Super Sentai

Season 28 Episode 50

Forever DekaRanger (Fōebā Dekarenjā)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Feb 06, 2005 on TV Asahi
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Forever DekaRanger (Fōebā Dekarenjā)
The Rangers are almost defeated but are saved by Murphy, allowing them to split up and escape. Tetsu continues fighting DekaBase Robo in DekaWing Robo as Swan's escape pod lands nearby. Jasmine finds D-Sword Vega, which she uses to learn that a secret control switch is located in Murphy's kennel. She meets up with Sen and they inform the others using the lights to flash a message before one of the Alienizers find them. Umeko distracts the second Alienizer, so Ban and Hoji can get past. DekaWing Robo is rendered immobile by the Volcanic Buster, and DekaBike is destroyed in a suicide attack on DekaBase Robo but fails to do any serious damage. While fighting the third Alienizer, Hoji helps Ban make it through to Murphy's kennel. Ban uses the auxiliary control room to de-transform the DekaBase as well as using the restored communication to warn Numa-O of Aburera's trap. With their powers restored, the Rangers fight the three Alienizers while Ban takes on Aburera. Outside, Aburera is judged guilty of a multitude of crimes and is deleted along with his Alienizer friends. The Rangers are surprised when Swan and Doggie arrive having survived the carnage. Later, Tetsu is officially assigned to Earth and Ban joins Fire Squad.moreless

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  • DekaRanger Full Blast Final.

    This was certainly an exciting final episode for DekaRanger. There's a heck of a lot going on here, with the DekaRangers splitting up to try to defeat Aburera and Tetsu fighting DekaBase in the robos, culmination in the destruction of DekaBike Robo. It was nice to Agent Aburera finally judged and deleted for his crimes on Earth over the series in front of all the DekaRanger team. It's always nice to see what the characters will be doing after the series is over, but rather disappointingly here, only two out of the six DekaRangers, eight in the main characters, are going to be doing anything different from what they've been doing all year. Tetsu joins Earth branch permanently, but retains his normal uniform despite the badge change. Only Ban is doing anything very different. He is joining Fire Squad, some nice continuity to the past couple of episodes and somehting which will show up in the Deka vs Magi movie. So, apart from most of the characters seeminly standing still, this was a good episode, and a great series. It was the one that got me into Super Sentai in the first place, after all.moreless
Keiichi Sonobe

Keiichi Sonobe

Angoul (voice)

Guest Star

Yuji Kishi

Yuji Kishi

Ganymede (voice)

Guest Star

Emi Shinohara

Emi Shinohara

Sukiira (voice)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • DekaBase's DekaRoom is shown to be inside the large dog's head, although where the room goes when DekaBase Robo is formed is unknown as the head splits down the center and opens.

    • DekaBase did not appear to be significantly damaged by the destruction of DekaBike as it crashed into it.

    • Tetsu's transfer to the Earth branch gives him silver SPD and Police badges but the lettering on the back of his jacket and the front of his pants is still gold. Everyone else has silver lettering.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Narrator: Agent Aburera has taken over DekaBase. The DekaRangers break in to try to retake it, but just as they corner Aburera, their transformation was suddenly cancelled. And a terrible trap awaits the Space Police's main fleet.

    • Ban: Like we'd just give up! Guys like you who commit evil in the darkness will definately be destroyed! Justice will definately win!

    • Jasmine: I saw what Boss was after. In the back of Murphy's dog house in the maintenance bay is a hidden switch. If we turn that switch on, DekaBase control will all be transferred to the maintenance bay.

    • Narrator: SPD signal is a code that only the Special Police know. Letters are created using a combination of long and short signals. They can transfer messages this way.

    • Hoji: I'm counting on you to take care of the rest! Partner!
      Ban: That guy. Don't call me partner!

    • Ban: Agenet Aburera! Your schemes end here! One! Hate cruel wickedness.
      Hoji: Two! Pursue mysterious cases!
      Sen: Three! Investigate using futuristic technology!
      Jasmine: Four! The malicious evil of space...
      Umeko: Five! ...with immediate speed, eliminate them!
      Tetsu: Six! It's good to be invincible.
      DekaRangers: (together) SPD!
      Ban: DekaRed!
      Hoji: DekaBlue!
      Sen: DekaGreen!
      Jasmine: DekaYellow!
      Umeko: DekaPink!
      Tetsu: DekaBreak!
      DekaRangers: (together) Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Narrator: The crisis of Earth, as well as the Space Police's greatest crisis... Through Ban and the other's teamwork, they were able to splendidly overcome it. However, the DekaRanger's battle continues. Believing that a day of peace will come. Thank you, DekaRangers. Also, we'll continue counting on you. Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

    • Tetsu: From today on, I am officially assigned to Earth branch. Once again, let's do our best to work together. I don't want to sound superior, so call me partner, please.
      Hoji/Sen/Jasmine/Umeko: (together) Nonsense.

    • Ban: Rain Seijin Aburera. For destroying galaxies and mass murder by creating interplanetary wars… (holds out SP License) Judgement!
      SP License: Judgement Time.
      Narrator: For Alienizers, the Special Police can request the ultimate court in the universe for judgement.
      (SP License shows guilty verdict)
      Ban: Delete…
      DekaRangers: (together) Approved!
      Aburera: Don't think it'll end by defeating me! As long as people exist in the universe crime will never disappear! Everyone possesses the same ambition that I do!
      Ban: Despite that, we believe that within everyone living in the galaxy eternally burns a heart of justice. As long as that exists, evil will never flourish!
      (Murphy runs up)
      Umeko: Murphy! (throws Key Bone into the air)
      (Murphy catches the Key Bone and transforms into D-Bazooka)
      DekaRangers: (together) D-Bazooka! Strike Out!
      (the Rangers fire, deleting Aburera)
      Aburera: (as he dies) Damn you!

  • NOTES (19)

    • Fire Squad members appear to drive their own version of Machine Doberman, which bears the Fire Squad Police badge and the lettering "SPD FS", just as Ban's new SP License does.

    • Fire Squad has it's own version of the SPD Police badge, with the word 'Police' set against a red background. Members wear the standard SPD badge, but this is also set against a red background.

    • When she grabs D-Sword Vega, Jasmine uses the sword's gun function to take out a group of Anaroids, only the second time this has been used after Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger: Full Blast Action.

    • Although Umeko says that she is fast at changing clothes after her decoy bath, she may have just used her SP License's Masquerade Mode, assuming it too wasn't deactivated by Aburera in the control room.

    • DekaBike is destroyed in a remote controlled suicide attack on DekaBase. After the destruction of DekaRanger Robo in the previous episode, only DekaWing Robo and DekaBase itself remain.

    • It is revealed that Doggie was trying to tell the DekaRangers about a new system installed on DekaBase when he passed out in the previous episode. Only he and Swan knew about it prior to the takeover. Jasmine learns of it via her ESP sense from D-Sword Vega that this is a switch hidden in Murphy's dog house that will transfer control of DekaBase to the maintenance bay.

    • DekaBase's auxiliary control room is hidden behind a 'V' shaped door in the maintenance bay. It appears to be a smaller version of the main control room, but with only one control podium and red lighting. From here, Ban is able to shut down DekaBase Robo, return it to base mode, contact the SPD fleet and restore the transformation and communication functions of the SP Licenses.

    • The hidden switch in Murphy's dog house is labelled "Fuel Control".

    • One of the SPD helicopters seen in DekaBase has the tail number JA6116 and is a Bell 206B JetRanger III.

    • This episode's opening titles differ slightly from the usual one. The Rangers say "Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger" together instead of the narrator and then appear one at a time holding their D-Weapons.

    • Tetsu's transfer to the Earth branch gives him the standard silver SPD and Police badges. This presumably means he is no longer officially Tokkyou, but he continues to wear his regular uniform, still with gold lettering on the back. He is partnered with Jasmine, taking Ban's place on the team.

    • DekaBase is shown to contain at least three SPD helicopters, but their Machine names (if any) remain unknown. An SPD helicopter matching the design of one of these helicopters was used by Doggie in Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger: Full Blast Action.

    • Ban's Fire Squad SP License appears to be a Master License with a red lid with white lettering and slightly modified interior graphics.

    • While Ban still uses his D-Magnums while in Fire Squad, the other members appear to be armed with D-Smashers, like those used by DekaGold in Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger: Full Blast Action. It is unknown if they also have similar Deka powers as well.

    • Ban leaves the SPD Earth branch and joins the Fire Squad that Gyoku Rou invited him to in Episode 48.

    • All of Aburera's Alienizer friends were sentenced to deletion prior to the beginning of the series and therefore are deleted without judgement here.

    • The Alienizer that Tetsu fights during the closing credits appears to the same (or at least the same species) as Jilven's first opponent at Durden's fight club in Episode 26.

    • The ending credits omit the usual song and dance number, instead featuring a montage of shots of the Rangers in their post-series lives. This ends with DekaRed "passing the torch" for next year to MagiRed. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger is DekaRanger's successor Super Sentai series and began airing the week after this episode concluded DekaRanger.

    • Alienizers: Rain Seijin Aburera, Gimon Seijin Angoul, Gedon Seijin Unilga, Drag Seijin Ganymede and Jaagon Seijin Sukiira.


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