Super Sentai

Season 28 Episode 48

Fireball Succession (Faiyābōru Sakuseshon)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jan 23, 2005 on TV Asahi
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Fireball Succession (Faiyābōru Sakuseshon)
Ban’s transfer to Fire Squad is confirmed and everyone is excited but sad that he’ll be leaving. While thinking about his future, Ban witnesses a car theft and goes in pursuit. The thief is Sudora Seijin Gireenu who, on being pulled over, opens fire on Ban but then commits suicide. As Ban stands over the body, another alien attacks him. When the others arrive, Ban leaves in Machine Doberman without a word. The others go after him, but he fires at them. Jasmine learns that Ban is possessed by Kuraan Seijin Jellyfis. Tetsu and Hoji stop Ban, but Jellyfis has him fight them hand to hand then take Machine Husky to escape to the coast. The Rangers catch up with them but are again beaten. Ban tells the Rangers to kill him to stop Jellyfis. Tetsu attacks and kills him with a Hyper Electro Fist. With Jellyfis out of Ban body, Tetsu tries to revive him. Eventually, Ban wakes up but Jellyfis returns in a Kaijuuki. Swan sends the DekaMachines and the Rangers use Super DekaRanger Robo to delete him. As they fight however, Aburera put his final plan into action and attacks DekaBase…moreless

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  • Ban's pet jellyfish...

    We get a rare continuation of the story from the previous episode with Ban having accepted Rou's offer to join Fire Squad, however this only serves as an introduction to the episode and doesn't really play a part in the rest of it. An relatively ordinary car chase for Ban turns into a life and death alien possession. Jellyfis takes the form of a balloon-like jellyfish creature, which looks a bit silly sticking out of Ban's collar as it controls his actions into attacking the other DeakRangers. The free Ban of Jellyfis, Tetsu actually has to kill him until the alien lets him go, at which point the DekaRangers revive him with plenty of over the top shouting and crying. Just as this episode followed the previous one, it also leads into the next with the finale taking form in the shape of Agent Aburera, who takes matters into his own hands and attacks DekaBase himself. Should make for an exciting end to the series!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Agent Aburera says that DekaBase was vacated, but apart from the six DekaRangers, the base was fully manned, including Doggie, Swan and an unknown but large number of regular SPD officers.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Narrator: The Earth branch's candidate to be the first DekaRed, Leon Seijin Gyoku Rou. He was in an ambush and barely escaped alive. he is selecting exceptional detectives from the universe's Special Police to form a new team for special missions, Fire Squad. Ban was acknowledged by Gyoku and gave him an unexpected invitation.

    • Doggie: Ban, your transfer to Fire Squad has been formalized. This is an honour for the Earthn branch. Take that to heart.
      Ban: Roger!

    • Tetsu: Why the face? Didn't you just get a promotion?
      Ban: I suppose. But if I go, I was thinking what will happen to the Earth branch?
      Tetsu: It'll be okay. Everyone is a professional, aren't they?
      Ban: That's why! What'll they do if they don't have a fireball like me around?
      Tetsu: Fireball?
      Ban: Boiling forth and bursting through the rigidness. Unless theres a guy like a fireball hitting the heart, there'll be no one to break everyone's complacency.
      Tetsu: But I'm here!
      Ban: You!?
      Tetsu: Leave it to me. In place of Sempai, I will be a fireball!

    • Jasmine: Kuraan Seijin Jellyfis is behind it! Kuraan can possess other aliens, their species connects to their host's nerves and can manipulate them at will. This activity is forbidden by space law. But Jellyfis ignored it. He's a repeat criminal.

    • Jellyfis: (on Ban) If you shoot me, he suffers. If you kill me, you kill him.
      Umeko: What!?
      Jellyfis: It's because our nerves are connected. We taste everything together. Me and him are united. You can't seperate me from him!
      Ban: How dare you do that to other people's bodies!
      Jellyfis: The moment I'm seperated, his heart will stop. Listen. I've grown to like Earth! I'm turning this into my holiday home. So that I can live more easily, I'm going to submerge all the land.
      Ban: What!?
      Jasmine: Jellyfis has already sunken eight planets.

    • Jellyfis: (to Hoji) You know what will happen if you shoot me, right?
      Ban: Yeah partner. Shoot me!
      Jellyfis: What!?
      Ban: Shoot me. Everyone!
      Umeko: What are you saying, Ban!? You'll die!
      Ban: This is the only way to get him!
      Jellyfis: Then let me make it easier for you to be shot. (detransforms Ban)
      Ban: Do it! If you don't, he'll turn the Earth upside down! This is no time to hesitate! Umeko! Jasmine! Sen! Tetsu! Partner! Pull yourself together!
      Jellyfis: Yeah. This is what your comrade is saying. Now, shoot him. You guys can't shoot your comrade, can you?

    • Umeko: What is this!?
      Sen: Don't tell me you used electricity to temporarily make Ban dead, then after Jellyfis let go, you were planning to revive him?
      Tetsu: I was sure Sempai would be okay.
      Sen: That's too reckless!
      Hoji: Almost like... just like...
      Umeko: Ban!
      Jasmine: Really!
      Ban: No way! He's a bigger fireball than me! But with this, I guess I can join Fire Squad.

    • Narrator: Agent Aburera finally shows his fangs. What is he planning? The greatest crisis has befallen the Earth branch. What will happen to Boss and Swan? What will you do, DekaRanger? Hurry! Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Ban: Kuraan Seijin Jellyfis! For the crime of submerging eight planets as well as manipulating other people's bodies in 673 robberies, as well as the murder of 214 people… (holds out SP License. Super DekaRanger Robo holds out judgement screen) Judgement!
      SP License: Judgement Time.
      (Judgement screen shows guilty verdict)
      Ban: Delete approved!
      (Super DekaRanger Robo rushes the Kaijuuki)
      Ban: Gatling…
      Swan: (interrupting over the radio) Everyone! A level one emergency situation has occurred. (Super DekaRanger Robo halts it's attack) A mystery machine has penetrated DekaBase and a hoard of mecha humans have invaded.

    • (DekaBase is under attack from mecha humans)
      Aburera: I, Agent Aburera, am taking DekaBase. Now Doggie Kruger… what will you do?

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