Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 4 Episode 12

Object of Hate

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 09, 2006 on ABC Family
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Object of Hate

In order to revive the insidious Skeleton King, Velina the Skull Sorceress must find three sacred items that represent her master's soul. Learning of this, the Hyperforce and Jinmay set off to find these items before the sorceress does. But getting hold of these items are easier said than done since they might contain more than just power...


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  • Sprx turns evil because of the fire of hate.Sprx,valina,and mandarin go after the soul of evil. After a couple of obtacles sprx succeeds to retrieve the soul of evil, as the team are fighting the trio, sprx returns to his senses, too late, sk returnsmoreless

    certainly the best epi yet!!!! definately my favorite episode ever, sprx evil,wow, since when do you here about sprx.This show mostly about chiro its good to sidetrack from him and focus on a different character for once, also the meanest villain on srmthfg returns(but thats not until the very end), and not to mention this has got to be one of the most spovaish episodes ever, which by the way i support, spova forever, not to mention nova herself admits to sprx about her true fellings, though sprx probrobly didnt remember, hopefully he did, those two get enough interuptions as it is,moreless
  • Sprx is evil, Vallina almost has all the items to resurrect SK, and Nova is starting to crack. Holy Shuggazoom.

    As if you would expect any less from the first part of the season finalie, Object of Hate is an amazing episode.

    First off, I'm happy too see we didn't have a fake death for the 3rd time. I find Sprx being turned evil more interesting. They changed him just enough to make him look evil,. but not enough to lose the feeling that this is Sprx, which just makes it more heart breaking to see him insulting the team in a creepy voice.

    Sprx character got a new layer as well. Sprx seems to be torn between his hopelessness after a long journey, and his love for his friends/longing to be a hero. The fight between him and Mandarin was awesome as well.

    Plus, you gotta admit you were happy to see Nova falling apart at the end. She's finally starting to crack. Spova is deffinatly gonna become a bigger plot now that all this has happened.

    The only thing I can say bad about this episode is that we have to wait a week for more of it!moreless
  • here's the breakdown.capt shuggazoom returns to the alchemist's lab and he sees a screen recorsing the alchemist's last words.the rest of the episode shows the team trying to retrieve the crystal and the fire thingy.sprks tuned evil at the end.moreless

    i\'m shocked! how could sparks do that! i feel sad for the monkey team especially nova. i kind of understand, when gibson tried to get the crystal thingy all of a sudden, skeleton king\'s escense started to penetrate him. luckily gibson backed of before it got to him. unfortunally the same couln\'t be said about sprks. i think that the team is going to have trouble taking the other elements because skeleton\'s escence might be in them. well i don\'t know what else to say except for, \"i hope things get back to normal soon. i hate to see the monkey team broken up. plzzz it can\'t end like this!moreless
  • Uh... it's not Fire of Hate, it's Object of Hate. Check the Title. Mark this as second episode to have me in tears by the end... gripping, Ciro, I applaud you.moreless

    Negative Elements: Bad animation style. But this only means it will be the GOOD style for the SEASON FANALE! Seriously, I mean, i Kknow I'm beating a dead cat here, but the style is just rediculous! I mean, it's been worse, but it just ruins the atmosphere when you see Valina's mouth taking up more than half of her head, or you see Japanese symbols in Gibson's eyes! Seriously! It almost makes you cringe! Anyway, that bothered me.

    Posative Elements: Oh my gosh, totally edge of my seat the ENTIRE TIME! (I've watched it twice today already and it STILL keeps me enthralled!) I really liked how they had Captain Shuggazoom still in it at the beginning, way to tie it to past episodes instead of just leaving him off exploring somewhere for the rest of his days. And next time I'm in trouble I'm totally saying "Antauri, heed my call!" JUST to see what happens... Omg, when Sprx is all "Nova, I'LL keep you warm!" and then after seeing her anger is like, "Or, maybe your heat survos can do that." I was CRACKING UP!!! The Spova in this episode was baked to perfection! It's clear now that Nova DOES care about Sprx (freaking out whenever he got hurt, and then crying out for him at the end after seeing him turn evil) she just doesn't like to be hit on. And I think many of us girls can associate with that. We hate corny pick-up lines, but that doesn't mean we don't care for somebody. Anyway, the Spovaness was very well played in this episode.

    (still under posative elements, I just needed a new paragraph.) I don't really know what to say about Jinmay coming back for this ep. I can't really say that she added or subtracted from the episode. There was that adorable moment when they were afraid she's been trapped under the snow and then Chiro says "Don't scare me like that!" And they hug and it's all adorable and stuff, but other than that she really didn't do anything amazing. Now, to address Sprx going evil... It seems he was becoming weak anyway, I really think he needed a hug like, all episode. And I was convinced that if Nova didn't do it, I would be forced to jump in the TV and hug him myself. He was running low on patience and hope, poor guy. And I love him all the more for this characterization, voicing what we've all been saying, how they've all risked so much (Antauri, literally his own LIFE) to stop SK and nothing's worked, omg, I just wanted to SQUEEZE him and tell him it was all going to be okay. It was SO well played how the whole world shook when he went evil. Such a catostrophic event. The final showdown between he and Mandarin was amazing. And then *tearing up* he was pulled to the side of evil... Seriously, emotional to the tenth power. Wow.

    This season fanale is going to be an AMAZING one, I can tell, and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

    Acting/dialogue: 10/10

    Story/Originality: 10/10

    Use of Characters: 9/10

    Personal enjoyment/Entertainment Value: 9/10

    Animation: 8/10

    Overall: 9/10 - Is it next Saturday Yet?moreless
  • The Monkey Team is trying to stop is trying to stop Skeleton King from being revived and Sparks turns evil. An episode you clearly don't want to miss.

    Mandrian and his witch cohort are out to revive the Skeleton King but they need to collect elements of his spirit before they can ressurect him. Captin Shugazoom alerts the monkey team of thier plans and they try to stop them.

    Losing the Ice Crystal of Vengence it seems like Sparks is starting to see that fighting the Skeleton King is useless since he keeps coming back. In a battle for the second piece Skeleton King's escence, the Fire of Hate, Sparks and Mandrian are locked in combat, but Sparks ends up the victor.

    As soon as he tries to grab the Fire of Hate the whole ground shakes and everybody is thrown on thier backs. Wondering what happened to Sparks, the team was glad that Sparks had obtained the Fire of Hate, but not so happy that Sparks was being controlled by it.

    Sparks blasts his whole team and joins the dark side, pledging his loyalty to the Skeleton King. I don't know what's going to happen next, but I can't wait to find out.moreless

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