Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 13, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • wow NOVA???!!! noooo! lol

    This is definately one of my favorite episodes of SRMTHFG! I cant beleive nova!!! what was with those stupid boots?? Those creepy poeple on the worm the hyperforce were trying to save were scary !!! sprx must feel really bad, poor nova..... That worm thing kicks butt. Sprx also once more , which makes like idk 3 times maybe that he has tried to tell nova his feelings for her and was cut off. he was even cut off by nova this time.That was kinda cool that antauri like mad those claws come out of his back and save all of them........ well almost all of them. well i cant wait too see belly of the beast its going to be hard to wait all weekend!!!!