Super President

NBC (ended 1968)


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  • Season 1
    • Man of Steel
      Man of Steel
      Episode 9
      Chief Justice Norcross has the battle of his lifetime as an old nemesis returns with a few surprises for him. He must face a giant robot whose sole purpose is to destroy him.
    • No Time Passes
      No Time Passes
      Episode 8
      An evil scientist develops a machine that freezes time and allows him to walk around unabated. His plan works perfectly until he uses it to create havoc in Washington. He is unaware that Justice Norcross can shift his molecules to render the machine useless against him.
    • The U.F.O. Mystery
      A strange blip has been showing up on radar recently in Washington. Not even the military has an explanation for the bizarre happenings. When an alien ship lands near the White House, Justice Norcross moves into action.
    • King of the Sea
      King of the Sea
      Episode 6
      A man calling himself Poseidon has taken a group of ships hostage out in the middle of the sea. He threatens to take over the world's oceans if his demands are not met. Justice Norcross has a message for him and is going to deliver it in person.
    • The Case of the Destroyer Satellite
      A killer satellite has been deployed by a country deemed to be an enemy of the state. The government receives a demand to turn over all of their military weapons or they will be destroyed by the new satellite weapon. Chief Justice Norcross knows that time is quickly running out on this situation.moreless
    • Day of the Locusts
      Washington has become infested with locusts with no sign of where they came from. As Justice Norcross starts his investigation he discovers a dark a shadowy figure from his past has come back to haunt him.
    • The Electronic Spy
      A foreign spy has come to the United States to steal secrets. He has with him a variety of newly developed listening devices that help him extract information at will. When the test flight of a new top-secret jet meets with disaster Justice Norcross know that there is a security leak and it must be plugged.moreless
    • The Billion Dollar Bomber
      A mad man has planted bombs all around the capital city. He threatens to set them off if he does not receive a ransom of $1,000,000,000. The Chief Justice must act fast if he is going to keep the city in one piece.
    • The Great Vegetable Disintegrator
      The Chief Justice must stop a mad-man set out to destroy a large amount of the country's food production.