Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 13, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • This episode made my heart go booooom!! Two words AWESOME and DRAMATC!!!!

    The epi started great..continued great..and ended like no one expected ! meaning GREAT! From the first part of it Sparx tried to addmitt his fealings.....kinda...he flirted a lot ! geez! And then he almost said her those 3 magic words! OHHHHH! why on Earth did she cut him of
    ???? it made me go crazy!!!(if u understand)...then they went down on the worm etc... that battle.and OTTO! yes OTTO !!! made that ship explode! he started the whole thing! i'm not blaiming him...cause if this didn't happen, Sparx wouldn't admitt his "happines to have Nova as a friend" step forward.....and maybe two backwords...but still......i think no one can really understand the pain Sparx felt when he lost ( and maybe killed...he didn't know what happened to her after he accidentally let go)the one he loved...this epi was and is the most painful to watch.......but one of my favourites.........maybe it's better that Soul of touches your heart......very deep...
  • this episode was great and i totally want to see it agian!

    in this epsiode, when nova cuts sprx off before he can say how he feels about her,look at her face...she looked like she wanted him to say it but just didnt have the time to.And you could totally tell that sprx was in love with nova the way that when nova was missing he kept trying to go back out and find her. he said it with such persistance and i think it revealed to everyone for sure he liked her.on the other side, was an all around good episode.the ending was so dramtic when they got eaten by the worm...i was thinking o.. this is it,and then,the credits.of corse! the worst part of the show is the end credits!come on! i was mad ,but ok, knowing the next day i would see the rest of this episode! ha! i was laughing because i was so mad.anyway the episode was perfect.a must see again.the only thing at the end that left me puzzled is that when the team tried to put bombs on it and detinamted them all, if they happened to get away...what if the bombs came off and shouldnt the bombs been set to "explosition after 10 seconds" or something?if they were in the worm for more than 20 minutes,the bombs probobly would have gone off by then...dont ya think?i couldnt figure it out but maybe someone else will.still, if you never saw this episode,you should see it now!!!
  • Great episode! Poor Sprx and Nova. :(

    I loved this episode! It really dealed with the Sprx/Nova relationship, at least more than they did in any of the previous episodes. Sprx even tried to admit his feelings! I wasn't really too sure who to feel more sorry for. The fact that Nova disappears or the fact that Sprx actually blamed himself for that and was wanting to go out and look for her no matter what. Besides all of that, Otto was kinda funny in the episode, and when Antauri warned Chiro that whatever he was about to do was going to be dangerous. Then Chiro just said straight up,"So what's new?" At that line, I'm just like "Well, go figure." LOL :D
  • good episode.

    in this episode the monkey team found the skeleton king worm
    it go's in to a worm hole with the the monkey team on it. nova begin's to get blown away. sprx try help her but she get away from the worm. the team put time bombs on the worm to destroy it once and for all. but before they can leave the skeleton king droid appears and attacks. the episode ends with the worm swallows the super robot and the droid with bombs set to detonate. sprx and nova are the best couple i hope we see more romance. anyway a good episode!
  • wow NOVA???!!! noooo! lol

    This is definately one of my favorite episodes of SRMTHFG! I cant beleive nova!!! what was with those stupid boots?? Those creepy poeple on the worm the hyperforce were trying to save were scary !!! sprx must feel really bad, poor nova..... That worm thing kicks butt. Sprx also once more , which makes like idk 3 times maybe that he has tried to tell nova his feelings for her and was cut off. he was even cut off by nova this time.That was kinda cool that antauri like mad those claws come out of his back and save all of them........ well almost all of them. well i cant wait too see belly of the beast its going to be hard to wait all weekend!!!!
  • If nail-biters are not for you, than neither is this episode. The only thing more chilling and breath-taking than the episode was the "to be continued" tag at the end.

    Wow. And I mean WOW. This episode was everything that I love about the show and more. AMAZING, powerful, gripping, suspenseful. Gosh I love it.

    Negative Elements: Why the heck did they show Nova returning in the preview for the following week!? What a cruel spoiler! That made me very mad. But that I guess isn't really negative about the ep, so I'll stick to that. The animation bugged me a little at the beginning. A couple of pretty obvious bloopers. One being a shot where Sprx-77's little pointy thing on his helmet had absolutely no color. I know it's picky, but that bugged me. Oh, and there seems to be some lack of originality. We "kill off" one character per season. Gibson was Season 1, Antauri Season 2, Nova Season 3. Who's next? Otto?

    Posative Elements: Wow, where do I begin? Well, let's start in the obvious place: Sprx-77/Nova. Let me just say I love Sprx-77 more than I ever did before. It was so great to see him and Nova actually having a conversation with each other. And when he asked her if she was still hurt? Omg, it broke my heart. And then of course the mess in the wormhole where they grab hands and are holding onto each other for dear life, my gosh it touched me. I wanted to cry. I mean, it wasn't even really romantic but it TOTALLY was. It melted my heart. Determined by Sprx-77's SECOND near confession to Nova (it would've been so out of place for it to happen where he wanted it to there at the beginning, but it did almost happen) I think something BIG is being set up for the season fanale.

    Another thing I absolutely loved about this episode is that it didn't center all on Chiro. When Chiro volunteered to go out there and set that trap thing at the head, I'm like "Oh look! It's Chiro!" Seriously, the monkeys had very large roles in this ep, even topping the role of Chiro. In this ep. he's not the star, he's a team member, which is I believe where he belongs.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Otto's getting smarter. Seriously, from using the word "biped" to knowing what protons, neutrons, and electrons are, he's gaining some smarts from hanging out with Gibson.

    Antauri's new bod is the coolest thing ever. He's got sweet gadgets now! I love the silver monkey! Woo-hoo!

    Animation was awesome in this episode. Top notch! It really astounds me how much the animation of the faces has changed since first season. They really know how to play around with their faces to show any emotion they want. And I love it.

    Acting/dialogue: 10/10
    Story/Originality: 9/10
    Use of Characters: 10/10
    Personal enjoyment/Entertainment Value: 9/10
    Animation: 8/10

    Overall: 9.5/10 - One for the favorites list
  • its a good episode although nova only had about 5 lines but im only saying this cause nova's my fav

    omg this is a cute episode..if only nova wasent wearing those boots lol, then she wouldent of fallen off of the worm and would of been there to help, but it wasent her fault that sprx and her energy got low because they got zaped lol
    but the next episode nova comes back so im ok with that wooo hooo
  • 2 CUTE!

    So freakin\' ADORABLE!!! The best Sprx/Nova epp since Ghost in the Machinder and Meet the Wigglenog!!! Sprx is so freakin\' nice and so freakin\'... Not nice... Hmm... Guess---Never mind! It is cute though!!! I just luv this couple! Adorable! Better than Nova/Otto which sux... No offense Shay...Seriously... Luv Sprx/Nova 4EVER!
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