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divorce, one-season stand, etc.
May 09, 2014
ABC Cancels Trophy Wife, Mixology, The Neighbors, Suburgatory, and Super Fun Night
The cancellations come on the heels of the network renewing several series and picking up nine new ones.
nice to meet you!
Feb 06, 2014
TV's Best and Worst New Credit Sequences, Part 1: Comedy
Are these shows saying, "Hello!" in a good way or a bad way?
From Haha to AHHHHH!
Nov 27, 2013
Let's Rank the Best and Worst New Comedies of the Fall TV Season
Here's the official, indisputable, unquestionable ranking of the 2013's new fall comedies... according to me.
what's yellow and rich and heading to cable?
Nov 16, 2013
News Briefs: FXX Scores Exclusive Cable and Streaming Rights to The Simpsons
Plus: A witch is headed to Teen Wolf, Chris Hardwick's new series was renewed, and Robb Stark is returning to TV.
new enemies
Nov 07, 2013
The 10 Worst New Characters of the Fall 2013 TV Season
Let's be honest here... some new characters on television suck, and here they are.
Good news, bad news
Nov 02, 2013
ABC Orders Full Seasons of Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs, Extends Super Fun Night, and Cancels Back in the Game

Yup, after 6pm on a Friday night. That's when ABC likes to do all of its business. The breaking news on this weekend eve is that Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs have earned full-season pickups, and Super Fun Night (ugh!) has seen its season extended by four episodes. But the good news stops there: Back in the Game is over for good as soon as it's done with its initial 13-episode order. 

For Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs, that means 22-episode seasons and a huge sigh of relief. As Trophy Wife's Warren would say, "This is superfluous news!" Though Trophy Wife is widely considered to be the best new network comedy of the season by chatty critics, it's been suffering on Tuesday nights (this week, it rang up a 1.4 rating in the adult demo). Same but different for The Goldbergs: Though the '80s-set sitcom ...

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sorry about your Dads issues
Oct 28, 2013
Fall TV Scorecard: Let's See How the Networks' Cancellations and Pickups Compare to Our Most Popular Dead Pool Picks
With four shows already down, we're only one cancellation away from naming a winner, so here's a quick rundown of where everything stands—which show do you think will be the fifth to fall?
keep or toss?
Oct 25, 2013
The 4-Episode Test, Fall 2013 Edition, Part 3: The Originals, Masters of Sex, Super Fun Night, and More
This was a tough group of shows to get through, but it thankfully still yielded a couple keepers.
Oct 25, 2013
Super Fun Night "Chick Or Treat" Review: Is the Show Turning a Corner?
Or is this a cruel Halloween Prank?
the wicked witch is gone?
Oct 23, 2013
News Briefs: Jessica Lange Only Wants to Do One More Season of American Horror Story
Plus: More scripts for a pair of ABC comedies, Syfy is developing its own take on Big Brother, and Body of Proof isn't dead?
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