Super President

NBC (ended 1968)


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Super President

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Also know as Super President and Spy Shadow

Super President was produced by DePatie-Freleng and ran on NBC-TV from September 16, 1967 through December 28, 1968. Was re-run in Latin America from 1977 to 1978.

Set in Washington, D.C., it featured the exploits of James Norcross, Chief Justice of the United States. Norcross possessed unique powers as the result of a cosmic storm (the ability to change his molecular structure) and he utilized those powers to battle the sinister forces of evil.

Super President show also featured Spy Shadow, the exploits of private detective Richard Vance and, able to operate independently of himself and his shadow. Young Vance studies in the Himalayan temples, where he learns how to release there inner power when his cast his shadow.

This feature was reminiscent of the earlier syndicated cartoon, Q.T. Hush.

Voices were supplied by Paul Frees (Super President), Ted Cassidy (Spy Shadow), June Foray, Don Messick, Shepard Menkin, Lorri Scott, and Mark Skor.

This was one of the first cartoons that I saw in my childhood and along with the most popular (Batman and Superman) that introduced me to the world of superheroes and comics.moreless