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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 2

The Savage Lands

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 24, 2005 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

The Savage Lands
After all that has happened, Chiro, now in a strange new form, discovers a whole new world beneath Shuggazoom's surface. As the remaining Monkey Team members search for him, he's on a search of his own... for Antauri. When the others finally find him, all they want is for Chiro to come home where he belongs. But little do they know of the greater journey that lies ahead...moreless

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  • o.m.g i love this episode

    ok, this episode is my all time fav, i love this episode it was perfect. i love chiro, i love chiro and antauri being close, i love everything about this episode. i was always wondering who 3rd in command was. gibson and sprx fighting over the leader position, that was hilarious. i knew sprx would be jealous of ottoXnova. its weird that the "relationship" only lasted this episode. the writers couldnt have thought of a better way to bring back antauri. hes amazing. Chiro, was great in this episode, it was perfect how chiro was the one to bring back antauri. OMG i love this episode so flippin much. AWESOMEmoreless
  • An absolute favorite of mine!!!

    Antauri\'s back! Antauri\'s Back lalaalala ha! I think the writers did very well on this eppy. Especially when Antauri came back! *hugs antauri to death*I thought that chiro\'s determination to get antauri back was so sweet and kind.I dont know what the team would do without antauri. I love the whole Sprx and otto fighting for nova\'s affections.personally i think otto won. and the fighting between gibson and sprx over who should be leader was hilarious; *laughs till i cant breathe*

    sprx: i still say i should be third in command

    nova: please,you couldnt lead an ant farm

    sprx: *crys like crazy* she hates me

    anyway, i think this was very good. Jinmay is left in charge of shuggazum *dear god! hide everyone hide* just kidding....XDmoreless
  • ANTAURI! ANTAURI! ANTAURI! Wahoo!!!!! i love him!!nova and sprx and nova and otto had something going in this spisode!!! but nova and sprx forever. srry otto

    This so far is one of the best episodes i have seen. Antauri rocks!!!!!! It gets so dramatic i love it!!!! Chiro is really creepy as a monkey. Otto seemed to really care about nova in this episode, but sprx had something in this episode too. Antauri is cool silver and his new power is awsome. Nova hugging antauri is super cute and thoughtfull. Nova if u think about it has a good role in this episode,especially in the end when antauri tells sprx and gibson that nova is 3rd in command. As nova or otto would say ( like from the depths of fear episode) U should have seen your faces!moreless

    YAY!antauri's back!i cant beleive it!sprx and nova get close 2! nova saves sprx from getting hit by a rock and he tried 2 look thankful although nova slapped him!!!lol.a great start 2 a great season.(NOVA & SPRX 4 EVA!)o ya, i cant believe we have 2 wait till january 1,2007 2 see Galactic Smash, Space Attack Pt.1!!!*cries, then glares @ writers*u writers better be quick and add some sprx/nova fluff!or else.....*gives writers one last evil glare, then disappears*muahahahahahaha......

    Nova:okay,u officially scare me.

    Sprx:where have u been?!she started scaring me a while ago!!!

  • Good Start for Season 3

    This must be a good start for season 3.Antauri returns back with a cool new look.Chiro returns to human again.Jinmay becomes part of the monkey team.This episode is also one of the best episodes of the show.Many good thinks happened in just this episode.So it must mean season 3

    will rock.

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