Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 10

Big Lug

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 16, 2006 on ABC Family
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Big Lug
Desperate in need of fuel, the Hyperforce stops at an intergalactic truck stop, and becomes enthralled with the contents of the stop's store. While the monkeys play around with the merchandise, Chiro stumbles upon the Lug, the stop's tourist attraction. Appalled by the conditions the creature is being kept in, he decides to set it free. But imagine his surprise when he discovers that the "lug" is actually a transformed human - and that the money-hungry owners of the truck stop have turned him into a Lug to replace the old one! Can he ever get back to normal?moreless

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  • When I mean by Silly I mean it in a good way.

    Even though it was another filler, it was still a funny epp to watch. It just shows that even super heros need a break once in a while to relax or have fun. It was really cute how Antauri was so out of character in this ep when he was cheating on the pinball machine and wearing that soda-holding hat. Or when Gibson was amazed by the pen that had a flashlight in it. Plus it did have so action in it, not to mention a talking beef Jerkey.moreless
  • This episode was great!^^ Way better than Girl Trouble, but the nagain anything's better than that!^^

    I loved the lug I thought he was kinda cute^^ The bugs cockroache things were like weird...wasn't too crazy bout them...But This episode almost made me cry seing how poorly mistreated the lug was that was just plain cruel....I also noticed the little thought bubble of Nova with a heart...I like how they just put that in there more Sprx/Nova fluff yay!^^ Overall I thought this episode was cute and it was a Chiro episode which was good too!^^

    I also loved seeing a more playful side to Antauri cheating at pinball how cute!!!!!!^^


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    • Antauri: (wearing a soda drink hat) Mind over matter is nothing compared to hands-free refreshment. What a marvelous invention!
      Chiro: (over the communicator) Antauri. They've got this big animal locked up in here. It's not right. We should free this creature!
      Antauri: Wait. Gibson has found something important.
      Gibson: (looking at a pen, sounding fascinated) It's a pen...and a flashlight!

    • (At the store)
      Gibson: (Examining a keychain) Psychic crystals from the invisible mines of Zeltics 5. And you can wear them on your belt!

    • (At the store)
      Sprx-77: Look at this place! It has everything we'll ever need!
      Antauri: Yes, if what you need is endless sugar, chemically processed animal flesh, and oh, that's a nice visor...

    • Antauri: If we run out of fuel this far away from civilization, we could drift between the stars for all eternity.
      Sprx-77: All eternity? That's a trillion billion years longer than I was planing on spending with you guys!

    • Antauri: (to Chiro, over communicator) Chiro? Where are you? Get back to the Robot now.
      Chiro: I'll be right there. I just...gotta take care of something first.
      Antauri: Come quickly. Sprx has made a rather large purchase at the store.
      Sprx-77: (standing next to the pinball machine) Sprx-77! The Ultimate Dominator! Your game, Antauri - if you dare!

    • Otto: (calling out to the others as the head to the store) Just bring me back a Super Sticky Freeze! And a Double Yellow Crunch Bar! And some magazines! And...
      Sprx-77: Why don't we just bring you the whole store?
      Otto: Yeah! I like that idea!

    • (arriving at the intergalatic truck stop)
      Antauri: We have found a place to refuel.
      Otto: And there's a store! We can get a bunch of snacks!
      Sprx-77: Is it just me, or is this everything I've always wanted?

    • Sprx-77: What are you doing, Antauri?! Get your ghost paws outta that machine!!
      Antauri: (has his ghost claws phased into the pinball machine) Well, at least I didn't tilt...

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