Super Sentai

Season 27 Episode 51

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Deluxe: Abare Summer Is Freezing Cold! (Bakuryū Sentai Abarenjā DX: Abare Kyuuka Gyouko Hiya

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Aug 16, 2003 on TV Asahi
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Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Deluxe: Abare Summer Is Freezing Cold! (Bakuryū Sentai Abarenjā DX: Abare Kyuuka Gyouko Hiya

On DinoEarth, Princess Freezia seals two evil Dinos away in the BakuLaser. Freezia's deeds passed into legend, which are told to children, including Asuka. On Earth in the present day, the Dinos, Carnoryutus and Chasmoshieldon, awaken. The AbaRangers enjoy a day at the beach. Princess Freezia appears to Ryoga as Hexanoid #1, HanaBikiNikiBinasu arrives. It freezes Emiri but the AbaRangers fight back and escape. Later, Furijia shows them the BakuLaser and explains what happened to her. Carnoryutus and Chasmoshieldon attack an oil tanker, scaring the AbaRanger's Dinos. On the road, the AbaRangers and Freezia are attacked by HanaBikiNikiBinasu. It uses bees to shrink Yukito but creates clones of Ranru as well. Ryoga and Freezia try to find the second piece of the BakuLaser but Jannu attacks them. They eventually find the other piece as the small Yukito destroys HanaBikiNikiBinasu from the inside. Mikoto appears to take the BakuLaser so Ryoga fights him. Freezia attacks Ryoga with the completed BakuLaser, revealing herself to be the Dimensional Destroyer Garuvuidei. The evil Dinos arrive, as do the AbaRanger's Dinos, including TopGaler. The AbaRangers fight Garuvuidei as the Dinos fight. Garuvuidei combines the evil Dinos into Bakuren'Oh. It is fought by Abaren'Oh and Killer'Oh, but they are defeated. They then form Killer Abaren'Oh and destroy Garuvuidei and Bakuren'Oh. Later, the real Freezia appears and thanks the AbaRangers for their hard work, then disappears with the BakuLaser.


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  • AbaRanger: The Movie Version!

    AbaRanger was never one of my favourite Super Sentai series, so I was never all that interested in its bid screen version, AbaRanger Deluxe. Having seen this movie, I still hold that view, but I did enjoy seeing it for what it is. I liked the opening with the story of the evil Dinos. The Evorian monsters have always been silly to me and the monster here, which is a combination of six things is even worse although it is worth a few laughs, such as when it miniturizes Yukito and clones Ranru. The AbaRangers seemd very willing to almost blindly do what Furijia asked and it all nearly backfired when it turned out that she wasn't really her. Ryoga, and a lot of Super Sentai heroes actually, are much too trusting, especially of a pretty face. Anyway, the climax to the movie, the battle against the evil Dinos, is exciting with plenty of new combinations to keep it interesting. I oly wonder if Bakuren'Oh couldn't have been two entirely different dinosaurs that didn't resemble Tyranno and Kera. Anyway, the final scene of the real Furijia thanking the AbaRangers is nice though.moreless
Koichiro Nishi

Koichiro Nishi

Ryouga Hakua/AbareRed

Sho Tomita

Sho Tomita

Yukito Sanjou/AbareBlue

Aiko Ito

Aiko Ito

Ranru Itsuki/AbareYellow

Kaoru Abe

Kaoru Abe


Kotaro Tanaka (II)

Kotaro Tanaka (II)

Mikoto Nakadai/AbareKiller

Michi Nishijima

Michi Nishijima

Emiri Imanaka

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    • Man: ...then finally, those Dinos appeared. They slowly buried everything under the snow. At the same time, Princess Furijia, injected her life force into the Sacred Sword, and sealed them with it forever. Those Dinos which were buried under the ice, we must not let them awaken again. If they every do awake, then they'd bring this world to an end by casting it white with snow.

    • HanaBikiNikiBinasu: I say what I want to say. I'm made of fireworks, bikini, beans, Venus plus eggplant and pimple. That is Hexanoid HanaBikiNikiBinasu.
      Asuka: (counting on his fingers) Fireworks, bikini...
      Ranru: Really!? Six categories?
      Yukito: So this a Hexanoid?
      Emiri: (turning to the camera) Nice to know you understand. Hexanoid means "six" in Greek.
      HanaBikiNikiBinasu: Hey! Who are you talking to?

    • Furijia: Sorry I bought you all so much trouble.
      Ryoga: Not at all.
      Ryunnosuke: But why is that Evorian attacking you?
      Furijia: They want the Sword of the Seal (reveals the BakuLaser)
      Ranru: Just like the AbaLaser.
      Asuka: That is... the BakuLaser in the anicent legend. So you are that...
      Furijia: My name is... Furijia.
      Asuka: The princess from the legend, Princess Furijia!
      Furijia: Fifteen thousand years ago, my spirit was infused into the sword.
      Asuka: I'm so honoured.
      Yukito: Then your royal highness, why have you suddenly come out of the sword?
      Furijia: Because the lifetime of the sword has come to an end. Please give me your DinoGuts because the world is in danger already.

    • Furijia: The Evorian brought the iceberg here with the Evil Dinos here two years ago. And now, the sealed Dinos have awoken.
      Asuka: This... the legendary horrible Dinos...
      Furijia: The other half of the seal, the Sword of Fubukiish was brought here as well. We must find it as soon as pobbile, and put them back together. For that I need you DinoGuts.

    • Garuvuidei: This BakuLaser I stole from the Evorian. To repair it, the only way is to use DinoGuts.
      Ryoga: So right from the beginning you planned to trick us.
      Garuvuidei: By daybreak, they'll arrive and come to get this BakuLaser. This BakuLaser is a very important tool to control them.

    • Asuka: The princess was just a myth.
      Furijia: (appearing from the BakuLaser) No, I'm here.
      Asuka: Princess Furijia!
      Furijia: All your hard work, I've always been watching. Although I can't come out from the sword... Well done, Ryoga! Thank you very much. Goodbye. (the BakuLaser disappears)

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