Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 13, 2006 on ABC Family



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    • Chiro: I'll do it.

      Antauri: Chiro, this will could be dangerous.

      Chiro: (shrugs) So what's new?

    • Otto: I don't like feeling so small! It's kinda hard on my ego.

    • Gibson: Are you out of your cranium?!

    • Nova: We gotta hurry. The Worm is approaching another populated Solar System. I just hope this works.

      Sprx: You're not getting a little nervous, are you Nova? Want me to hold your hand?

      Nova: (annoyed) How 'bout you hold my foot up your-

      Chiro: Nova, Sprx, save it for later! Start plasma charge deployment now !

    • Sprx: Hey pal, this evil worm is gonna blow. You and your friends do not wanna be here. (person ignores him) Why aren't they listening to me?
      Nova: Uh, maybe \\\'cause you got no social skills. (taps the person and clears throat) Excuse me, sir. We\\\'re here to rescue you, please move in a calm and orderly fashion to the giant robot.
      (person shows his face and looks like a monster)
      Sprx and Nova: AHHH!

    • Sprx: (as he and Nova flies above the monsters) Hah! Try and eat our brains now!
      Nova: Your brains wouldn't make a mouthful!

    • Sprx-77: (to Nova, as they ready to go out onto the Worm) Hey, you're not still all sensitive about what I said, are you?
      Nova: Oh, you mean when you called me a coward?
      Sprx-77: Wait, wait, wait. I never called you a coward...but seriously. There's something I want to say...
      Nova: (cutting him off) Save it. Like Chiro said, we don't have time for this.

    • Gibson: (readying to leave the microverse) Now, if we all atomically explode, I refuse to be held responsible!

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