Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 8

Monster Battle Club Now!

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 19, 2005 on ABC Family
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Monster Battle Club Now!
Despite his already impressive combat prowess, it wouldn't hurt if Chiro learned some new moves. So the team heads to a distant planet to visit Nova's former master, only to find it corrupted by the Skeleton King Worm. Luckily, they are able to find Master Offay, who agrees to train Chiro. The leader of the Hyperforce is soon ready to compete in the tournament that will decide the team's freedom, all the while being affected by the planet's corrupted atmosphere. But while searching for a way out, Sprx, Gibson, and Otto make a startling discovery about Nova's former master...moreless

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      • Master Offay: No! The student cannot surpass the master!
        Chiro: Then it's time for the master to say goodbye!

      • Antauri: (after the tournament) I knew you would defeat them all, Chiro. For you have sonething those monsters will never have.
        Chiro: What's that?
        Antauri: Your humanity.

      • Chiro: (after getting beaten by the shark monster) Ugh...I think I need some headache medicine...or maybe a neckbrace...

      • Chiro: (catches a fly in his hand) Am I worthy now, Master?
        Master Offay: Almost. Six more years, and I will turn you into a true monster fighter.
        (needle scratches)
        Chiro: SIX YEARS?!
        Master Offay: Just a little Offay humor, haha!

      • Chiro: (after stepping on hot coals) I can't do it! It's just too hot!
        Master Offay: You're wrong! (hits Chiro on the head with his staff) It's not hot ENOUGH!! You big nitwit!!

      • Master Offay: (to Chiro, who isn't listening at all) To still the body is difficult, but to still the mind is even harder. It requires complete concentration. (notices that Chiro isn't listening and hits him on the head with his staff) I said concentrate, you boob!!

      • Announcer: (Talking to the Hyperforce) Welcome, new blood. Your only root to freedom is to fight your way out. Refuse to fight, and you will be destroyed!
        Gibson: What do they take us for, rash young fools?
        Sprx-77: We're not getting duped into fighting in some dumb --
        Nova: (Interrupting) Uh, where's Chiro?
        Chiro: (In the ring) Listen up! I'm entering this little battle club. I'm here to win the freedom of the Hyperforce!
        Antauri: Oh, This is extraordinarily bad...

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