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Super Sentai

Season 34 Episode 41

Exploding Bonds Of Friendship! (Bakuhatsu! Nakama no Kizuna)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Nov 28, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Exploding Bonds Of Friendship! (Bakuhatsu! Nakama no Kizuna)
The Gosei Angels worry about Buredo-RUN's return as Datas detects the Matrintis in the city. The Goseigers find Metal-A who summons Ain-I of the Neutral, but after he takes a hit from the GoseiBuster, he shuts down, so Metal-A leaves him behind. Ain-I comes around and Eri realizes that he's different and befriends the Matroid. They learn that Ain-I has lost his memory and cannot fight, so Eri renames him "Koro" and teaches him about friendship and comradery. However, Hyde and Agri learn that he has a bomb in his body. Koro runs off to protect everyone. Eri finds him and promises they'll find a way to save him. The Goseigers come up with a plan, but Eri is unable to do it as it is too risky. Metal-A reveals that Ain-I's purpose was to study friendship before wiping his memory and activating his battle mode to fight the Super Goseigers and GoseiKnight. Super GoseiPink uses the Comprethunder Card to deactivate him. However, Metal-A has Ain-I enlarged, activating the bomb. GoseiGreat is formed, but Eri summons GoseiUltimate, carrying Ain-I high into the air. After saying their final goodbyes, Ain-I explodes. Later, the Goseigers make a grave for Koro. At the Terminal, Metal-A is punished for acting on her own, but she concludes from her experiment that she might eventually be free of Robogogu's control.moreless

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  • Bang goes the robot.

    I quite enjoyed this episode, even it was mostly fairly tedious and annoying talk about friendship and comrades between Eri and her new adopted pet robot, which she names Koro. I wonder how the Goseigers can really think that they damaged Ain-I so easily in their first encounter when in only the last episode, Robogogu was really strong and there was a Matroid that could time travel. Surely they'd know by now that these robots are stronger than that. I did like that after hearing about friends and such from the Goseigers and GoseiKnight for a while now, Metal-A decides to investigate in her own special way. The way Robogogu is going, I can see Metal-A and probably Buredo-RUN as well, turning against him or even overthrowing him. There's definately going to be something with Buredo-RUN now that his memory hasn't been lost as we thought.moreless
Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

GoseiKnight (voice)

Yudai Chiba

Yudai Chiba


Rika Sato

Rika Sato


Kyousuke Hamao

Kyousuke Hamao


Mikiho Niwa

Mikiho Niwa


Kento Ono

Kento Ono


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Metal-A: I just don't want to owe you.
      Buredo-RUN: What are you talking about?
      Metal-A: The other day...
      Buredo-RUN: Oh that? I just covered for a comrade.
      Metal-A: Comrade?

    • Hyde: Even if he's lost his memory, Buredo-RUN has come back from the dead.
      Moune: He's different from when he was with the Yuuma Beasts. If he becomes a complete follower of the Matrintis...
      Agri: We can assume he'll be tougher than before.
      Eri: What'll we do, Alata?
      Alata: It'll be okay. No matter what happens, we're not going to lose.

    • Alata: GoseiKnight. Everyone. Let Eri and I take care of this Matroid.
      Agri: What are you going to do, Alata?
      Alata: So far, it doesn't appear to want to attack us. And it doesn't appear to have any weapons. I'm hesitant to defeat such an opponent.
      Moune: That's true, but what if it does attack?
      Alata: If that happens, we'll deal with it somehow.

    • Robogogu: Where did you go!? If you act on your own, both you and Buredo-RUN will fall victim to my Punishment Bomb if I decide so.
      Metal-A: Right.
      Robogogu: Well. In Buredo-RUN's case... as long as his memory is gone he won't be that dangerous. (holds up a memory storage device)
      Metal-A: So Buredo-RUN's memory remains!?

    • Moune: Why are you trying to get along with Koro, Eri?
      Eri: If our shots are why Koro lost his memories, then it's our fault. I just feel sorry for him.
      Moune: But that boy... is a Matroid.
      Eri: But Koro hasn't done anything. I think it's wrong to assume all Matroids are the enemy. Is thinking that strange to you?
      Moune: No. That's just like you, Eri.

    • Datas: I'm done with my analysis of Koro. Koro's data from before he met you all is gone. Currently, Koro's AI has no attack system.
      Hyde: Really? It's a pity that we can't gain any info on Matrintis or Buredo-RUN. But this is for the best.

    • Goseigers: (together) A bomb!?
      Hyde: Yeah. From Datas' analysis, Koro has a remote-controlled bomb in his body.
      Eri: Can it be removed?
      Datas: It would be very difficult. The bomb's blast radius is 300 meters. It's powerful.
      Agri: I knew it. Those Matrintis bastards. They have him gain our trust, then blow us all up.

    • Eri: Koro. What are you doing?
      Koro: There is a bomb in my body. It's a problem for Eri and the others. It'd be better if I weren't around.
      Eri: You shouldn't give up! I'm sure... it'll work out somehow.
      Koro: Don't... give up. It'll work out.
      Eri: Yeah.
      Koro: Understood. I'll do something. Together with Eri.

    • Hyde: First Agri and Moune will create a wall to contain the explosion. Then Alata's whirlwind and my waves will combine, creating a tornado to absorb the explosion. All that's left is for Eri's lightning to blow up Koro's bomb. Once the explosion is absorbed by the tornado, GoseiKnight will freeze it.

    • Metal-A: You've shown me something fascinating!
      Agri: Metal Alice!
      Hyde: What do you mean!?
      Metal-A: I did all of this to analyze this useless thing called comradery. This was just my experiment. And my conclusion... is that things like comradery and affection are not needed by us.
      Eri: You're saying affection isn't worth anything!?
      Metal-A: We're different from you guys who can fly into a rage.
      Alata: You guys don't understand the bond between hearts!

    • Alata: Metal Alice, what have you done?
      Metal-A: Just erased Ain-I's memory and activated its battle mode.

    • Eri: It's because I didn't remove Koro's bomb. I'm sorry, Koro. It'll be okay. There's nothing to fear. Don't worry.
      Koro: There's nothing to fear.
      Eri: Koro!
      Koro: It'll be okay.
      Eri: Koro! You remember!?
      Koro: It will work out somehow...

    • Koro: Eri. In my next life I will east Eri's musubi and be your comrade.
      Eri: Koro!
      Koro: Eri. Thank you.

    • Robogogu: (to Metal-A) You low spec! You remodeled Ain-I without permission! The next time you act on your own, the Punishment Bomb will eliminate you! Same for you, Buredo-RUN!

    • Metal-A: In this experiment, Ain-I's feelings overcame my control. So... a sense of comradery and a bond is greater than his majesty Robogogu's control. Is that what it means?

    • Eri: Koro. I promise you. No matter how small the life or heart, as long as we Gosei Angels are here we will protect them.

  • NOTES (12)

    • Ending theme: "Gotcha ☆ Goseiger" by Hideyuki Takahashi (Project.R)

    • Goseiger Card types:
      Change - Transformation Card.
      Explosion - Elemental Attack Card.
      Outbreak - Enhancement Card.
      Splash - Elemental Card.
      Spark - Thunder Elemental Card.
      Expand - Spell Card.

      Gosei Cards used:
      (Card type : Card name - Description)

      Shared Cards:
      GoseiDynamic - Activates the GoseiDynamic attack with the GoseiBuster.
      Summon: Miracle Gosei Power - Transform into Super Goseiger.
      Summon: (GoseiMachine) - Summons the GoseiMachines.
      Combine: GoseiGreat - Forms GoseiGreat.
      Summon: GoseiUltimate - Forms GoseiUltimate.

      Skick Gosei Cards:
      Explosion: Twistornado - Summons a large transparent whirlwind.
      Spark: Comprethunder - Summons clouds and lightning bolts.

      Landick Gosei Cards:
      Expand: Defenstone - Increases defense.

      Seaick Gosei Cards:
      Splash: PresShower - Fires jets of water from the ground.

      Knightick Gosei Cards:

    • Eri is able to pilot GoseiUltimate alone. For this, her pink control console replaces Alata's red console as the center seat in the cockpit.

    • Robogogu reveals that he did not erase Buredo-RUN's memory, but instead stored it within a red crystal like device.

    • The stated blast radius of Ain-I's bomb was 300 meters. It is not entirely clear if this increases when Ain-I is enlarged, although GoseiKnight's comments suggest that it increases in line wth his size.

    • As well as being able to remotely activate Ain-I's bomb, Metal-A can also activate his battle mode, restoring his attack system. She also erases his memory of his time with the Goseigers, although some of it seems to remain.

    • Ain-I's bomb is located in his chest. Activating it causes the jewel in his chest to flash red.

    • Metal-A had the Goseigers believe that their attack on Ain-I with the GoseiBuster erased his memory, particularly his attack system, leaving him unable to fight.

    • Metal-A left Ain-I behind on purpose to plant him with the Goseigers. She fitted him with a powerful remote-controlled bomb to destroy the Goseigers when the time came.

    • Metal-A made the alterations to Ain-I without Robogogu's permission.

    • Ain-I's battle mode gives him a different, more menacing face with red eyes and two large cannons for hands.

    • Monster: Ain-I of the Neutral.


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