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  • I love the show and I would do anything for it to be continued just to solve the story, In fact I have 6 good reason why it should be continued.

    I used to watch SRMTHFG when I was little at the age of 8 in the year 2004 where the show began till the age of 10 in the year 2006 where the show ended with a cliffhanger, I love the show and I really wish for it to be continued to season 5 if not, at least a movie that can finish our desire to know what happens in the end.

    I have 6 good reason why SRMTHFG should continue.

    Reason1= Nobody knows about Chiro's past.

    Reason2= Nobody knows who's the creator of Jinmay.

    Reason3= Nobody knows what will happen to Prometheus 5 if he ever catch up to Professor Maezono.

    Reason4= Nobody knows a lot about the other opposite of the SRMTHFG! in Episode 33 *Brother in Arms*

    Reason5= Nobody knows what will happen to Clayton Carrington AKA Captain Shuggazoom, will he live to fight the Skeleton King? or will he die?.

    Reason6= Nobody knows how does the battle ends.
  • Another Good Show Ruined with a Cliffhanger

    I used to watch this show all the time and loved every minute of it. It had action and humor and was almost like Teen Titans. It even had Greg Cipes who played Beast Boy. The main villain of the series, the Skeleton King, was even voiced by Mark Hamill. Despite being a pretty funny show, especially with SPRX-77 being the comic relief, many of the villains had little humor and the Skeleton King was among the darkest villains for a cartoon. This show was easily worthy of being worth a 10 out of 10, except for one thing.


    And a pretty big Cliffhanger to boot. The Skeleton King is resurrected even more powerful than before, creates a castle of formless ooze and raises an army of undead to invade Shugazoom. Chiro then contacts all the Hyperforce's allies to prepare for a massive war. A war we will never witness since the series was not renewed.
  • I love this cartoon. I would do everything to get back on the screen.I wanna see how is ending... I hope not all is lost.


    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

    Super robot monkey team hyperforce GO!

  • This show deserves more than just a thumbs up.

    Another action-comedy series that is worth watching. The first time to get to know about SRMTHFG, you might thought that, a 13-year-old leading 5 robotic monkeys and trying to save a city is weird, but watch the episodes and you'll see that it isn't bad after all.

    Not the best one IMO but still it can be addictive. Besides watching the episodes themselves, I've already gone into the stage of looking at fan art/videos, searching for websites focusing on SRMTHFG.

    If there's a good petition on saving 5th season, I'm definitely putting down a signature on it. No show deserves to end up in cliffhangers, especially when so many mysteries have not been revealed, or they'll be defined as imcomplete shows.
  • Slow start, but fairly decent

    I have to say, when I first started watching this show, my first thought was- this sucks. I didn't like it. But, as the show progressed, I started to enjoy it more. The season one finale was no less than the best. The saga with attempting to find Antauri left me breathless until the end. The series ending was perhaps the most action-packed one that I have seen done in cartoon media for a good while. And there were countless other specials and events that I found to be no less than first-rate. The only thing that I believe the producers should have done differently was to give the show a more satisfying series finale. I mean, it ended with everyone freaking flying into space to fight ultimate evil for the last time! Can a show end on a bigger cliffhanger than that? IMO, if the producers had been doing the show for so long, they could have at least invested one or two more weeks into perhaps a two or three-part series finale. Just saying.
  • sorry i just dont like this show

    ok a few years ago i did like this show and i thought it was funny and alot of good action but when the years past.. i just dident like it, the heris arent that funny but annoying. this aint my show i mean these episode are just stupid it went downhill these years the villian is alright at some points but other times just plain annyoing i used to like this show when i was more little but then i found it childish for me the action aint that good also it childish at alot of points so i give this show a 1.6/10
  • Bring it back! It was great! It did have some flaws though...

    They never made an episode about Chiro's dark past. We basically know nothing about who Chiro's parents were or ffamily. It said nothing about schools or his social life before the Monkey Team. But it is still over all a great show. Antauri, Gibson, Sprx, Nova, Otto are the monkeys. We learned about them and who created them. Basically the only thing we know about Chiro is that he didnt find the Monkey Team on accident. (Antauri says it in "Secret of the Sixth Monkey") But other than knowing barely anything about Chiro's life before the Monkey Team I love this show! :)
  • Awesome show! Good characters, good plot...

    The show is awesome. It has a good plot, interesting characters along with humor and action. It's like a rare jewel of a's a shame it's not well recognized like Spongebob or The Simpsons. For the info of the show..well just watch for yourself or read the summary of the show here. It's also really sad to see a good show like that end up in a cliffhanger, although fingers are crossed for season 5. (Only time will tell) The show also has great character development, especially with Sprx and Nova. If you like action, humor and monkeys check out this show!
  • Perfect! Nice Serie

    Perfect! A great show. I loved it! Please Jetix, i want de 5ft season! Otto and Chiro are sooo Nice! I loved his voice in dutch and enlish too. Otto is very funny! I maked now a rct3 SRMTHFG park! OMG how nice! The monkey's are soooo cute. And mandarin is REALY cool! I loved the theme song. I loved all of the serie. Aaah. I want now SRMTHFG DVD's and im Searching for SRMTHFG action figures. I want SRMTHFG back. :( Please *.* This was my first Review here. Sorry voor my bad enlish. Im from the Netherlands. SRMTHFG: LOVED IT!
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!i loved this show

    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go what a mouth full huh one day i wanted to find something with monkeys i saw Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go im like A SHOW WITH MONkEY!?!its probly dum...O M G i said this this is awesome who would of think it a show about talking monkeys is go me and my friend started to watch it now i really miss it i keep hoping that they put it back on but they wont -_- T.T i hope us super robot monkey team hyper force go fans would unite and save it!lets start a reit!!!XD
  • boy discovers robot monkeys within a giant robot

    Chiro is a boy who discovers robot monkey warriors inside a giant robot... by accident... and joins the as their leader to battle the evil Skeleton King... who plots to control the world... i believe they use the giant robot as a sort of transport... they always win in the end against the Skeleton King... and anage to save the world every episode from his evil plans... quite a normal plot right? right. but not an unenjoyable show... actually quite entertaining... the animation is normal and modern... Chiro doesnt see to have much of a life outside battling with his monkey friends... and uch of the action is in this... i can't remember him having school or friends or anything but maybe thats just my weak memory
  • Bring it back!

    I can't beleive disney won't renew it. it needs to have a proper ending. they also need to put them on DVD so I can watch any episode whenever I want. I want all the fans to sign all the petitions in existance that will bring this show back. I signed them twice. We need this show to be renewed for its fifth and final season. I adore this show and i want to see want happens. Will good triumph over evil, or will Skeleton King destroy Suggazoom City? We all need to know now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I love this show.
  • it's super cool

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  • I really like this show.

    This show is about a boy named Chiro and 5 super robot monkeys who he has teamed up with to defeat the many villians of his hometown and the biggest one of all: the Skeleton King. He has been chosen as teh one to find these monkeys and discover the inner power he has receieved. Basically, this show is really awesome! I don't know anyone who watches this show at all! I think it's really original and creative. Not many shows today have action and adventures that deal with robot monkeys, and advanced technology. I think this is the best disney cartoon (besides Kim Possible) I ever seen.
  • I think it is the best show on Jetix. Theres Action comedy romance and suspence in this show. I really hope there will be a season 5 its an awsome show.

    The show is very well writen and has a perfect plot line. At the end of the Soul of Evil episode I wondered what will happen in the next season. Then I found out they were go and cancel the show. I was mad and dissapointed but every were I look it dosn't say that the show was permintly cancelled. They still show it on TV but late at night and there all reruns, what I think is that disney dosen't know if they want to purchase the final season. Evreyone says it was because the ratings were low and thats probly true, but so many people want the fith and final season to continue. I think Disney trying to make that tough dicision weather to buy the show. So if we just keep signing petitions and watching the show whenever we can we can probly make Season 5 happen.
  • Is about a boy named Chiro and his 5 robot monkey fighting bad guy and saving the town.

    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! is set in Shuggazoom, a city that takes up a good portion of its planet (also named Shuggazoom), the rest of which is called "The Zone of Wasted Years". The main character is a boy named Chiro. When he was exploring the outskirts of Shugazoom, he discovered a giant abandoned Super Robot and decided to see if he could salvage any spare parts from it. Once inside, however, he pulls the 'on' switch, thus awakening the five robotic monkeys that form the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce. In the process Chiro also fused himself with the Power Primate, allowing him to transform into a brave fighter and bold leader of the team, with the aid of the five Robot Monkeys: Antauri, Gibson, SPRX-77 (or Sparx for short), Otto, and Nova. Their mission is to save Shuggazoom City from the Skeleton King, the main antagonist in the series.

    By virtue of the fact that Chiro was not a superhero from birth, the five Robot Monkeys must train him, which ultimately results in him leading the team. The Robot Monkeys continue to train Chiro, as he fulfills his destiny as protector of the universe.

    When fighting the larger enemies, the Hyperforce uses the Super Robot, which can split into six separate vehicles in true Japanese Super Sentai fashion. Its main attack, when combined as one whole robot, is Lazatron Fury, an energy beam fired from its chest. The Super Robot also serves as Chiro and the monkeys' home and long-range vehicle.
  • The show is about a boy named Chiro, who finds an abandened super robot, and later finds out that he's the Chosen One for saving the universe along with the monkey team. But each evil encounter holds different challenges.

    I absolutely LOVE this show! And, yes, it definitly does gets better every season. At first, when I saw commercials of it, I'm going to be honest and say that I thought it was totally ridiculous! But after I started watching it a bit more, I realized that the show was actually really good! When you watch the first few episodes, there really doesn't seem like there's nothing much to it, but later on it shows that there's actually a plotline developing, and as ya watch it more and more, it gets better and better! Not only was it the action or the comedy that got me into it, but also character developement as well as the oh-so popular ship/canon couple, Sprx and Nova! If ya wanna know what happens, then go and watch it right now!!! Oh, and help save the show for it's fifth season!
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO...AWAY!

    When I first heard of this show I was like ok this show is going to be really dumb because one I thought it was a lot like the power rangers who I really can't stand. (no offense people) But when I saw the show I was like Wow this show is fantastic then I got into it more and more which made me want to look the show up to see if there were other people besides me who like the show which is actually how I found this great site. I LOVE YOU MONKEYS!!!

    This what I used to think now more mature (ya right) I have moved on to better shows like Naruto. SRMTHG used to be my #1 fav but now I no longer watch the show and when I do I am totally stupified as to why I used to watch this show. However that does not stop me from writing my story of my monkey team but anyways to all those who like the show now...Just wait...You'll see.... :evil:
  • I really hope they don't cancel this show.

    When i sore this show i instently thought WICKED. There are many words to describe this show but not one meashes up.
    You might hear lots of people tell you its naff but dont juge till you have seen it.
    super robot monkey team hyperforce go takes you to another world full of magic and adventure that you just cant belive.
    There is even toys. Definatly one to watch and see for yourself really what goes on as words just dont say it all.
    At least sign the petition to save the ending. This show defanatly needs to stay alive. Don't let another great show end before its time.
  • This show needs alot of fixing in order to be good...

    First of all I have no idea when this show came on but it sucks to me it need tuning and fixing.

    The main characters suck skeleton king is cool,but him almost dieing in the end of season 2 would have made me stop watching the show.

    I heard the show may not be coming back at least there maybe a reason why because it's losing fans.

    Man... if it ever comes back I hope it will come back with a season pirmire movie event well anyway I heard the voice acters left the show oh well that's it so long...
  • who thought of this? i genius!!!!!

    it is terrific!!!! someone pinch me! i must be dreaming! this show is more amazing than underware!!!! OMG! it is like heaven on tv! and i love! even though i am new! god! i talk alot and use alot of !!!!! ha ha ha ha! oh my goodness! i love it so much it is my new best best best best best best best best best friend eveer ever ever!!!!!! i am so happy that people made it and i watch it al of the time! rock on pie! thanky ou all ball! lol! rock on srmthfg!
  • I used to be obsessed and then it got boring

    I love the voice actors in this! The first season or two pretty much had me riveted! But then it got stupid on me so I had to stop watching. I miss all my friends from the forum when it was tvtome, though, especially Sapphire_Ice. My favorite was Antauri as indicated in my name and profile banner.
  • nothing but awesome!

    radical show! who would have ever thought of robot monkeys? it is really cool and they best make a 5th season. and yes, i am a newcomer...but i just came here because of super robot monkey team hyper force go! this show is so great, i never leave my tv once it starts! it rocks and it is the bomb! (pretty slef explanitory) that is all i have to say. nothing needs to change and i really really really hope that they make another season! seeing other peoples reviews for this show, i see that this is a very liked show. i love this show!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show gets better, not just every season but every episode!

    This show to me is so influential, at first I watched it for it’s action, but the drama and the romance plus the episode backgrounds themselves have me stuck on it, other then Code Lyoko there has never been a show I have stuck to as long as this, it is well written, and has some awesome characters, not to mention the fact that it is hilarious! Each character has his or hers own personality that separates him or her from the team so it is not as if they are repeating themselves, although there have been some issues of episodes being unoriginal, but other then that this is a great show that influences kids and some adults to act like heroes and stay on a good path!
  • i love this show!

    this show is awsome and i have seen every episode! my favorite monkey is gibson (the blue one) and the first time there were like commercails on tv for this show, i though " oh, my......what a name....that does look kinda stupid. i wonder who would watch that?" a couple days later, i was flipping through channels and it just so happened to be on and i watched it and i loved it! i always regret what i said that day. i wish i never said that.i love super robot monkey team hyper force go! it is cool and you should see it if you havent!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • awsome

    i might be new...but this show rocks your socks! my favorite charater is the green 1! i think his name is otto. this show is great...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah,ect. and i think it is so so so so so cool. you should should shouls shouls see it. it is is is really really really of the the the hooky doodle thngy and i liked it alot aLOT ALOT! well....i hope they make a cool cool cool cool 5th season! it will be awsome times 10 to the 30 power of 65 and it will be awsome. rock on SRMTHFG (and pie)
  • love it!

    i really love this show and i hope they do continue it! i mean that would be so stupid to cancel it! this show is about 7monkeys(1turned evil) and a boy who turns them back on.and the boy becomes the leader the monkeys names are antuarri sprx77 gibson nova otto(my fav.) and the boy is chiro.the villians are skelteton king mandrain(the monkey gone bad) velinnia and many many more! and this show as u know it called super robot monkey team hyper force go! antuarri-is one of the wisest best freind-chiro sprx77- funny and he "trys" to act cool who he likes:nova gibson-smart friend-otto nova-the ONLY girl likes (secretly) sprx 77 otto-hilorous! friend-gibson chiro-the human friend;antuarri
  • "One of the Bestest shows eva!"

    What more could you possibly want? I mean who doesn't like talking, cybernetic, colorful, cute 'n cuddly, fighting monkeys? And on top of that you got drama, action, adventure, humor, romance, suspense, and an amazing story to wrap it all up. You also got to remember the great animation put into it too. I don't see any reason not to watch this show because it pretty much should appeal to any audience. I know that this show is going to be one of my personal favorites for a long time now and I look forward to watching the series to its end and seeing what happens as the story progresses. Also another cool thing about the series is if you watch and pay attention carefully you can see how most of the episodes link together to emphasize the storyline but they also put in random episodes that don't really have a direct link to the story but are still very entertaining to watch. This way the show runs very smoothly and just about every episode is worth waiting for. So odviously the main strength of the show is it's storyline, which is the most important aspect of a show. Thats what makes this show so great.
  • 5 Monkeys and a teenager + the creepiest and evil bony villain + An awesome plot line = The Best Show EVER!

    One of the best shows at this moment, the characters have a personality, not like current shows. Parents think that the show don't have a story, but I must say that it have a really deep story that make you stay tune the whole run time. People make a comparative of the Skeleton King with other villains like Skeleton from He-man, that villain was stupid like all others! SK is the most intelligent and evil villain the history of the cartoons, he have no mercy even for his minions and give no second chances, just check it out. The show is based on fights of giant robots and monsters, it isn't that they aren't original, it's just that they use lots of reference from sci-fi movies and series (Star Wars, Star Trek, Godzilla VS ????, etc.), I think that is a really cool adaptation into the cartoon.

    You have to check the show so you can see yourself how great the show is, even that sometimes the animations is plain and have color mistakes in some of the episodes or chronological mistakes it's one of the best shows out there, and people get blind seeing the opening of the show. Give it a chance, you will get amazed!
  • This is probably one of the best shows I have ever seen!!

    This is probably one of the best shows I have ever seen!! I love it so much! The monkey's are adorable, (And so is the kid) and the animation is awesome!!! Even though there are a few places that need alittle work, this show is really good!! The plot is original and the evil cool. They are not bumbling idiots like some of the villians on TV these days... I like that it has a few Star Wars references. Anyway, Ciro, your a genius!
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