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Super Sentai

Season 34 Episode 16

Dynamic Alata (Dainamikku Arata)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM May 30, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Dynamic Alata (Dainamikku Arata)
Warstar is defeated and the Goseigers celebrate, all except Alata. Master Head congratulates them and tells them to consider their futures as Gosei Angels. Eri is attacked by an unknown attacker, as are Agri and Moune. Eri reveals that the attacker was Dereputa, who they though had been destroyed. Hyde and Alata learn that Dereputa wants revenge on Alata for being defeated, having survived Hyper GoseiGreat's attack. He attacks and defeats Hyde before turning his attention to Alata. After a long fight, Alata defeats Dereputa again, this time for good. However, even as the battle with Warstar ends, a new evil emerges...moreless

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  • Derepta returns.

    So this episode is essentially the filler episode between the end of Warstar in the previous episode and the arrival of the new bad guys in the episode. Despite that, it's quite a good one. We find that Dereputa has survived his apparent death a few episodes back and has now returned to get revenge on Alata. However, like a lot of things in Goseiger, things move very quickly and almost feel rushed. For example, the identity of the attacker should have been kept secret a bit longer, instead of Eri just blerting out his name when asked. As a nice change though, the GoseiHeadders and Machines do not appear at all except in flashback, making it a much more character driven episode than showy effects and attempts at plugging the toys. Most importantly, the next enemy group is accidently released, setting up the new battle to start in the next episode...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Even though he doesn't know about the Goseigers or Warstar, Amachi doesn't question why everyone is suddenly covered in plasters and bandages when he gets home.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Nozomu: You guys really defeated the Warstar, right?
      Moune: Mons Drake was unbelievably strong, but...
      Eri: ...we all did it. GoseiGreat played a big part too!
      Agri: Datas also worked very hard.
      Hyde: It's thanks to the Gosei Headders protecting us.

    • Master Head: You guys are the only five Gosei Angels on Earth. Furthermore, you are still in-training apprentices. Truly a fine job.
      Eri: Um... Master Head... as a reward, how about dropping the in-training part from in-training angels?
      Agri: Sounds good! Isn't it about time we became full members?
      Master Head: When the Heaven's Tower is rebuilt, your training phase will end. Of course, this will take some time. Everyone, please consider what you should be doing as Gosei Angels from now on.

    • Nozomu: What's wrong, Alata? You've been making that face all this time, even though it's peaceful again.
      Alata: You could tell, Nozomu?
      Nozomu: Well...
      Alata: It's just... I have a bad feeling...

    • Moune: The Warstar have been destroyed! Are you still going to fight despite that!?
      Dereputa: Of course!
      Agri: Is this out of revenge!? Because you can't forgive us for defeating Mons Drake!?
      Dereputa: What I can't forgive... is myself for letting the likes of you defeat my boss, Mons Drake!

    • Alata: Dereputa!
      Dereputa: You're late! My Meteor Shots will smash the Earth to dust!
      Hyde: What!? You did this just to lure us out!?
      Dereputa: If you find that unforgivable... then fight me! When you defeated me before... I realized something. I lost because... I had clad myself in this "armour" named Warstar. If you have true strength... then you don't need to protect yourself! Now that I have cast off everything, I have become the most powerful being in the universe. I will show that now!

    • Dereputa: The strong defeat the weak! This is only natural! You guys are weak!
      Alata: Wrong!
      Dereputa: How am I wrong?
      Alata: We... have something to protect. And comrades who protect us! That's why we are... strong!
      Moune: I can't believe Alata is the one saying that.
      Agri: That guy... he's changed.
      Hyde: No. He was always that way. Alata is like the wind. You cannot see his heart with your eyes. Nor touch it with your hand. But... it has the gentleness of a soft breeze... and the ferocity of a whirlwind. He has both of those aspects.

  • NOTES (10)

    • Ending theme: "Gotcha ☆ Goseiger" by Hideyuki Takahashi (Project.R)

    • This episode marks the end of the Warstar arc.

    • Eri does not transform into GoseiPink in this episode.

    • This is the first episode in which the GoseiMachines and GoseiGreat do not appear since their debut in Epic 2.

    • Goseiger Card types:
      Change - Transformation Card.
      Explosion - Elemental Attack Card.
      Outbreak - Enhancement Card.
      Splash - Elemental Card.
      Spark - Thunder Elemental Card.
      Expand - Spell Card.

      Gosei Cards used:
      (Card type : Card name - Description)

      Shared Cards:
      Change: (Goseiger) - Transform into Goseiger.
      Summon: (GoseiWeapon) - Summons the GoseiWeapons.

      Skick Gosei Cards:

      Landick Gosei Cards:

      Seaick Gosei Cards:
      Expand: Defenstream - Increases defense.

    • This episode's opening titles include clips of the death of Mons Drake and the destruction of the Indevader from the previous episode.

    • Although not mentioned here, the box released from the mountainside by Dereputa is the Erurei Box, containing the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu.

    • According to Master Head, Heaven's Tower, which was destroyed by Dereputa in Epic 1, is currently being rebuilt but it will take some time to complete.

    • Monster: Dereputa of the Meteor.

    • It is revealed that Dereputa survived Hyper GoseiGreat's final attack in Epic 12 and is now seeking revenge on the Goseigers.


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