Super Friends - Season 6

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • When two scientists are accidentally transformed into cat people, Batman must thwart the "Attack of the Cats." Next, the Super Friends help a boy to walk again in "One Small Step for Superman." Finally, the Super Friends nearly become "Video Victims" when Bizarro traps them in a video game.
  • First, in "Return of the Phantoms," two villains plan to travel back in time and destroy Superboy before he matures into Superman. Then, in "Bully For You," a hapless boy turns into a bully when he finds Batman's utility belt. Later, Brainiac creates "Superclones" of Aquaman and El Dorado and programs them to do his evil bidding.moreless
  • The Super Friends become "Prisoners Of Sleep" when Sleep, Demon of the Dream World, threatens to destroy them. Next, in "An Unexpected Treasure," two teenagers endanger their lives when they take an abandoned flying saucer for a ride. Later, "The Malusian Blob" threatens to destroy Gotham City.
  • Batman and Superman are accidentally trapped in a time warp and sent to the bizarre "Warpland." Next, the Super Friends discover that "Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One" when an android Gleek invades the Hall of Justice. Lastly, Apache Chief stops an author who transformed into the monster he's writing about, "Bulgor The Behemoth.moreless
  • Giant children take over Metropolis, turning the city into a "Playground of Doom." Next, the Super Friends stop two teenage "Space Racers" from wreaking havoc in the galaxy. Finally, "The Recruiter" abducts Superman and Wonder Woman, forcing them to play in an intergalactic competition.
  • First, in "Revenge of Doom," after resurrection the Legion of Doom, Lex Luthor renders the Super Friends helpless. Then, when a boy with a rare blood type needs "A Pint of Life," Aquaman and the Wonder Twins race to find the boy's father in the jungle. Later, Wonder Woman and Samurai plunge through a crack in the floor and find themselves in the "Day of the Dinosaurs."moreless
  • When Superman accidentally returns to Krypton's past, he wrestles with the idea of saving the doomed planet in "The Krypton Syndrome." Then, the Wonder Twins thwart the impending "Invasion of the Space Dolls." Lastly, "Terror on the Titanic" occurs when a huge slime monster raises the legendary ship from the bottom of the sea.moreless
  • Drawn into Mxyzptlk's dimension, Batman and Superman must find a way to escape in "Mxyzptlk's Revenge." Next, the Wonder Twins and Atom rescue a teen gang from a deadly ride on a condemned "Rollercoaster." Finally, Apache Chief helps the spirit of an Indian find his final resting place in "Once Upon A Poltergeist."moreless
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