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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 4 Episode 13

Soul of Evil

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 16, 2006 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Soul of Evil
The Hyperforce are racing against time as Mandarin, Valeena, and the newly turned evil Sprx try to retrieve the Soul of Evil, which will help to bring back Skeleton King. Will they succeed and stop them? Will they save Sprx from the darkness? Or is all lost for Shugazoom and the universe?moreless

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  • This can't be all!!!!!!

    I like the last episode but it ends like right in the middle it doesnt show the battle with the skeletin king. if anybody says that it does show the battle tell me where. and i totally think they should have made the fifth season
  • No!! This cannot be the final episode!!

    OH NO!! This episode has finally aired in Malaysia at 5 July 2008 at 10:30 am on TV3!! Starting 12 July 2008, they will replace Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! with another Jetix show: Get ED

    Now, what did I think of this episode, Basically, the first half of the episode was above average, with the Hyperforce trying to stop Velina and Mandarin and the newly turned evil Sprx from resurrecting the Skeleton King. After they get the Soul of Evil, the villains were almost going to succeed but that's where the Hyperforce comes in! This is where the episode gets good!! When Sprx threatens to kill Nova unless the Hyperforce gives up the SK's skull, Nova then confesses to Sprx about this love and even kisses him when he turns back to normal!! However, the SK is revived and Velina is destroyed!! Now, the biggest war in Shuggazoom history is gonna be held!!

    How can this episode be the final episode?? They should continue with the idea of the fifth season!! Disney, please allow the fifth season to continue!! Fans of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, please sign the online petition to allow the fifth season to continue!!moreless
  • The HF is trying to stop Valina, Mandarin, and Sprx, who is turned evil, from resurrecting Skeleton King.Sprx threatens to destroy Nova if they don't give him the skull.She tells him she loves him.They casts the demon out of Sprx, but SK is resurrected.moreless

    I think this is the best episode of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go ever. It is the closing episode, even though there was supposed to be a season five. The end of it always makes me cry of joy every time I see it. This is also my favorite episode. It is very well written, and it gets to the point, it is also very well detailed, and you can feel the energy in it. You can actually really tell what they are feeling. I think this episode is great, and I am sure all the other fans of the show do too.moreless
  • Eh...okay, but in need of tweaks.

    Okay, I used to watch this, but I stopped for a while due to the fact I was never hom when it was on. Sadly, once I got up and saw THIS episode, I was dissapointed. It was oficial that this was the series finale, which sucks hard.

    The cliffie was horrific. I couldn't believe it. I was appalled at the sudden stop. It, all in all, was a good episode, but I couldn't help but gag at the 'love scenes', the romance used was nearly comical.

    "Sprx...I love you too much to lose you!" Seriesly the whole conversion, at first, was what I thought "cute". But, as I watched it again, it lost it's charm...

    Oh, monkey team, what happened to you? -sadness-moreless
  • An exciting and excellent episode that possibly portrays the last few minutes of SRMTHG! history.

    "The day the fandom (well, MSMF) exploded."

    This was amazing conclusion to the season, and possibly the series. It's nice to know the writers didn't rush everything and left enough of a cliffhanger to keep us interested and guessing, unlike some unfortunate show conclusions.

    Soul of Evil's plot is set directly after Object of Hate's storyline. I was excited to see how the episode went, since there's a lot of suspense and small details. Sprx, our resident joker and all-around nice guy has been tainted by the forces of darkness and will now join in the evil pursuit to resurrect Skeleton King. How will he come back to the light? Will Ciro kill anybody off? Will they fill in plotholes? How the heck is Captain Shuggazoom? Will the Alchemist show up?

    The most dreaded question: who'll become a couple?


    The plot didn't drag, and "Evil Sprx" was a decent (if not a little exaggerated) villian. I thought he was just plain cool, and his conversations with Mandarin and Valina cracked me up. However, SoE points more toward the drama and action of SRMTHG! rather than the humor, and why wouldn't it?

    Throughout the episode, we have large amounts of character interactions and details on different friendly and romantic relationships. Jinmay doesn't occupy as much time than she did in Object of Hate, but she does get a few lines in with Chiro. Gibson shows that he is somewhat protective of Otto. It also might be worth mentioning Otto's reaction when Nova was held hostage by Evil Sprx. I believe it could definitely be hinting a one-sided romance. Maybe not, but that's just speculation on my part. :)

    And of course, Sprx and Nova had an ample amount of development in how a number of fans looked upon their relationship. Yes, that's right folks, Nova said THAT "L" word. She nearly died, but hey, go you lucky Spova shippers!

    Spova is canon. Yes, I was sure from the beginning, and let us hope that their relationship led on to great things and wasn't going to be rained on by pure fluff. I liked the confession, but it leaves more questions behind. Of course, some fans aren't satisfied with a kiss on the cheek.

    Oh yes, and the original Mandarin is mentioned twice or so and these statements give great insight into the team's past, however little it may be. We get more info on Otto's alliance with Mandarin.

    Oh and Skeleton King is back! ("I....live....AGAIN!!!") I'm not exactly sure whether I'm glad Valina died or not, but at least Mandarin survived. XD Skalina and Malina died though.


    What was with all the random Dark Ones/monster creatures interrupting the flow? Sure, there's time to fill, but this is a FINALE and it should be filled with meaningful info and background. I guess one thing I disliked about this episode was that as a series finale, it left so many questions unanswered.

    Poor Gibson sort of lost his cool in a fight. I would've, but I'm not an intelligent cyborg with cool weapons.

    The worst part is the massive cliffhanger. The series has supposedly ended, and we're at the edge of the war that will determine the Known-All-Too-Well-Question: Will good triumph over evil?


    The dialogue and animation were good, and the plot was intriguing. Most of the main characters had vital quotes and roles in the plots, and this is definitely an episode that compliments the show.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Chiro say to Sprx at the end, "It's not your fault," the white stripe on the spike on Sprx's head is pink.

    • In the netherworld, before Sprx attacks the Hyperforce (the second time, after the fight with the spider-demons) his magnets look unusually small.

    • At the very end, right after the Hyperforce jumps off the Super Robot, if you look hard enough, you will see Antauri has that silver breathing apparatus over his mouth for some reason.

    • We learn in "Belly of the Beast" that Mandarin became an undead from being inside the Dark One Worm for so long. So how is it that his life force is being drained by the netherworld? He's not living.

    • While fighting Mandarin, Otto's saws were seen to be pretty banged up; pieces chipped off and broken. But when Otto threatens Sprx, his saws are not broken anymore.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Chiro:(About Sprx) No way Nova, the Power Primate can corrupt any evil!
      Nova:(Sadly) That's the same thing we said about Mandarin.

    • (Gibson gives the skull to Sprx)
      Gibson: Here, take it. Just let her go.
      Nova: No Sprx! Remember the good you did for the universe! We were supposed to stop Skeleton King from being reborn!
      Sprx: No! No... I- I'm supposed to...
      (he looks at the team)
      Nova: Fight it Sprx! I love you too much to lose you.

    • Chiro: STOP!
      Sprx: Don't move! Or I'll pull out her metal circuitry... piece by piece.
      Otto: If you hurt her, I swear I'll-
      Sprx: You'll do nothing! Either you hand me that skull, or Nova's finished!
      Nova: Sprx, why are doing this? How could you forget who you are?
      Sprx: I know who I am. And I know what I'm here to do!
      (starts to pull Nova apart)
      Nova: AHHH!!

    • Skeleton King: The time has come to wipe humanity from the face of Shugazoom. Let the war between the living and the dead begin!

    • Jinmay: What's going on Chiro? It looks like you're preparing for war.
      Chiro: The biggest war Shugazoom has ever seen.

  • NOTES (11)