Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 13

Belly of the Beast

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 20, 2006 on ABC Family
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Belly of the Beast
Finding themselves trapped within the Worm, the Hyperforce struggles to regain their composure after the day's past events. This doesn't keep them from their mission, however. As Antauri sets out, Sprx, Gibson, and Otto deal with the Skeleton King Droid. All the while, Chiro, separated from his teammates, ponders a way out, only to be confronted by an old adversary with vengeance on his mind. Is all lost for the Monkey Team? Or will the return of an old friend restore the balance?moreless

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    OMG!!!!!!! I loved this episode! It had the right amount of action and comedy and well basically you get it. My all time favorite part was when Gibson had to blow up the Dune Buggy and Otto told them he had made three last week anyway. I think the romance between Nova and Sprx was so cute. but why didnt he say it*crys*. SkeletorMandarin still lives and has the head of his former master, can any one say disgusting. I think i said ew several hundred times cause we got to see a cartoon version of the inside of a evil gigantic worm. All in all i think this was a good episode. And its not over whohoo! Though i still wonder what the emergency was at shuggazum...i guess well find out in time...moreless
  • Wow, you can\'t get much better than this. Well, you can get a little better, but honestly not much.

    I think we can all pretty much agree that that was just a flippin\' awesome episode, and it was good to have an arc, it was pretty much just awesome.

    Negative Elements: Ew. I said that quite a few times in there, ew. But they were inside an enemy, I\'m not sure you can say much less than that. I HATE Skelemandarin\'s new appearence, I really HATE how ugly he looks. Ew. As glad I was to see him, he was pretty darn ugly. My only other negative part was the hug at the end. As glad as I was to see the two finally showing their love for each other, I felt kind of disappointed. It seemed as though the two were happy to be \"just friends\". It seems the end of the bad pick-up lines, the teasing between the two of them, and any guess as to what direction their relationship might go. It seemed the end of something beautiful as opposed to the beginning.

    Posative Elements: Wow, Skelemandarin is back! I had been thinking about it, but I really didn\'t expect to see him back. And the way Nova was brought back was very royal, it really showed her in amazing glory! And it was great the way the first one she saw was Chiro. Those two seem to have a very special bro/sis bond that we\'ve seen in quite a few episodes. As much as I would\'ve prefered to see Sprx-77 be the first one she saw, Chiro woud\'ve been my second choice. The animation was very good, not as expressive as last episode, but still very good. And of course the hug was just what I was expecting from the episode. Now that the two have broken the ice I sincerely hope that next episode will be spent developing and fanning the flame of their relationship. The hook for the next two episodes was great, and I definately can\'t wait to see them. And of course, I was happy to once again find Chiro NOT the main character. The monkeys are now officially sharing the spotlight. Oh, and having the Skeleton King Worm attack Earth was pure genius. We all cracked up while watching all of the Easterners taking pictures of it while watching the preview for SRMTHG. (yes, it was in present day).

    Acting/dialogue: 10/10

    Story/Originality: 10/10

    Use of Characters: 8/10

    Personal enjoyment/Entertainment Value: 8/10

    Animation: 7/10

    Overall: 9/10 - Quite Very Excellent

  • I looooooove Sprx/Nova fluff. They do say "the third times the charm" esspecially on Sprx side.

    Sprx kinda told Nova how he really feels for her. He had two tries already in "Ghost in the Machiner" and "Wormhole" now he finally get the chance to tell her. I think that they are in most popular couple on the show(now that is just my opinion so please don't kill me for saying that). These two are two out of three of my fave characters the other one being Chiro. I really do think that Nova has more feelings for Sprx then she did before these recent episodes.moreless
  • YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!Oh my goodness, Sprx cares so much for Nova. I love him so much. He kinda told nova how he cared about her. And they hugged whoo hoo

    YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY! they hugged each other, and to anybody besides me notice this. Before Sprx and Nova hugged there were yellow heart in front of Nova. While they were hugging Sprx had red hearts in front of them. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to metion this but, Everyone Sprx loves Nova and Nova kinda loves Sprx. But did anyone remenber, Sprx and Nova are and sister. That means...ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.Sprx likes his sister and nova likes her brother. I still think they look cute together(shouting)!just..just had to say that. ;Pmoreless
  • NOVA! NOVA! NOVA! XD nova rocks!

    nova is my favorite character! she rocks, IM SOOOOOO happy shes back! but i wish i saw galatic smash:space attack ....part 1 XD :)

    im so happy nova comes back, just like with out antarui,chiro or sparx, the team would fall apart with out nova, which is AWSOME because Nova is my fave!!! NOVA IS THE BEST

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