Super Sentai

Season 28 Episode 34

Celeb Game (Serebu Gēmu)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Oct 10, 2004 on TV Asahi
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Celeb Game (Serebu Gēmu)
At night three Kaijuuki attack the city and are intercepted by Super DekaRanger Robo. The Rangers are defeated and the Kaijuuki leave. If the Kaijuuki reappears, Swan has something special to fight it. Meanwhile, Sen and Umeko investigate the death of an innocent alien during the battle. They talk to Thousand Seijin Gineek, Tente Seijin Shirogar and Handle Seijin Deecho, but don't get very far with them but Sen suspects that their 'game' resulted in the death. Later, Sen meets Hakutaku when he catches a thief, Chanbena Seijin Gin. Sen learns that Gin has a jewel, which somehow attaches itself to him. Gineek detects its signal and the Kaijuuki return to attack Gin. Despite Sen's efforts, Gineek shoots Gin before leaving Sen to fight Igaroids. The other Rangers arrive and as Tetsu takes Gin to hospital, the others use SWAT Mode to destroy the Igaroids. The Kaijuuki return so Swan sends the Rangers their new SWAT Mode mecha, PAT Wing. The PAT Wings fight the Kaijuuki and then combine, forming DekaWing Robo. DekaWing Robo then destroys two of the Kaijuuki along with Deecho and Shirogar. Taking the last Kaijuuki and Gineek into orbit, the Rangers destroy them using DekaWing Cannon. A recovered Gin later reveals that he survived due to a stolen fork that deflected Gineek's blast.moreless

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  • Diplomatic immunity.

    Watching DekaRanger so far, you could be forgiven for thinking that the vast majority of aliens on Earth are criminals or just not particularly nice people in general. However, even though this episode has not one, not two but three Alienizers, it does at least hint at the more worthwhile aliens on Earth. Here, there is talk of government aliens who have immunity from police investigation and prosecution. Unfortunately, this is taken advantage of by some of the priveliged aliens. Their crime is worse that most, as its wrapped up as a game, where innocent people are murdered for sport. That quite rightly enrages the usually placid Sen, who doesn't hesitate to delete these Alienizers, despite their special status. It wa snice to see some continuity with Hakutaku returning, but Gin was a bit annoying, although he's the first cat alien to have a major role. The new additions, the PAT Wings, the SWAT Mode DekaMachines, are rather boring to look at jets, but DekaWing Robo is pretty good, being more agile than DekaRanger Robo. It's finisher in space is also a nice touch.moreless
Reiko Suzuki

Reiko Suzuki

Hakutaku (voice, alien form)

Guest Star

Yoko Teppozuka

Yoko Teppozuka

Gin (voice)

Guest Star

Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi

Gineek (voice)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Gineek and his friends have played their game 473 times, presumably killing a person each time, but SPD has only just become aware of it.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Swan: (on the DekaMachines) They're pretty beaten up. Super DekaRanger Robo requires a lot of maintenance. If a high speed plane Kaijuuki has appeared... then that new euipment should take priority, right?
      Umeko: New equipment?
      (Swan nods)
      Doggie: Yes, I'm counting on you, Swan.
      Swan: Leave it to me!

    • Doggie: The place attacked was of no importance. One victim, an alien. Further completely unrelated to the crime. Just a citizen.
      Ban: An innocent person got caught and died!?
      Doggie: After that, at Point 213 an unidentified plane was sighted.
      Hoji: An unidentified flying object?
      Tetsu: That plane Kaijuuki?
      Jasmine: Point 213 is the alien's high class residential area.
      Doggie: Further, just why did they need three Kaijuuki?
      Sen: I will solve this mystery. Let me investigate!
      Umeko: But over there... it's all government aliens, a special area, investigation is restricted isn't it?
      Doggie: This is an emergency situation. I will take responsibility. Sen, go investigate.

    • Sen: Hakutaku, didn't you return to space?
      Hakutaku: I gathered space herbs to prepare for my wedding with Sen.

    • Sen: Hunting! That's the game Gineek is playing! They target the person who picks up the jewel... they kill that person, and take back the jewel. Last night we got in the way before they could...

    • Swan: Everyone, thanks for waiting. I've just finished the new mecha that works with SWAT Mode.
      Doggie: Alright. PatWing move out!

    • Narrator: When the new DekaWing Robo shines light into the darkness of space... the light of hope shined onto the boy's future. Keep spreading the light of happiness across the world! Do your best, DekaRangers! Fight on, Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Sen: Those guys… I'm definitely not letting them go! (reaches for SP License) SWAT Mode On! (activates SP License)
      Narrator: Receiving the "On", DekaBase sends the SWAT Armour and D-Revolver and the DekaRangers enter SWAT Mode.
      DekaRangers: (together, inserting their SP Licenses into their armour) SP License set!
      (D-Revolvers appear and are caught by the Rangers)

    • Swan: Everyone. Combine!
      DekaRangers: (together) Roger! Tokusou Gattai!
      (the PAT Wings combine in mid air)
      DekaRangers: (together) Build up, DekaWing Robo!

    • Sen: Thousand Seijin Gineek and Deecho and Shirogar! For killing multiple aliens under the premise of a game… (holds out SP License) Judgement!
      SP License: Judgement Time.
      Narrator: For Alienizers, the Special Police can request the ultimate court in the universe for judgement.
      (SP License shows guilty verdict)
      Gineek: Space's highest court cannot touch us.
      Sen: (ignoring him) Delete approved!
      Gineek: What an unexpected decision! I'll have my Papa erase it.
      Sen: (clenching his fist in anger) Don't give me that crap! (Sen rushes the Alienizers, hitting them all)
      Gineek: Stop it! I'll tell my Papa! Papa!
      Deecho: He's serious!
      Shirogar: Oh crap! Run!
      (an Igaroid appears and attacks Sen)
      Gineek: Saved… Can you finish the enemy okay?
      (Gineek and the others run away)

    • Ban: PAT Wing One!
      Hoji: Two!
      Sen: Three!
      Jasmine: Four!
      Umeko: Five!
      Hoji:The five machines…
      Jasmine: Fly fly!
      Sen: Spin spin!
      Umeko: Tokusou Gattai!
      DekaRangers: (together) DekaWing Robo!
      Ban: Flying in the sky feels so good!
      DekaRangers: (together, shaking their fingers at Ban) Nonsense.

  • NOTES (16)

    • The PatWings are stored in a hanger inside DekaBase similar to the one that house the DekaMachines. They launch from the same openings as the DekaMachines when DekaBase is in Crawler Mode.

    • The PatWings are presumably not standard equipment for SWAT Mode users as Swan built them herself at DekaBase. They are however specifically designed for use with SWAT Mode.

    • The D-Revolvers have a Controller Mode, which is used to fire DekaWing Cannon. It will also prevent the D-Revolvers themselves firing, blowing holes in the PatWing cockpits.

    • Swan's computer display of Super DekaRanger Robo, labelled "Maintenance SDR", names several systems of the robo, including Shock Absorber, Reactive Armour, Reactive Absorber, Knee Armour, Elbow Armour, Nuclear Treadmill, Ultra Particle, Narrow System, Bogie System, Hero Unit and Nuclear Balancer.

    • This is the first time that the full SWAT Mode transformation sequence is shown.

    • The text in the background during the SWAT Mode transformation lists several stats about the user. In Sen's case, it reads "Name Sen-chan, Special Police DekaRanger, Machine Bull, D-Arms D-Rod + D-Knuckle, PatTrailer. The other DekaRangers have similar information that relates to them.

    • Sen reveals that he is from a poor family.

    • Aliens: Shinoo Seijin Hakutaku and Chanbena Seijin Gin.

    • Gin, a Chanbena Seijin, is from the planet on which Ban pursed Don Moyaida in Episode 1. This is the first time that a Chanbena Seijin has played a major role in an episode.

    • A Tente Seijin like Shirogar previously appeared in Episode 26 as a patron of Durden's fight club, although this person was yellow, not grey.

    • Point 213 is the alien high class residential area, suggesting that aliens living on Earth reside in several seperate communities. This may explain why some humans are shocked to see aliens, although there has never been any mention of aliens having their movement restricted or bans on human/alien interaction. Police investigations are restricted at this particular Point however, as many governmental aliens reside there.

    • Kaijuuki: Enbance, Ultimate Evil and Million Missile.

    • DekaWing Robo's finisher involves it taking an enemy out of Earth's atmosphere, transforming into DekaWing Cannon, then shooting it with the "Final Buster".

    • First appearance of PatWings 1 to 5, DekaWing Robo and it's weapon mode, DekaWing Cannon.

    • Hakutaku from Episode 25 returns in this episode and now runs a medicine shop.

    • Alienizers: Thousand Seijin Gineek, Tante Seijin Shriogar and Handle Seijin Deecho.


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