(Being Human) My 1st SRMTHG Episode

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    My FIRST made-up episode

    {Chapter 1.} -Jinmanicchio-

    One day while traveling in the streets, Jinmay notices lots of citizens smelling flowers and having fun without a care in the world, Jinmay thinks to herself "If I was a real human, I've wouldn't worry about being a robot." when all the sudden a strange beam from an unknown laboratory hits Jinmay causing her to feel strange until she faints. Jinmay wakes up in the super robot feeling different, Gibson tries to check her plug behind her pigtails but finds out that she doesn't have any, Otto tried to open her heart symbol, but her symbol stayed on like a real patch. Antauri checks her mind and notice real brainwaves and no circuitry inside her, Gibson scans Jinmay's body and sees a human skeleton instead of her metallic exo-skeleton meaning Jinmay has been turned into a real, breathing girl. The hyperforce is shocked to know that Jinmay has turned into a human, instead of a machine, Jinmay got so shocked she starts crying and hugs Chiro, he pats her head to comfort her knowing that they'll find a way to may Jinmay a machine again. Nova plans to make Jinmay more human by teaching her steps on human life until the monkeys check the city on where Jinmay found and find what made her into a living human until they see an abandoned laboratory in an alley with a message saying "Property of 'us' " meaning a mysterious person is involved with this. Who is responsible for turning Jinmay into a human being?

    {Chapter 2.} -Mystery Person Revealed-

    The monkey searched for clues around the alley until Antauri uses his phase ability to go through the walls of the abandoned laboratory and found out that there are files on the clean up crew, including ex-member, Gyrus Krinkle, a madman who wanted to join the monkey team. Chiro enters the lab and notices an area that had an object standing, knowing that something was in the lab when Jinmay was hit, Nova finds blueprints and also a sheet of Gyrus planning to use Jinmay's robotic powers to make him strong enough to join or destroy the team. When all the sudden, shooting sounds appeared in the city, it was Gyrus Krinkle with Jinmay's robotic powers by making himself into a cybernetic warrior with laser eyes, ability to fly and have the strength of 20 men. Chiro, Jinmay and the monkey team we're shocked to see Gyrus with Jinmay's robotic skin, along with her powers, Jinmay lays on her knees and begs Gyrus to give back her robotic powers until he makes an offer: Join the Monkey team or Jinmay never gets her robotic self again, Jinmay whimpers knowing that the gang must battle Gyrus with her own robotic skin and powers. Will the Hyperforce manage to stop Gyrus and help Jinmay?

    {Final Chapter} -Battle with Mecha-Gyrus-

    Gyrus battles the monkey team until his body becomes solid titanium with his eyes shooting red lasers and his chest shoots a skull-shaped beam instead of a heart-shaped until Chiro uses his Chiro Spearo attack until Gyrus uses a high flip to avoid it. The Hyperforce we're shocked to see that Gyrus has also Jinmay's physical abilities, Jinmay watches from the monitors of the super robot and runs away crying, Gyrus gets triple team by Sprx, Gibson and Antauri's attacks. Gyrus activates his rockets on his feet and uses an aerial attack by zapping everything in his path, Chiro uses his lightning kick but Gyrus blocks the kick and uses his iron grip to crush Chiro's ankle until Nova uses her Knuckle Duster attack on Gyrus to smack him down. Gyrus discovers that Jinmay twice became a giant robotic monster and almost defeated the Hyperforce, Gyrus activates his giant form calling himself, Mega Mecha-Gyrus and starts attacking the city until the Hyperforce enters the Super Robot and battles with the giant mechanical monster. Chiro starts thinking about the time the Hyperforce battle the giant Jinmay until he snaps out of it and continues the battles, Gyrus uses his new weapon called the Krinkle-Kannon by having his forearms turned into cannons and blasts the Super Robot. Chiro uses his Lasertron Fury attack to destroy the missiles and blast Gyrus until he decides to retreat by flying away to another location until Chiro hears a crying sound coming from his room in the robot, he sees Jinmay crying in his bed until the Hyperforce sees Chiro comforting her knowing that Gyrus has escaped with her powers thinking that she's a human, forever until Chiro kisses her to make her feel better. THE END

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    Cool chapters there.
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    Poor Jinmay. At least she can grow up with Chiro, and hopefully get married.
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    Nice. Poor Jinmay though.
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