Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 4

A Ghost in the Machinder

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 07, 2005 on ABC Family
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A Ghost in the Machinder
While still on the hunt for the Dark One Worm, the gang is pulled into a weird dimension by a robot whose colony was destroyed by Skeleton King, and is now bent on destroying anyone -- and everything -- that ever had contact with Skeleton King -- including the Hyper Force.moreless
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  • Ok, I gotta give this epi credit--it was prettty good.

    Ya know what really confused me? The weird evil robot guy with the face said that the hyperforce was biotic waste, like livin stuff and all. But there was all that metal in the trah pit thingy and that li'l robot dude that ran through the huge slicer like a maniac. And I agree with the whole jet-pack dilema. And what about Chiro's jet? He has one, doesn't he? Cuz I seem to recal a time when he got one. If he does, where the heck does he keep it? In his shirt? Well, there's all me questions. See ya!moreless
  • New doors have been opened, no matter what type of fan you are.

    This episodes was fantastic, and not just because of SprxNova.(I wasn't even a fan the first time I saw this episode. I was a newbie watching more because she loved The Savage Lands.)

    This episode had the fullness and enjoyment that you rarely see outside of season openings/finalies.

    Ever heard of the three major fangroups? There are Shippers (pairing obsessed), True-fans (I hate that they're called this. They are no better or worse than any other group. Also called Trueys. Lovers of the plot.), and Fangirls (love specific characters to death.). Well, this is one of the times where every single major fangroup gains a major event that fits them.

    Trueys got a new subplot with the Super Robot Having a soul. I know that opinions as to whether or not this was a good way to go are mixed, but honestly, I can't pick a side until we learn more about how he got a soul. That's the mystery the trueys got to think on.

    Fangirls got the truth about Antauri's new body. This was deffinatly a good choice by the writers. Antauri has always been stronger than the rest of the team in ways. He needs to be challenged more to make up for his superiority.

    As for shippers, I'm not even sure I have to say what they got, but I will anyway. The SprxNova moment. Boy oh boy could I go into this for a while. but seeing how you have probably all heard rediculous anounts of screaming from your fanbases already, I'll just take a moment to point something out. There are a lot of people saying the relationship is one sided, and Nova doesn't like Sprx that way. To those people, I suggest you watch the show again but this time, don't keep your eye on Sprx. Keep in on Nova and pay close attention to her facial expressions as Sprx struggles to tell her. It seems like she knew what he was gonna way, didn't it? It almost looked like she wanted him to say it. In fact, that's exactly what it looked like.

    But, enough shipper ranting. The probe. Man was that a cool villian. Kinda a shame he blew up. I'd like to have seen him return, but it seems his perpose was to reintroduce TV Monster and nothing more than that.

    In conclusion (Man this came out long). This episode was a fine example of what the show has to offer. It even had stuff blowing up and big robot battles! I mean, come on! You can't not love that when you add in the rest of the points I've made!

    Watch this one. Just do it.moreless
  • While on their search for the Dark One Worm, the Hyperforce encounters a revenge crazed probe who is determined to destroy all organic life that came into comtact with SK, no matter who that might be.moreless

    I rate this episode high because I know it by heart and like it immensly, but I can\'t help but bring up a few things Ciro Neili overlooked. First of all, something Netbug009 called to my attention: Chiro and the monkeys have jet packs, and Sprx later used his when he went to help Antauri. So why did they fall down the garbage chute, screaming like morons? This episode\'s story is almost identical to that of \" Hunt for the Citadel of Bone\", where Quint comes to possess a piece of the Citadel which takes him over and turns him evil, feeding off Quint\'s need to avenge his crew. However, Quint eventually listens to Chiro\'s reasoning, while the probe does not. Here\'s a quote from \" Hunt for the Citadel of Bone \" that proves my point:

    Sprx: How can Quint let the Citadel take control over him? Can\'t he see what he\'s doing?

    Antauri: He has been blinded by the evil that he seeks to destroy. it may take another to open his eyes. Lead him from the darkness!

    Sprx: Or leave him in it!

    That just sounds awfully like \" A Ghost in the Machinder\" to me. Still, definetly one of the best 3rd season episodes in my opinion, and is positively my favorite! But seriously, Ciro, keep the fresh ideas coming!

    PS: Somehow I\'m not surprised that Scott Bullok, the voice of Flappy Bob( FairlyOddParents: School\'s Out) and Dash ( Danny Phantom ) would consent to play the part of a revenge-crazed pshycopath machine. ;Pmoreless
  • This was a great episode!

    Yay the Sprx/Nova fluff!!!! I was looking forward to watching this episode and i enjoyed it. I too also want to learn more about the Super Robot I wounder if it can talk? And gosh darn it Sprx better tell Nova soon about how he feels!! If you haven't seen this episode yet you should go watch it now! ^_^
  • A robot with a mind how cool is that. I want to learn more about the Super Robot like Chiro wants.

    I think that it was a shock to know that The Monkey Team just figured out about the real self of the Super Robot. This episode was well written because of the bravery of the Super Robot. Also the courage of Sprx to save Antauri. I really like to know about the Super Robot more and how it works and why it has a mind of its own.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Antauri falls into Otto's arms at the end of the episode, you can see sweat on Antauri's face. He's completely robotic; how can he sweat?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Sprx: Well, I'm gonna go for broke and be the first to admit: You were wrong, Gibson.
      Gibson: What?! I was wrong? But you were the one who said that-
      Sprx: That machines could have a soul! I know I did and you were wrong. Yup, wrong.
      Antauri: And is it okay to be wrong, Sprx?
      Sprx: Well, once in a while...

    • Chiro: Maybe Antauri was right; maybe the Super Robot really is more than a machine...

    • Antauri: (Coming back into the Super Robot after escaping the brain) The probe... is finished. (Faints)

    • (As they are about to be destroyed)
      Sprx-77: Gibson, I want to take back all the mean things I've ever said about you. Well, most of them. And Nova? (Quieter) Nova?
      Nova: Yeah, Sprx?
      Sprx-77: (Sweating and stuttering) I, I just have to say, I...
      (The Super Robot comes crashing in to save them)
      Chiro: Are we glad to see you! (Sprx flies quickly towards the Robot)
      Nova: Sprx!!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Episode Title: A Ghost in the Machinder
      The title of this episode is most likely based off "Ghost in the Machine," the title of an album by The Police, as well as a song by Blaze Bayley.