Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 4 Episode 11

Golden Age

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 18, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Well it was good, but not what i was expecting.

    Ok , i thought they would have a lot more time with the monkeys as just monkeys ( before the alchemist changed them) Captain shuggazoom was cool > when he was young< they did some extremely corny things about him being old... i thought they were very immature. VERY revealing with the whole alchemist-suddenly-turning-evil thing . at least now we have an idea on what really happened. Mandarin was always mean! I felt bad for poor sprx and nova they were scared to death of him! Antauri's face was priceless when he hopped in captain shuggazooms arms. All and all i thought this eps positive elemets( mystery solved about alchemist) outweighted the negative ( stupid old people things dentures, acting cenile, and such...) so i give it a 9.4 out of 10
  • Get your learning caps on!

    We finally learn exactly why the Alchemist became evil. He is grabbed by a Dark One and its dark energy is passed to him. But the Captain Shuggazoom sure was one curve to be thrown. I never even thought of a protector of Shuggazoom before the Monkey Team. We also learn that the monkeys have always had their distinct personalities and the Alchemist couldn\'t understand them before he gave them their robot parts. I saw the demon beast in Jetix Halloween commercials, and wondered when it was coming. Normally, monster episodes are boring, but this was too revealing to be bad.
  • Oh my gosh, thanks so much for this episode Ciro!

    Negative Elements: So here's where I belive I'm missing the connection. The lives of the monkey team seem to be in three stages 1) What they don't remember: being with the alchemist, being monkeys, being early roboto monkeys, etc. 2) After memory wipout. Wakeup inside SR, Mandarin is leader 3) After "great sleep" awaken by Chiro to present. But this old fart in the episode today (better known as Captain Shuggazoom) reflected the TOTAL age since the Alchemist controlled the team to be no more than say 60 or 70 years. I alwats assumed part 2 (which would be the most important part of ANY superhero team, learing moves, being taught by Varon Mystics, Master Afei, etc.) was probably 20 years or so, creating the amazing team chemistry they developed. But this leaves only 50 years in the "great sleep", when I always assumed that this was GENERATIONS that they were asleep. When apparently, it was much, much less. This makes me sad, as I always liked the idea of the team being timeless, which (based upon not only this episode but Evil Ages as well) isn't very old at all... Oh well, I'll just have to deal. Boy that was a LONG beard.

    Posative Elements: Wow, I couldn't have asked for a better explaination episode. I got SO much out of this. The little monkeys were ADROABLE to the tenth degree! Particularly the scene where little Antauri ran up to Captain Shuggazoom and he asked "What's wrong Antauri? Where's the Alchemist?" and Antauri puts on the most adorable face ever, and points at him. Finally we have an explaination of WHY the alchemist went bad. Anybody else find it ironic that Mandarin practically created the Skeleton King, yet Mandarin was always forced to SERVE him? Idk, just found that interesting. Captain Shuggazoom was an interesting character. He obviously inspired many of the monkey's moves. Not to mention the fact that his clothes seemed to inspire Chiro's hyper mode. I wonder if there's supposed to be a direct connection (he even had the wavy scarf). Animation was EXCELLENT, and this episode even explained the forms Ma and Pa Cinco took on in "Secret Society". Fight scenes were excellent as well. They showed some of the attacking instead of just attack, reslult, attack, result. Anyway, it was good. Dark Ones scare me...

    Acting/dialogue: 10/10
    Story/Originality: 9/10
    Use of Characters: 8/10
    Personal enjoyment/Entertainment Value: 9/10
    Animation: 10/10

    Overall: 9/10 - Omg, amazing