super Friends, sending them "Around The World In 80 Riddles."moreless
  • First, the Super Friends respond to save the members of a safari from the evil "Voodoo Vampire." Then, the Super Friends are menaced by the "Invasion of the Gleeks." Finally, Myxzpltk Strikes Again" with a new invention that may doom the Super Friends.
  • In "One Small Step From Mars," the Super Friends outwit three criminals who've escaped from a prison on the red planet. Then, the Wonder Twins search for two boys trapped in a "Haunted House." Lastly, Aquaman, Hawkman and Hawkgirl battle "The Incredible Crude Oil Monster."
  • While exploring Stonehenge, a group of archaeologists accidentally release "Yuna The Terrible" from her stone tomb. Next, "Rock 'N' Roll Space Bandits" render the Super Friends immobile with their strange, hypnotic music. Then, when Wonder Woman and Atom answer a distress call from a diabolical doctor's laboratory, they plunge into an "Elevator To Nowhere."moreless
  • Superman, Batman and Samurai take a "Journey Into Blackness" as they attempt to avert a black hole heading straight for Earth. Next, the Wonder Twins assist a young boy and his grandfather when a "Cycle Gang" threatens them. Finally, the Super Friends "Dive To Disaster" when a nuclear-powered submarine goes out of control.moreless
  • First, the Super Friends are summoned when ten-foot-tall "Big Foot" creatures suddenly capture the Apache tribe. Then, the Wonder Twins are in danger when they uncover "The Ice Demon." Later, Batman, Robin and Flash must stop "The Make-Up Monster," a beast created after a movie make-up man uses an experimental hormone while fashioning a monster mask.moreless