Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 2 Episode 5

Shadow Over Shuggazoom

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 12, 2005 on ABC Family
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Shadow Over Shuggazoom
Skeleton King plants an eye monster in the waters of Shuggazoom. The monster grows, then attacks all the citizens. When someone look into its gigantic eye, they become mind-controlled slaves. Only Chiro, Antauri, and two other kids, BT and Glenny resist the spell. But soon enough, Chiro is the only one left. Can Chiro stop the monster and save all the citizens of Shuggazoom along with his monkey comrades?moreless

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  • chiro once again has to save shuggazoom, again

    after all of shuggazoom and his team has been turned into zombies (and ugly ones to add) chiro is has to think of a way to stop the curse. I also think Chiro really got a boost in his leadership skills after this episode.

    fav. quote Chiro: I see without looking BT: You have been living with monkeys way to long

    :BT: They're gonna get us! We'll get turned into those things! It's over man, we're toast! I love you, Chiro.

    Chiro: Pull yourself together, man! Get off my leg

    Chiro: We're okay we're okay.

    BT: We're stuck in a giant robot with a bunch of rabid monkeys! That is not okay!

    BT: They don't talk human, fool, they talk chimp.

    Glenny: Uhh.. OOH OOH AHHmoreless
  • Skeleton King unlkeashes a monster unto Shuggazoom and it turns everyone into zombies.

    I luvthis episode more than life itself. I love how Chiro seems a little confused about how Antauri "sees without looking", but he gets it at the end of the episode like I knew he would. This is my favorite episode. BT and Glenny make their first big appearances.

    It is really funny when he's all like freaking out and he tells Chiro that he loves him. o_O. Chiro's all like "Keep it together, man! And get off my leg!" Whew.. that was pretty funny stuff. I love moments like that! *_*' This episode is my absolute favorite because it is just so freaking awesome I can't even explain it!moreless
  • it remind me of the lord of the rings the two tower the battle of helms deep and i think peter jackson was watching this episode and like it he laugh when they use his idea for this episode so chiro act like Aragorn and i can picture it again.moreless

    i love this episode it funny i laugh sometimes and i can picture i there in that episode and i can hear Théoden king said pull everybody back pull them back and a guy said fall back, fall back fall back and the same thing happan in the two towers.
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