Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 3

Season of the Skull

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 30, 2005 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • in this eppisode, when otto sees chiro's mask and wants one for himself, his foot should be white when he is about to run, but it is green like the rest of his body.

    • How can Gibson not believe in magic after all their previous encounters with it?

  • Quotes

    • Antauri: Gibson, do you believe you can use the book to get us off this strange world?
      Gibson: I believe anything is possible.

    • Chiro: Gibson, try to find a spell that will take that monster out!
      Gibson:'s not logical!!
      Chiro: Sometimes logic isn't the answer!

    • Otto: Cool... look how spooktacular everything is!
      Sprx: Can we leave now?
      Nova: What's the matter, scared?
      Sprx: (put his hands in his waist) No! I just... got this weird feeling.

    • Otto: Check out this cure for itchy fur! (Says spells and Sprx turns into a giant rat)
      Sprx-77: (Oblivious) What happened? Did anything happen?
      Nova: (Digusted) Ewwww...
      Sprx-77: What? What's everybody looking a- (Looks at Nova and sees her as cheese) Mmmmm... (Picks her up and starts licking her)
      Nova: (Frantic) Sprx!! What are you doing?! Put me down!! SPRX!!!

    • Sprx-77: (Puts on devil mask) I feel like an idiot.
      (Chiro gives him a thumbs-up when Nova suddenly appears wearing a witch mask)
      Sprx-77: AHHH! N-Nova...
      Nova: (laughs wickedly) Gotcha!

    • Gibson: Egad, I've become some form of poultry!
      Otto: Awww, sweet!
      Gibson: Admittedly, I make a rather handsome chicken.

    • Nova: Sprx, I'm gonna say this just one time. (Shouting) STAY ON THE PATH!!!

    • Gibson: (While wearing a vampire mask) I really hope blood-drinking is not a part of this ritual.
      Antauri: (While wearing a ghost mask) I suppose my ghost move would be appropriate now.

    • Gibson: I agree with Sprx... for once.

  • Notes

    • After their Halloween-themed adventure, Chiro alludes to creating a "spook day" on Shuggazoom; Shuggazoom, therefore, does not celebrate Halloween.

    • The theme song now features the Skeleton King and Dark One Worm together, and after their shot, we see Antauri now as the Silver Monkey.

    • Each of the team members got a different mask:
      Chiro - Frankenstein.
      Antauri - Ghost.
      Sprx-77 - Devil.
      Gibson - Vampire.
      Nova - Witch.
      Otto - Jackalope.

    • This is the Halloween special.

  • Allusions

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