(The Newest Sun Rider) My 6th SRMTHG Episode

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    My SIXTH made-up episode

    {Chapter 1.} -A Girl without Powers-

    As Jinmay notices posters and memorabilia of the Sun Riders, Jinmay remembers that is an official member of the team until Chiro arrives and notices that Jinmay wanted to be a member as well until she remembers that she has no powers or anything, knowing that she's an ordinary human girl and Chiro for his powers of the power primate. Chiro pats Jinmay's head as a sign of pity when all the sudden the Sun Rider return to Shuggazoom city to warn the citizens that a giant red, spiky monster is on its way to attack the city until Chiro meets the team as Jinmay makes a shy face as Johnny Sunspot spots her as a beautiful girl of his dreams. Jinmay blushes as Johnny kisses her hand as Super Quasier and Aurora Six introduce themselves to Chiro's girlfriend, the hyperforce arrives as Johnny thinks that Antauri was a new monkey. Antauri explains to the Sun Riders that Mandarin was the one responsible for the destruction of his old body, Jinmay walks away in sadness as Aurora Six talks to her, girl-to-girl knowing that If she became a member, Aurora wouldn't be the only female member until Jinmay giggles nervously. Chiro tells Jinmay that even though she has no powers, she is still a member of the team until Super Quasier had an idea, to put Jinmay in an obstacle course to test her abilities and skills until Jinmay feels scare about it. Will Jinmay manage to pass the Sun Riders test and conquer it?

    {Chapter 2.} -The Obstacle Course-

    Super Quasier creates an obstacle course for Jinmay to see If she's worthy to be a sun rider, as Chiro decides to take it as well to help Jinmay as Quasier creates a platform with spikes below as Jinmay walks without being nervous as she slips and falls. Chiro manages to catch her as she sighs with relief as the next part comes, 3 hoops along with platforms appear as Jinmay uses her high flipping skills as she makes it, but she ends up hurting her head on a hoop as Nova helps her, Johnny thought that Jinmay is working too hard as Chiro feels sorry for her. The sun riders realized that Jinmay doesn't have her usual skills as Aurora Six scans her and learns that Jinmay is a full human, instead of a machine as they thought she is, Johnny started having a crush on Jinmay as Chiro explains to him that he loved her first as he gets jealous. The next part was the hologram enemies, Jinmay battles the hologram versions of enemies, such as formless minions and the wraiths as she forgets that she has no powers or weapons on her, as she tries a kick but slips on her foot, to the ground as she tries to lift a formless, but she was too weak as Chiro helps her in the battle as Super Quasier thinks that Jinmay is not worthy to be a sun rider. Is Super Quasier right about Jinmay not being worthy or will Jinmay leave the team?

    {Final Chapter} -Jinmay's Second Chance-

    As Jinmay learns that she can't finished the obstacle course, Jinmay covers her eyes and runs away crying in defeat as Johnny feels sorry for her, Chiro tries to cheer her up in order to stop her from crying when all the sudden, the wild five returns for revenge against the hyperforce. The leader of the wild five notices Jinmay until bagface grabs her and tries to reprogrammed her again until the wild five discover that she's a human instead of a machine until Chiro saves her as she whimpers in fear. The Sun riders started attacking the wild five, with the hyperforce's help as the monkeys we're being overpowered until Johnny protects Chiro until Squatch attacks Super Quasier and knocking him out. Aurora Six tries to attack them, but only caught two of them until Jinmay stays hiding from the attack until she sees the monkeys are Chiro outnumbered until Johnny Sunspot blasts the leader until he punches Johnny in the face until Jinmay learns that the hyperforce and the Sun riders are down until she panics. Jinmay finds a fire hose and uses it to spray 200 pounds of water pressure at the wild five as their motorcycles short-circuited until Chiro recovers and uses the power primate to defeat them and send them to a galaxy prison, the sun riders and the monkey team we're shocked to know that Jinmay saved them and the Sun riders until Super Quasier gives Jinmay an official medal of courage and making her a member of the Sun riders and they, Chiro and Jinmay do the sun rider pose together. THE END

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