(Human in Training) My 5th SRMTHG Episode

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    My FIFTH made-up episode

    {Chapter 1.} -Human 101-

    While traveling alone in the city, Jinmay notices the city around her until a little butterfly lands on her nose, causing her to sneeze when suddenly Jinmay finds out that she sneezed but knows that robots don't sneeze until she forgets that she's a human instead of a robot until Chiro arrives to help her. Chiro realizes that Jinmay's been a robot ever since, she doesn't know how to be a human, Nova volunteers to help with the lady-type things, Antauri also knows that even though Jinmay's a human, she's vulnerable to an attack without any powers. For the rest of the day, Chiro decides to teach Jinmay to ways of life as a human, they headed towards the park until Jinmay takes her socks and shoes off and discovers that in her robot form she had no toes and worries that they are monsters. Chiro explains to Jinmay that her toes are a part of her foot until she starts wiggling her toes and Chiro starts feeling funny as Jinmay giggles, when a breeze blew in, Jinmay's hair starts blowing and remembers that her hair was made of metal but now it's hair. Jinmay starts breathing knowing that as a robot, she didn't need to breathe until Jinmay felt a beating inside her torso until she asks Chiro to feel her so-called "heart" but he felt unconforable knowing that he would never be that way until Jinmay makes a baby-face with her big eyes. Will Chiro control himself before making a big mistake?

    {Chapter 2.} -Jinmay's Dilemma-

    Jinmay starts struggling with Chiro's hands, forcing him to feel her heart until Chiro manages to shove Jinmay's head onto Chiro's chest, making her feel his heart until she apologizes about her actions until Nova appears to help Jinmay with any business involving girls. Nova explains to Jinmay that their are parts of a girl that a boy cannot touch, Jinmay felt embarrassed about everything earlier until Nova tells her not to use her feet to attract Chiro's attention when all the sudden, Jinmay starts feeling her heart beat faster. Nova checks it, knowing to Jinmay that Nova is a girl, meanwhile Antauri teach Chiro how to act like a gentleman by dressing manly to speaking eloquently, Jinmay practices her way of being a lady while Antauri teaches Chiro the art of passion. While training to be a human, Jinmay and Nova saw a strange tombstone out of nowhere appear, Nova notices that the tombstone is shaped like Jinmay until its left eye blinks, revealing to be a robot sent by Gyrus Krinkle until Nova contacts the others of an evil robot Jinmay attacking the city until a message appears from the robot's eyes, it was Gyrus planning to destroy Jinmay and take over the city. Will the hyperforce manage to stop Gyrus' creation before it destorys Jinmay?

    {Final Chapter} -Stolen Identity Robot-

    As the fake robot Jinmay attacks the city, the hyperforce manages to battle the fake Jinmay until the real one hides near an alley when suddenly Chiro was ready to attack the robot but then remembers that he would never attack Jinmay until the robot punches him in the face. The monkey team tries to attack the robot, but it attacks with electro-darts, causing the monkey's weapons to go offline until Nova climbs the robot Jinmay's face and manages to rip some of exo-skin from the right side. The robot Jinmay notices that her metallic circuitry is exposed until Chiro and the real Jinmay appear, knowing that they are the only ones to stop the robotic creation when all the sudden Jinmay manages to do the "girl slap" at the robot until Chiro feels hypnotize from the slap until he covers his eyes knowing that he wasn't supposed to see that. Weaken Antauri tells Chiro that the power primate can be more powerful when two of the same heart are one, the moment Chiro activates his power primate, Jinmay hugs Chiro hard as a sign of love, making the power grow stronger than ever and automatically reboots the monkey team back to full strength. Otto, Gibson and Sprx we're amazed that Jinmay's love for Chiro is giving the power primate more power and manages to destroy the fake robot Jinmay until Gyrus' face appears and says "You've haven't won yet!" as he logs out, Chiro felt like he gotten stronger until meanwhile, Jinmay talks to Chiro privately to tell him that if she stays a human, she would wish to marry Chiro as he gasps and hugs her, knowing that it might happen someday as Nova giggles quietly after what she heard. THE END
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