Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 1 Episode 1

Chiro's Girl

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 18, 2004 on ABC Family
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Chiro's Girl
Chiro falls for a new girl - Jinmay, not knowing that she's a robot under the Skeleton King's control, but even Jinmay doesn't know it. Jinmay's monkey companian - Sakko, who was secretly a spy for the Skeleton King took her to the Skeleton King's lair and then he constructed her to be evil. Then it's a showdown between the monkey team and an evil robot Jinmay, under the control of Sakko. Jinmay must remember the good memories with Chiro to get back control of herself, and then stop the evil Skeleton King.moreless

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  • Chiro's Girl could have been written much better, esspecially as the pilot episode.

    The first episode of a television series is supposed to show some of the best the shows has to offer, while introducing the characters and showing off basic aspects of the show.

    However, this episode didn't show how good SRMTHG can be.

    Chiro's Girl, while it got the characters introduced and such, was a mediocre example of SRMTHG.

    The biggest downfall? Jinmay.

    Jinmay has become a better character in recent episodes (not great, but better.), but her introduction wasn't good at all. In face, she really came across as a Mary Sue.

    Also, the characters were lacking in this. While the episode was about Chiro being seperate from the others, that also meant that we didn't go very deep into the monkeys.

    This episode, and some other first season episodes, are a good explination as to why many reviewers have called the series mediocre.

    Also, some of the character's early voices *cough*Otto's*cough* were not well tuned at all.

    With all the changes that happen so quickly after this, it makes me wonder if the creators were put on a early deadline and didn't get enough development done before starting this episode.

    I love SRMTHG, but this episode is one of those ones I don't watch much. It's just... not very good if you ask me.moreless
  • i think it was all some!

    yea it was the best,there voices are differnt in this one i dont like otto's voice in this one :(

    they meat jimmay and sakko was evil,thats tells me alot.The monkey team was differnt then the ohters,it was VERY good.i think Chiro fell in love with jimmay.Yuck!XD.srmthfg! any one else like this one?
  • First published episode. Wow, it's great.

    I think this episode is quite good because as a first episode you get straight away to know the character.

    I've learnt:

    - The Monkeys can't do anything without Chiro

    - Once Chiro stares and stares at his crush he ignores messages from the monkey team.

    - Chiro is a show off infront of Jinmay.

    This episode is one of my favorites this is why I keep watching this show. :)
  • XD i think this episode rocks...mhm

    this episode is soooooo funny, every time chiro looks at jinmay his eyes are hearts XD lol its like... a chemical reaction, they are soooooo cute together, ^_^, now are the the only 1s that look cute together NO WAY nova looks cute wit sum 1 2 XD! NOVA! NOVA!
  • Not my favorite, but if it wasn't for this episode, I wouldn't be such an avid fan.

    The pilot episode of SRMTHFG really and truly opened my eyes to how cool monkeys are. This ep definitely surprised me. While watching TV, I'd see a whole bunch of trailers advertising this new series called "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go." The moment I heard the title, I thought, "Holy Jeez! That's so stupid! What a lame title!"

    Do you want to know what got me interested in this show before "Chiro's Girl" aired? Chiro. I saw a trailer talking about Chiro's stats, and that's when I thought, "Hmm...that sounds remotely interesting. Okay, maybe I will watch it...just to see what it's like."

    I watched it, and I've been hooked ever since. Thank you, Chiro!moreless
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