Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 1 Episode 12

Circus of Ooze

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 11, 2004 on ABC Family
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Circus of Ooze
When the team hits the circus for a day of food and fun, they get that and much more than they wanted. The mysterious ringmaster has taken an interest in the monkeys, and soon captures them with the help of the strange Snake Charmer and the enchanting Jungle Girl. With the monkeys forced to perform and Chiro being held captive as well, only Otto can save the day. But can he free the rest of the team and stop these side show freaks from transforming all of Shuggazoom's citizens into creepy clowns?moreless

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  • The Snake Girl, In "Circus Of Ooze"....

    Even though, she was just female anime character: I just LOVED, the snake girl.. She was hot: And had a hot sexy body, to match.. Nonewithstanding the fact that she was amped up on skelton king's slime ooze sorcery [and even turned into a full fledge snake woman, at one point] she would make a GREAT, girlfriend..... Though if I had a wish, and I wanted her as my [real life] girlfriend, she would need to amp down on the [oversized] eyes, and instead, have slightly normal sized ones....... I wouldn't want to frighten anybody whom whom would be family & friends, or common place people, that we would come in contact with... But all in all: I could do some really naddy things, wid hur..... Ooooooooooooh....... {And she me, since she is so *contortable*}moreless
  • Personally, I didn\'t really like this episode...

    This didn't really add to the plot. However, it IS amusing to find out that Chiro is afraid of clowns. Not really original, but it never ceases to amuse me. xD When Chiro turned into a was quite diturbing. He looked and SOUNDED so...clownish. Im NOT afriad of clowns, however, I dont relaly enjoy them either. Oh well. Its not a completely ruined episode. There are still a few bits I liked. ^^

    This episode DOES have some character developement. We know that Chiro's afraid of clowns, Antauri likes cotton candy, Gibson likes popcorn, and Otto is REALLY easy to trick into traps. xD Ooh and he's a talented circus monkey! ^^moreless
  • Hehe.

    This is quite a funny episode. I laughed when Nova juggled Gibson, Sprx was drooling over the Jungle Girl and Antauri and Gibson fighting over Popcorn and Cotton candy.

    This episode also revealed Sprx liking Nova. It was when the Jungle Girl was holding Nova. Its when (something like that):

    (Sprx a blast)

    Jungle Girl: Ha you missed

    (shoots at the fluter and both him and Jungle girl melts and then Nova falls in Sprx's arms)

    Sprx: I never miss.moreless
  • The monkey team went to the circas but, the ringmaster makes stuff out of ooze.

    The monkey team went to the circas but, the ringmaster makes stuff out of ooze.Antaui and Gibsum were chuiros about the cicas food.Sprx went to the jungle girl and Nova tag along.Otto was every where.also we lean chiro is afrid of clowns and he gets capturie.After Chiro was captire he was put in the ringmasters hat.

    no more for you!bye!
  • this episode is another great episode if you ask me!

    i think this episode is very funny, it was the 2nd episode i had ever seen, and one of my faves

    i cant belive that antarui and gibson turned into pop corn and cotton candy monsters

    hehehe one of my fave parts, and the jungel girl, i dident trust her for a minute lol
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Gibson/Additional Voices/Popcorn Monster

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Chiro and Otto are hanging on to the pole by Chiro's foot, there's no pole anywhere by Chiro's head, but once the mini clowns jump on him, a pole appears just by his head but in front of him. Later when they show both Chiro and Otto, the pole's behind Chiro.

    • After the alternating black-and-white poles are cut off of Carousel-Ringmaster in the end, they reappear in the shot from the ground looking up at him.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Otto: All out, all over!

    • Sprx: What's with the kid? I thought he only went into hyper mode when there's trouble.
      (clown walks out of the circus tent and Chiro screams)
      Otto: Chiro doesn't like clowns.
      Gibson: I gathered...

    • Sprx: Magna-Tingler Blast!
      (misses the Jungle Girl)
      Jungle Girl: You missed!
      (blast hits Snake Charmer and Jungle Girl lets go of Nova)
      Sprx: (catches her in his arms) Hah! I never miss.

    • (as she and Sprx are about to fight the Jungle Girl)
      Nova: Still wanna learn to play the flute?
      Sprx: Okay, she's a snake!

    • Sprx-77: (watching Jungle Girl) Wow...I think I'm gonna learn to play the flute...

    • Chiro: You've gotta do the trapeze!!!
      Otto: But that takes real talent!
      Chiro: That's why I'm asking you!!

    • Otto: (After pulling Chiro out of the Ringmaster's hat) Uhh... Chiro? Are those new shoes?

    • Otto: (Pulling on Chiro's arm) Come on, Chiro! Clowns aren't so bad! 'Sides, Antauri says we should face our fears!!!
      Chiro: (Pulling his arm out of Otto's grasp) No! Have you seen their big freaky feet? And those creepy smiles? And the worst part of all are those big red noses!! (Shivers) They're just wrong!!!

    • Antauri: Accept the wise choice of cotton candy. Meditate on gentle clouds of sugary heaven.
      Gibson: Ah, popcorn is the superior snack. A virtual explosion of sodium in every fiberous kernel.
      Otto: (While eating) I'm telling you, try 'em both at the same time!!!

    • Antauri: Gibson and I are curious about circus food. Care to join us?
      Chiro: Uhh... I think I saw some clowns over there, not that I'm avioding 'em, I'm just saying. I'll be over here.

    • Sprx-77: Jungle Girl, here I come!
      Nova: Oh, grow up...

    • (After Ringmaster talks to monkeys)
      Nova: I don't know what he's saying, but he makes it sound fun!
      (Later, while the monkeys are talking amonst themselves)
      Ringmaster: Don't know what they're saying, but they do make it sound like fun!

    • (Walks into cage)
      Otto: Wow! I've never been in a circus cage before! This is neat!
      Nova: Otto!
      Otto: Isn't this great? We're playing circus!
      Gibson: We've been monkeynapped! And you just walked into the trap!
      Otto; Oh.

  • NOTES (9)