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Hold Up!

Did this show just get good all of a sudden? Or was I duped by smoke screens and sexy Robot Twerking?

Ok, maybe 'Good' is a strong word but this has to be the strongest episode of the season so far. Sure I didn't laugh out loud, like a comedy show promises, but the show made me feel something that my Tin Man self didn't realise. More on that later.

<<<< REWIND! <<<<

This Halloween special saw Kimmie abandon Super Fun Night (well that experiment lasted 2 weeks) for an office party, where she decided to admit to her crush Richard that she fancies him.

Of course being TV that was never going to be simple, so welcome to the (what I call on Halloween) the "Clutches of Clichés!"

First off Kimmie & Richard decide to go to the party together as friends. The only thing that made that more awkward was that they went in a couple costume (seriously?). Richard (being the blind fool he is) not realizing Kimmie fancies him admits to her that he has always fantasized about a sexy female vampire.

At the party Kendall dances like a T-1000: Miley Cyrus and soon throws herself at Richard. Even though he clearly doesn't like her, and knows this could risk his father's company and his career he does the guy thing and just goes with it.

Meanwhile Kimmie's abandoned roomates had a much more 'Super Fun' night. Helen-alice and Marika were invited to a geeky Halloween Party that would have made the 'Big Bang' boys green with Kryptonian envy! And even though it wasn't a barrel of laughs, the guys upstairs are a great bunch of characters who could be used well in future. FYI - It's the trio of geeks who they went on dates with in the last episode.

Kimmie then did the most awkward thing ever and told Richard how she felt, dressed as his ultimate fantasy: Booberella. The scene was great as it was drawn out to extra uncomfortable regions. Unfortunately Kimmi did the whole cliché thing and denied it all when he obviously wasn't interested after making out with the T-X all night. She passed it off as a prank and went home to eat alone. Although not original it was refreshing for this bland show, it truly was the pique that peaked my interest. :~D

It's obvious that this season hasn't been as funny or popular as everyone wanted. However the love of under-dogs is so strong in us all that if the writing gets a little better and they focus on the comedy this may stay afloat.

Also the show ended on a great Monster Mash vid, and as music seems to be a theme of the show (more Ally Mcbeal than Glee) it was an ok add on!

Overall the episode was like going out Trick or Treating and coming home with toothpaste, it was fun, but now I'm sad and want candy!


- Has anyone actually wore a couples costume? I mean.. they are super Lame!

- How dumb is Richard? I'm guessing his life at an all-boy boarding school made him oblivious to drooling stalkers.

- Is it just me or has Kendall has actually been a lot nicer in the last two episodes? In the pilot she appeared to be the enemy of the series. Sure that is an obvious cliché character but it would have made some exciting watching to see her go head to head with Rebel bitchy-banter wise.


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Oct 25, 2013
I don't mind the show either. Honestly I think I'm more patient with 1/2 shows because I don't have to invest as much time into them as hour shows. I love the Asian friend, she's so funny and adorable.
Oct 25, 2013
I don't mind the show, I think it will get better as it goes, it just needs a bit of time to grow and shine.
Oct 25, 2013
this show continues to be awful, sorry
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