Super Friends - Season 5

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • First, a space satellite returns to Earth with a deadly "Stowaway From Space." Then, Batman, Robin and Aquaman aid two scientists trapped by underwater pirates in "The Scaraghosta Sea." Lastly, when a carnival witch begins shrinking her customers, the Wonder Twins and Wonder Woman put "The Witch's Arcade" out of business permanently.moreless
  • First, the Super Friends fight "The Iron Cyclops" that threatens Metropolis. Next, a villainous artist paints creatures that come to life and do his evil bidding in "The Palette's Perils." Lastly, when the gigantic "Colossus" plays with the planets of the galaxy as if they were toys, Apache Chief devises a plan to stop him.moreless
  • Aquaman teams with the Super Friends to defeat "The Lava Men." Then, Bizarro lures Superman to "Bizarroworld" in an attempt to drive him insane. Finally, Samurai and the Super Friends intervene when a 13th-century warlord escapes his own time to wreak havoc on present-day Japan in "The Warlord's Amulet."
  • Superman is rendered helpless by "The Evil From Krypton." Next, "The Creature From The Dump" threatens Gotham City. Later, an eerie ray transforms airplanes into gigantic screeching birds in "The Aircraft Terror."
  • The mischievous imp Mxyzpltk returns to star the Super Friends in "Mxyzpltk's Flick." Next, villainous Diamond Jack threatens a small mining town with a gigantic electronic cobra in "Sink Hole." Finally, El Dorado summons the Super Friends to help him battle an "Alien Mummy."
  • First, the "Outlaws of Orion" imprison the Super Friends on a bogus charge. Then, the Wonder Twins are in danger when an evil genie offers them "Three Wishes." Lastly, the Super Friends battle a horde of giant insect led by "Scorpio."