Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 35

God's Head (Kami no Kashira)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Oct 29, 2006 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

God's Head (Kami no Kashira)
The Boukengers detect the God's Head, a Precious that Sakura and Souta previously failed to prevent falling into Dark Shadow's hands. It is tracked to one of two places so the Boukengers go uncover to wait for the real one. Shizuka brings the Precious to where Sakura and Souta are waiting. It takes control of the building's security systems and attacks them. The other Boukengers arrive to help, but strangely, Akashi has them wait outside. Sakura makes it the God's Head and cuts it's connection to the security system. God's Head is revealed to be Tsukumogami – the real Precious is elsewhere. However, Akashi has a surprise for Shizuka as well – he's not Akashi but Makino. The real Akashi has acquired the God's Head in the meantime. The Boukengers fight Tsukumogami until it grows. It is soon destroyed by DaiVoyager.moreless

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Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

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    • Souta: This is our current target Precious, God's Head. We would call it a CPU. Saying it's artificial intelligence would be close.
      Voice: A year and a half ago we tried to retrieve it from the ruins, but they were a bit too late. It's gone missing!
      Masumi: So, SGS has clumsy people too?
      Akashi: It was a mission before you and Natsuki joined.
      Natsuki: Chief failed?
      Sakura: It had nothing to do with Chief. To be precise, it was I and Souta.
      Eiji: What? How sloppy.
      Souta: Yes. It was on my mind, so I always searched for it. That's how I found out that Dark Shadow recently acquired it.
      Eiji: Hey! Say that sooner!
      Akashi: They are trying to sell God's Head. The trade is tomorrow at 12 o'clock.

    • Shizuka: Gekkou, the deal the God's Head is decided! Now, our organization has plenty of resources! We can reconstruct this falling-apart mountain!
      Gekkou: The Boukengers might bite.
      Shizuka: That is a problem.
      Yaiba: Just to be safe, I have prepared a lure trade. We will split their force. Even if they come, we'll just crush them.

    • Souta: I remember the first time we went to collect God's Head.
      Sakura: It was a failure. So, I don't wish to remember.
      Souta: Well, I wasn't used to it yet either. And, Sakura didn't trust me.
      Sakura: Really?
      Souta: Even the most thickheaded person could tell.

    • (Eiji takes the box from Yaiba)
      Natsuki: Ei, way to go!
      Masumi: That's far enough, Yaiba of Darkness!
      Yaiba: I compliment you for making it here. But, just three of you will be no match for me. Return that.

    • Shizuka: Everyone, if you analyze God's Head, you can make any kind of weapon!
      Scientist: Don't say that so loudly!
      Shizuka: Okay.
      Scientist: More important, this is real, right? We're not paying for a fake.
      Shizuka: Do not worry. Of ocurse it's real.

    • Shizuka: The Boukengers are here.
      Scientist: Hey, what is a Boukenger?
      Shizuka: They're pests. But, with the God's Head you can entrust any security system to him.

    • Yaiba: Looks like you haven't fallen to darkness yet.
      Masumi: Of course!

    • Eiji: Akashi, you came too?
      Akashi: Yeah. But those two probably have a plan. If we go in, we might get in the way. Let's just watch.
      Masumi: And what if they don't have a plan?
      Akashi: No... they should be fine with that situation.
      Natsuki: How do you know?
      Akashi: It's because I've known them so long.
      Eiji: Eh?
      Akashi: Well... for now let's just watch.

    • Souta: In fifty seconds, the shutter will open and the security cameras will stop for five seconds. Then ten seconds later, it'll stop for another five. That's when I can open the Central Control Room door.
      Sakura: Just run, right?
      Souta: If you trust my skills, that is.
      Sakura: You never change. But, there is one thing different from before. I've learned that Souta will never sacrifice another. Especially not a woman.

    • Masumi: The information was a decoy!?
      Shizuka: Right! We prepared two fake trades to lure you in.
      Mamorigami: Operation success!
      Souta: Sorry. Shizuka, sorry... But we actually knew about that third trade.
      Sakura: We're also lures. You would go through with the trade if we pretended to fall for it. As easy way to stop you.
      Shizuka: It can't be. But all of you are here!
      Akashi: No. We're not. (rips off his mask, revealing himself to be Makino)
      Boukengers: (together) Makino!?

    • Makino: Let's go!
      Boukengers: (together, preparing their Accellulars and GouGou Changer) Boukenger! Start Up!
      Masumi: The Fast Adventurer! BoukenBlack!
      Souta: The High-Up Adventurer! BoukenBlue!
      Natsuki: The Strong Adventurer! BoukenYellow!
      Sakura: The Deep Adventurer! BoukenPink!
      Eiji: The Dazzling Adventurer! BoukenSilver!
      Makino: (untransformed) The Mechanic Makino!
      Boukengers: (together) GouGou Sentai Boukenger!

    • Natsuki: That's mean to not tell Natsuki and the others.
      Akashi: You guys would have immediately exposed us.
      Masumi: Aren't you looking down on us?
      Souta: To deceive is to be human.
      Eiji: Man... You're all talk.
      Sakura: Well, isn't this for the best? The mission was completed.
      Masumi/Natsuki/Eiji: (together) It's not okay!
      Makino: Come now. Why don't I treat you all to yakiniku?

    • Masumi: This time we have… Giant Robo!
      Boukengers: (together) Start Up!
      Natsuki: Battle Fever J's, Battle Fever Robo.
      Souta: GoRanger and JAKQ Dengekitai fought with giant mecha.
      Akashi: But this is the first time the giant robo appeared.
      Eiji: The finishing move! Cross Fever!
      Boukengers: (together) Look forward to the next one!

  • NOTES (15)

    • With this episode, the opening titles are changed to include shots of Zubaan and DaiVoyager.

    • Dark Shadow is still using the Kaas given to them by Gaja.

    • SirenBuilder has not yet been repaired after the battle with Zubaan in Task 33.

    • The Scope Shot is shown to feature a grappling wire and cable-cutting hooks.

    • The display screen next to Mr. Voice at the start of the episode shows a diagram of God's Head and is titled "The Objective Precious God's Head". Underneath it reads "From SGS Powered by Date Base". The display also gives the Precious' Hazard Level as 170.

    • The scientists at the Shina Heavy Industries Science Research Lab have never heard of the Boukengers.

    • The first misison to collect God's Head was apparently one of Souta's first, as he mentions not being used to it and Sakura not trusting him.

    • SGS previously tried to acquire God's Head 18 months ago (about a year before the start of the series). Masumi and Natsuki were not Boukengers then, so the mission fell to Sakura and newcomer Souta, but they were too late to retrieve it. Eventually, God's Head came into the possession of Dark Shadow.

    • Makino is given a dummy Accellular while undercover as Akashi as BoukenRed arrives in GouGouVoyager while Makino still has an Accellular in his holster. It is unknown if he could have used the real Accellular to transform.

    • The fake Dark Shadow traders, the Kaas, are dressed as Middle Eastern businessmen.

    • God's Head is able to create any kind of weapon and take over electronic security systems. It is also able to generate a jamming field that prevents the Boukenger's Accellulars from working.

    • Yuusuke Numata, who voices Mamorigami here, previously voiced Tac in Mirai Sentai TimeRanger.

    • 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files: First Giant Robo - Battle Fever Robo from Battle Fever J.

    • Precious: God's Head.
      Hazard Level: 170.

    • Monster: Mamorigami of Dark Shadow, the last of the Tsukumogami.


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