Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 1 Episode 13

Hidden Fortress

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 18, 2004 on ABC Family
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Hidden Fortress
A foe known as the "Supreme Destructor" is causing havoc. He apparently killed Jinmay. The monkeys and Chiro travel to outer space in search of the villain. He is revealed to be Mandarin, working for the Skeleton King. The monkeys are busy trying to escape through an obstacle course, so they can't help Chiro beat him. Antauri sends Chiro a message to use the Power Primate to defeat Mandarin. Then, Sakko appears, also working for Skeleton King. Can the Power Primate's force defeat all three of these evil fiends?moreless

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  • Pre-finale episode gets the job done and has some fun parts, but lacks the wow factor.

    Hidden Fortress is one of my favorite episodes of season 1. However, in my opinion, the majority of season 1 wasn't very good when put next to later episodes.

    In general this was a good episode. The scenes where the Monkey Team had to escape from the Hidden Fortress were fun, the opening grabs people, the best villian in the series (IMO) returns, and everything is put in it's place for the season finale.

    And yet, there were a lot of points it came across cheesy.

    My main beef was the whole chosen one bit. I mean, that was in all honesty cheese city. The need for Chiro to be some sort of Chosen being is questionable on it's own, but it would have been written differently and I could have been happy with it. I mean, Star Wars was able to make the whole chosen one thing intreresting. I'm not saying rip off what Star Wars did (as if the show hasn't before) but it could have just been..... deeper. Deeper's probbaly the word I'm going for.

    Also, the characetrs didn't shine in this well most of the time. The dialog seemed forced. Just not great dialog. Bad dialog totally takes down an episode for me.

    So, decent episode, but not fantastic.moreless
  • The return of Mandarin!

    WOW! And here he comes, my favorite-villian of the show! The one! The only! Mandarin has once again stepped up on the stage!!! And now he is bigger, stronger and more evil then before!!! This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Its so exiting when he shows of his new weapons! But it looked like to me that he still wants Chiro to "realise his true potential"! And when he took Chiro in his gigantic hand, you could hear a cracking sound! I really dont want to know what it was, but I personally think it was Chiros ribs that took a second damage!!! VIVA LA MANDARIN!!!moreless
  • Chiro's the Chosen One?!

    I gasped. Yes, it's true. I was so totally shocked when Antauri revealed Chiro's fate to him. It was obvious that Chiro was special, but he actually has a title!!! "The Chosen One!!!" I was satsified that during this episode, Chiro didn't let his specialness go to his head. He kept his cool, which is why he's such an awesome leader.

    There was a lot of gasping and laughing and crying and screaming going on during this ep, especially at the end when I realized that I would have to wait a month to see Part Two. And boy, did I scream! Luckily, when I was finally able to piece this ep to its sequel, was I absolutely satsified by the product.

    This episode delivers without question.moreless
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