Super Sentai

Season 31 Episode 46

Gawa-Gawa! Memory (Gawa-Gawa! no Kioku)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jan 20, 2008 on TV Asahi
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Gawa-Gawa! Memory (Gawa-Gawa! no Kioku)
Jan discovers the scale Sha-Fu found at the ruins of Dan's town, believing he saw it before. Gorie uses his Sleep-Sleep Fist on Jan so he can relive his memories of when he first saw the scale. Under hypnosis, Jan remembers that a dragon wiped out his village before assuming the form of Long and killing Jan's mother. Sanyo hunts down Rio but Phantom Beast Pixie-ken Hiso allows him and Mele. They meet the GekiRangers in the forest where they all learn that Long killed Rio's parents as well so he would become the Destroyer in Maku's place. As the Rangers fight Hiso, Mele fights Long for Rio. Hiso is destroyed by the GekiBeasts, but Mele is kidnapped by Long to force Rio into becoming the Destroyer…moreless

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    Hideyuki Umezu

    Hideyuki Umezu

    Sanyo (voice)

    Guest Star

    Ryuuzaburou Otomo

    Ryuuzaburou Otomo

    Gorie Yen (voice)

    Guest Star

    Arashi Fukasawa

    Arashi Fukasawa

    Jan (young)

    Guest Star

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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Narrator: Jan and Rio's fated battle ends in victory for Jan. However, immediately after that, Rio becomes a giant and goes berserk. he prompty returns to normal, however... Just what happened to Rio!?

      • Gorie: (carrying four boxes of bananas) Good evening all. I have bananas for you! Well, the book I recently published has become a bestseller. To celebrate they gave me two dogs, and I already named them. "Best" and "Seller". (sees everyone staring at him) Okay, I'll come again. Eat banana and good luck. Bye bye.

      • Nami: Why are you doing this!?
        Long: To make a boring day interesting. To do that I've set up some plans. The Kenshi of the White Tiger was very useful. Now I'm eliminating everything related to Dan to make sure no problems occur later. That's all I'm doing.
        Nami: Dan... What have you done to Dan!? Tell me!
        Long: If you knew, it'd just cause you pain. Just be good and die with that child.

      • Rio: What is your goal?
        Long: To turn you into the God of Destruction and destroy everything in this world.
        Ran: Why do that!?
        Long: Unlike you humans and previous humans... I will live eternally.
        Sha-Fu: Eternally?
        Long: Right. Every day is boring... it's infinate Hell. That's why I can't stand it unless there's some interesting excitement.

      • Rio: That day... was the monster that attacked my family... also you? Answer me! Why?
        Long: It's your fault. You're a chosen existence that appears only once in thousands of years.
        Rio: What was that?
        Long: Yes. Everything began on that day. Still young, you visited this place with your family. But if you were protected by your family, the flame of your power would not have been lit. To cause your desire to become stronger, I wiped out your family for you.
        Sha-Fu: Sensing an unknown evil ki, I came. By the time I arrived, it was just Rio.
        Long: Yes, I properly watched that. And this one person in a thousand years... I let you raise him for me. But... I wasn't going to give him up. Maku, whom I made my pupil and led to a path of evil... You were the one who sealed him before he became the God of Destruction, after all.
        Sha-Fu: Maku too!? Maku starting RinJyuKen was also because of you!?
        Long: Right. That man was stubborn and took a lot of work, but... Rio was obedient and easy. I showed him a little nightmare, and he became gripped in fear and unease. He continued to seek strength to erase that from himself.
        Rio: Everything was planned by you?
        Long: Right. I've decided everything on the path you walk. To do that, the White Tiger man, Dan... his presence was supremely convenient. I did that too. Humans are really an annoying life form. Even with the instinct to fight, when mixed with others, unnecessary emotion may appear. That's why I had you discard your human feelings... And set it up so you'd be a puppet who would just fight.
        Rio: My... desire to become stronger... You're saying you planted that in me!? It can't be... My whole life...

      • Miki: The GekiBeast's big gathering, Dai Gou Gou Jyu. Gorie, can you say them all?
        Gorie: Hey, who do you think I am, Miki? Of course, here I go. GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, GekiElephant, GekiBat, GekiShark. The most handsome GekiGorilla, GekiPenguin, GekiGazelle, GekiWolf, SaiDain.
        (Miki claps)

    • NOTES (10)

      • GekiWaza:
        Gorilla-ken - Min Min Ken - Sleep-Sleep Fist: Hypnotizes target.
        Cheetah-ken - Supa Cheetah Geki - Super Cheetah Strike: Super GekiClaw attack.
        Go Gou Gou - Five Combined Work - Team attack.
        Supa Toripuru Geki - Super Triple Attack - Three-way attack.
        GekiBazooka - Super Geki Geki Hou - Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon: Fire the Kageki charged GekiBazooka.
        Wolf-ken - Gon Gon Ken - Rigid-Rigid Fist: GongChanger enhanced punch.
        Rhinoceros-ken - Nen Nen Dan - Twist-Twist Bullet: SaiBlade Finger rapid fire.
        Gorilla-ken - Gori Gori Ha - Gori-Gori Wave: Chest pounding shockwaves.
        Wolf-ken - Rou Rou Dan - Wolf-Wolf Bullet: GekiWolf tail slash.
        GekiBeast - Dai Gou Gou Jyu - Great Brave-Brave Beasts: Summons all nine GekiBeasts.
        GekiBeast - Geki Geki Bisuto Hou - Fierce-Fierce Beast Cannon: All nine GekiBeasts fire.

        Pixie-ken - Shinken Shoubu - True Sword Soaring Dance: Projectile attack.
        Pixie-ken - Tsukken Dan - Thrust Sword Absorb: Sword attack.

      • Jan's vocabulary:
        Gyawagyawa - wicked.
        Gorigori - push through (used by Gorie).
        Pikapika - (literally sparkle).
        Dekadeka - (literally large).
        Gujaguja mechamecha - disturbed/ruined.

      • Nami, Jan's mother, was also a GekiJyuKen user.

      • Long is revealed to have started the GekiRin Rebellion and RinJyuDen by turning Maku and the other Kenma to evil (explaining Rageku's earlier familiarity with his Dragon form). Long had intended to make Maku his God of Destruction but his sealing by the Kensei prevented this. Long then turned his attention to Rio, killing his family and leading to Sha-Fu finding and raising him.

      • It is revealed that Long destroyed Jan's village and killed his mother shortly after resurrecting Dan's GekiSoul as Suugu. Jan was saved by being pushed into a river and would later be found and raised by th eanimals of the forest further downstream.

      • Final appearances of GekiShark and GekiElephant.

      • This episode was followed by a short trailer for the next Super Sentai series, Enjin Sentai Go-Onger.

      • It is revealed that Long is responsible for the creation of RinJyuKen by turning Maku to evil. He also killed Rio's family so he would one day take his place as it's leader. All this was done for Long's amusement because, as an immortal being, he became bored.

      • This episode marks the return of the Beast Arts Academy ending section, not seen since the start of the Seven Chara Song Contest in Lesson 39. "Tao" also returns as the ending theme.

      • Monster: GenJyu Pixie-ken Hiso.

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