Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 4 Episode 9

Demon of the Deep

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 04, 2006 on ABC Family
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Demon of the Deep
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  • FOUR WORDS: it was the bomb!

    pretty much the only reason why i watch this show is beacause i like the characters,but the one i like the most is Gibson! he was so cute in the outfit! i was crying because he was so cute! i loved this episode because it felt to me like it stood out of all of the others....but i dont know why.great episode,and another must see again, or if you just started watching, this is a good first timmer episode,too!!!moreless
  • It seems episodes have been following a pattern of bad-good-bad-good, but this one breaks the curve, but not in a way one would prefer.

    Negative Elements: Predictable. Not very original. Boring. Very little plot development. Really not much to say. It did what it was supposed to and all, and they tried to throw in a little bit of a twist, but the twist could be seen from miles away, and I'm sick and tired of the team battleing monsters. I know it was big in the beginning, but we're so far past that now. We should be battling the forces of evil and not just monster after monster after pointless monster. It gets old after a while. Seriously, we really want some plot development here, and not just pointless battleing. And the battle in this was so pointless, too. Seriously, it lasted like a minute. Very anticlimactic, seriously. I'm sick of these pop tart episodes.

    Posative Elements: Well Gibson did look cute in that outfit. The animation was to my liking, a good strong non-wacky style. The humor used was powerful and effective, a bit of irony. The transformation of man to beast was well performed. I for some reason really liked the scene where Nova's going down the hall to investigate the noises and she's confronted and told to go back to bed. I don't know why I really liked it, but it was probably the most powerful point in the episode. One of the only parts that seemed really real.

    Filler. Nothing happened.

    Acting/dialogue: 6/10

    Story/Originality: 4/10

    Use of Characters: 5/10

    Personal enjoyment/Entertainment Value: 4/10

    Animation: 10/10

    Overall: 6/10 - Blehmoreless

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    • The aquatic content in this episode is very similar to that of the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. For example, the ship looks and functions like the Nautilus, and the captain is very similar to Captain Nemo: distinguished-looking, angry at the terrestrial world, completely submersed in his own aquatic land, etc. Also, the relationship between the captain and Gibson follows the pattern of underappreciated genius as it does with Captain Nemo and the professor. And regardless of the fact that Shuggazoom is a futuristic world, the captain is using an old-fashioned scuba-diver uniform like that in Under the Sea.

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