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Super Sentai

Season 29 Episode 42

Confrontation! Two Ultimate Gods ~Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga~ (Taiketsu! Nikyokushin)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Dec 18, 2005 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Confrontation! Two Ultimate Gods ~Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga~ (Taiketsu! Nikyokushin)
Snowgel and the Rangers fight Drake in the Marudeyouna world. Just in case Drake looses, Dagon has Sleipnir prepare to attack as well even if it is against the Dark Precepts. None of the Rangers attacks work and Drake sends them all back to Earth where Hikaru is till trying to figure out what he was supposed to learn. He walks past the cake shop where was working and sees that they are back in business, the owner having managed to remake all the cakes since seeing Kai trying so hard. Hikaru realizes that this was what he was to learn: that sometimes, over thinking a situation is a waste of time, you just have to try. He arrives at the Ranger’s battle with Drake. Snowgel leaves now that he has learnt, allowing Hikaru to fight, and defeat, Drake himself. Drake returns enlarged so the Rangers fight him in MagiLegend and Travelion. However, Sleipnir appears as well with his chariot. Just as MagiLegend is about to be defeated, WolKentaurus appears and saves them from Sleipnir. Wolzard destroys the chariot and forms WolKaiser. During the fight, Vancuria plants one of Dagon’s scales on Wolzard just before he drags Sleipnir back to Infershia. Travelion and MagiLegend then manage to destroy Drake. Back home, the Rangers have their Christmas party, but not before making Hikaru dress up.moreless

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    Nozomu Sasaki

    Nozomu Sasaki

    Wyvern (voice)

    Guest Star

    Kazuki Yao

    Kazuki Yao

    Drake (voice)

    Guest Star

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Dagon (voice)

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Strangely, in the final scene, Smokey appears outside of MagiLamp but still miniaturized. At all other times he would only be small when poking his head out of the lamp and leaving the lamp would restore his normal human size.

    • QUOTES (1)

    • NOTES (4)

      • First appearance of Sleipnir's horses, which are of a similar design to Barikion but slightly smaller. This is also the fist time that Hikaru uses his Sungel sword as MagiShine.

      • Other spells:

        MagiRanger spells:
        Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro – change into Legend Mode.

        Legend MagiRanger spells:
        1 – MagiBolt - Individual attack with DialRod.
        2 – Gii Golu MagiBolt - Legend Blizzard - Team attack with DialRods and Snowgel.
        3 – Maagi Golu Majuuru - Become MagiFirebird.
        4 – Maagi Giruma Golu Gogoru - Become MagiLion.
        5 – Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin - Form MagiLegend.

        Hikaru/Sungel/MagiShine spells:
        Gou Gou Goludiiro – forms Magical Iron God Travelion.

        Purified Wolzard/Blagel spells:
        Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga – forms WolKaiser.

        Snowgel spells:
        Gogika – ice blast.
        Luuma Gogika – freezes the opponent.

      • Final appearance of Hades God Drake.

      • Spell: Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga: Used by the good Wolzard to form WolKaiser.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

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