Super Sentai

Season 36 Episode 50

Final Mission: Eternal Bonds (Eien no Kizuna)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Feb 10, 2013 on TV Asahi
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Final Mission: Eternal Bonds (Eien no Kizuna)

With Hiromu still acting as a back-up for Enter, the Go-Busters prepare to face off against him one more time, while Masato's plans to save everyone appear dauntless.

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    Katsuhiro Suzuki

    Katsuhiro Suzuki

    Hiromu Sakurada/RedBuster

    Ryoma Baba

    Ryoma Baba

    Ryuji Iwasaki/BlueBuster

    Arisa Komiya

    Arisa Komiya

    Yoko Usami/YellowBuster

    Hiroya Matsumoto

    Hiroya Matsumoto

    Masato Jin/BeetBuster

    Yuichi Nakamura

    Yuichi Nakamura

    Beet J. Stag/StagBuster (voice)

    Keiji Fujiwara

    Keiji Fujiwara

    Cheeda Nick (voice)

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      • Enter: Red Buster. Where is my backup?
        Hiromu: It's all gone.
        Enter: You didn't... All that precious data! However, you still cannot defeat me. You cannot afford to delete me. Beet Buster's data is right here. That is my trump card.
        Masato Jin: Oh, 'bout that... I don't need it anymore. My data is all gone, actually.
        Enter: Pardon?
        Ryuji: Enter... That's not your trump card. It's Sempai's... That's Jin Masato's trump card!
        Yoko: You will be defeated... Then all of us will...
        Enter: Go-Busters. Ma puce. If I defeat you, then I won't need that backup!

      • Enter: I've been looking for you. Red Buster. Let's return to that world together.
        Hiromu: We'll go back after you're defeated!
        Enter: Well then... I will have to use force. Let's Morphin!
        Hiromu: Let's end this! The battle against the Vaglass ends today!

      • Masato Jin: This is my real body. It's like that because of my lost data and general wear and tear. All right! There's no time. This will be a quick explanation. Skipping to the conclusion, we're transferring Hiromu's backup into my body. That's all.
        Hiromu: Eh?
        Cheeda Nick: I-is that possible?
        Masato Jin: Yeah. Remember how Enter has my missing data? So that means that data is also on Hiromu's backup card. That data will want to return to my real body. It's sort of like magnetism. Smash them together.
        Hiromu: Wait a moment? We can't put this on you, Jin-san!
        Yoko: What would happen to you, Jin-san?
        Masato Jin: I have my genius to fortify me!
        Beet J. Stag: He's lying!
        Masato Jin: J!
        Beet J. Stag: Putting the card in him will make Jin split apart!

      • Ryuji: There's no way Sempai's frail body can handle a massive data injection. He would split apart and scatter. Isn't that right?
        Masato Jin: The backup would be gone and we would completely eliminate Enter!
        Ryuji: Sempai!
        Usada: What the hell is that?
        Yoko: That's no good! We could never do that!
        Cheeda Nick: Of course!
        Gorisaki: I'm also against it!
        Hiromu: Let's go. We'll think of another way.
        Masato Jin: YOU DUMBASSES! Is that the limit to your resolve? Did you forget what'll happen to the world? This is no time to be indecisive!

      • Masato Jin: Hiromu! What other way? Can you do it before Enter takes over the world? Ryuji? Were you just showing off when you said you'd eliminate Hiromu with the card? Yoko! Your Mom gave her life to protect the world! Don't you care about that? Right? Of course you do! Nick, Gorisaki, Usada! What about you guys? Hey, J! J! Just as you said...the world is fascinating. It is fascinating! That's why we should protect it together. Okay?

      • Masato Jin: I'm glad I had these extra 13 years to live.

      • Enter: Red Buster. You've surpassed normal humans. But in the end you're still imperfect. Only human.
        Hiromu: Yeah. We're humans because we're imperfect.
        Enter: Pardon?
        Hiromu: That's probably why Dad's vaccine program had the weak points. Since we're imperfect, we help each other. Since we're imperfect, we entrust others with our wishes. Humans are connected without needing backups! That's what makes you, who sacrifices comrades completely different from humans!
        Enter: (hits Horomu) Disappear! Everything should just disappear!

      • Enter: (final words) C'est la vie. Adieu Go-Busters.

      • (series' last line)
        Cheeda Nick: We get to see this scenery again.
        Hiromu: Yeah.
        Cheeda Nick: What will you do next?
        Hiromu: Oh, let's see... Well. I'll think it over. I have 13 years of catching up to do.
        Cheeda Nick: Okay! I'll accompany you!

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