Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

ABC Family (ended 2007)


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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
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This adventure centers on a self-conscious young teen named Chiro who -- with the help of five high-tech robot monkeys -- transforms into the brave fighter, bold leader and great hero he always wanted to be. Set in the Utopia of Shuggazoom as a cosmic changeover looms, the villainous Skeleton King is plotting to turn this futuristic planet into his evil empire. When Chiro inadvertently awakens the long dormant Super Robot Monkey Team, he absorbs the Power Primate energy that transforms him into superhero-in-training and leader of the Team. Now, the five Super Robot Monkeys help Chiro hone his new powers as he evolves into the Chosen Protector of the Universe! Character Guide: Chiro - The bold leader of the team. The "Chosen One". A normal quiet kid and total science geek, until one day in Shuggazoom he finds a robot, in it he finds five super high-tech monkeys, they become bonded to Chiro by a mysterious force known as the "Power Primate". With their help he becomes the brave hero he always wanted to be. They work together as a team to stop the evil doing of the Skeleton King and save the planet of Shuggazoom! Nova - The yellow monkey. Nova likes to fight, she has big hands, she can smash, pound, and slam with them. She can practically break anything. She's very feisty. Nova is the team's bravest warrior. One of her attacks is Lady Tomahawk. Gibson - The blue monkey. Gibson has drills. He's smart; Gibson's the team science guy. His attack is Robovac Drills. Sprx-77 - The red monkey. Sprx has magnets that can give enemies quite a shock and can also take off and put on different attachments. He is the team's pilot and comedian. There might be a possible love interest between Sprx and Nova. His attack is Magnoball Blazer. Otto - The green monkey. Otto can cut things with his blades for hands. His attacks Energy Thrust and Psycho Chopping Doom Spin. He's the team's mechanic and also kind of dumb. Antauri - The black monkey. Antauri is second in command. He's smart and gives good words of wisdom, he uses his claws for attacking. His attack is Claw Disrupter. Skeleton King - The evil fiend, his mission is to turn the universe into pure evil, but then his attention is turned toward the planet of Shuggazoom, where the young boy Chiro lives. Chiro and the five monkeys must stop him from destroying his planet and eventually taking over the world and turning it into a dark pit of fear and evil. Theme Song: Chiro: (Narrating) While exploring the outskirts of the city, I discovered an abandoned Super Robot. It was then my life was transformed by the mysterious Power Primate. The Robot Monkeys were awakened and I, Chiro, became their leader. Our quest: Save Shuggazoom City from the evils of the Skeleton King. (End Narration) Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! Fighting any evil, they are Shuggazoom's hope! Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! Defeating any foe! Antauri! Sprx! Gibson! Nova! Otto! Chiro! Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! If you need a hero, that's the name you should know! Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! Come on with us - let's go!


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