Super Sentai

Season 34 Episode 46

GoseiKnight Is Targeted (Nerawareta Gosei Naito)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jan 09, 2011 on TV Asahi
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GoseiKnight Is Targeted (Nerawareta Gosei Naito)
Burajira tells the Goseigers that he wants to start the Earth over as Master Head and the Gosei Angels have failed to protect it. He reveals that he sealed the Yuumajuu 10,000 years ago but was betrayed by his own people before using the Time Travel Tensou Technique to come to the present day, joining the invading Warstar to begin his Earth Salvation Plan. He summons the Dark Headder Namono-Gatari of the Orthaurus Headder to fight the Goseigers as he battles GoseiKnight, who once served him as the Groundion Headder. Burajira captures GoseiKnight with the Knightick Orb. Later, Master Head reveals that GoseiKnight is dying as he gave the last of his power to them during the final fight with Matrintis. Agri and Moune review the fight with Namono-Gatari to find a way to defeat him. Namono-Gatari reappears, so they use their Super Goseiger powers to destroy both his horns, allowing him to be defeated. Namon-Gatari is enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, but Landick GoseiGreat destroys him. Meanwhile, Burajira begins the Earth Salvation Plan.moreless

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  • Dark GoseiKnight.

    Well, the surprises just keep coming at the moment. After learning about Buredoran/Burajira in the previous episode, we now find that GoseiKnight was once one of his Headders and he was the one that ordered GoseiKnight as the Groundion Headder into the glacier where he awoke from when the Yuumajuu returned. It's really quite pleasing how, after so long after not knowing what was going on with these characters or if there was any overarching story at all, everything seems to be coming together into one coherent whole. It all makes sense for the most part, even if it come across a bit convenient at times. This episode certainly sets up what should be an interesting finale to the series.moreless
Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

GoseiKnight (voice)

Yudai Chiba

Yudai Chiba


Rika Sato

Rika Sato


Kyousuke Hamao

Kyousuke Hamao


Mikiho Niwa

Mikiho Niwa


Kento Ono

Kento Ono


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Although the Dark Headders were once GoseiHeadders, none of the Goseigers thinks of trying to return them to normal, and just destroy Namono-Gatari outright.

    • Burajira has a Knightick Orb as he has one for each of the Goseigers elemental powers, but Knightick power did not exist 10,000 years ago as GoseiKnight was only the Groundion Headder back then. It is possible that Burajira made this orb during his time on Labyrindel in th previous episode.

    • Datas is able to replay the battle with Namono-Gatari despite not being present to record it.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Burajira: I will exterminate the foolish, weak humans. I will smash this corrupt Earth into bits and then recreate it into a new planet! And be its savior!
      Moune: Smash the Earth into bits!? What's that supposed to mean!?
      Alata: Burajira! If you're a former Gosei Angel, then why would you think of such a thing!?
      Burajira: The present Earth has no future. With Master Head in charge of Gosei World, look at what's happened with them watching over the Earth! Damn humans constantly fighting their ugly wars. Earth is on a one-way path to decadence! I will save the planet - in other words, be its savior! Now that I have ontained the ultimate power, the time for that is ripe! I will destroy the Earth one time and I alone will birth it anew!

    • Alata: Gosei World is the traitor?
      Burajira: 10,000 years ago, I was the one who sealed Makuin and Kinggon in the Erurei Box.
      Alata: So you were the ultimate Gosei Angel who Master Head mentioned?
      Burajira: The ultimate Gosei Angel, eh? A meaningless title! They used every means to seal the Yuuma Beasts. They used up all their powers. It was only possible because I did it. But Gosei World did not accept even a little bit of casualty. They criticized and blamed me! I had no choice but to use my incomplete Tensou technique... Time Travel! I manipulated time to flee to the future. As a result, my form became as you see here. I ended up 10,000 years in the future. In other words, I arrived in the present day. I may have lost my Gosei Angel form, but I do not regret it. Thanks to that, I was able to secretly join the Warstar when I summoned them.
      Alata: Warstar? The Yuumajuu!? And the Matrintis! You used them all for your own gain!?
      Burajira: It couldn't be helped. It is my fate to be a savior. In turn, it was their fate to sacrifice themselves for me. Everything exists for the sake of my Earth Salvation Plan!

    • GoseiKnight: Burajira! From now on, it's my turn! Don't lay a finger on the Goseigers!
      Burajira: Are you going to defy me? 10,000 years ago, you even followed my order to lay dormant in the glacier. Groundion Headder.

    • Burajira: Obey me!
      GoseiKnight: I refuse!
      Burajira: I am your true master! Use the last of your power for me!
      Alata: The last of his power?

    • Hyde: There's no way GoseiKnight would let himself be taken so easily. I'm sure he has some reason.
      Alata: Burajira... He said something about the last of GoseiKnight's power.
      Nozomu: GoseiKnight... told me goodbye before leaving.

    • Burajira: It's been too long since we were this close face-to-face. No... there was that time that I trapped you in the cage. I knew it right away, you are my reliable subordinate, Groundion Headder.

    • Master Head: GoseiKnight is at his limit... The many battles have caused GoseiKnight to exhaust his Gosei powers. Furthermore, in the last battle with the Matrintis, GoseiKnight gave his Gosei power to you all. That caused him to become greatly exhausted. At this point, he's doing his best to just stand.
      Nozomu: Despite that, he kept it to himself. Why didn't he tell us!?
      Master Head: He probably did not want to cause worry. Furthermore, his master from 10,000 years ago has appeared before him as the enemy. Who knows that kind of shock GoseiKnight is in?

    • GoseiKnight: Nothing you do will work! Now, I am the Goseiger's Headder! I won't obey you anymore!
      Burajira: I'm not telling you to give up the Gosei mission. Through my Earth Salvation Plan, it will be reborn. You can protect the new Earth.
      GoseiKnight: Don't joke! Who would help with such a project!?
      Burajira: You're a fine Headder. It would be a pity if you died. My power can revive you.
      GoseiKnight: I refuse!

    • Hyde: If Burajira knew GoseiKnight was at his limit, why did he take him away?
      Eri: To bring down our attack force?
      Master Head: That is probably not all. Burajira is nothing if not sly. Burajira probably wants to use GoseiKnight for this Earth Salvation Plan.

    • Nozomu: Moune and Agri... thinking?

    • Burajira: They really are apprentices. Focusing on little things while missing the bigger point. There we go. And the Earth Salvation Plan starts!

  • NOTES (28)

    • Ending theme: "Gotcha☆Goseiger (TYPE 2 Gosei Angel Version)" by the Goseigers with Hideyuki Takahashi.

    • Although GoseiKnight previously belonged to Burajira, it is unknown if GoseiKnight's Vulcan Headder did as well. It seems likely however, as GoseiKnight has always possessed the Vulcan Headder since his awakening; they presumably entered the glacier together, although this is not confirmed.

    • Although not mentioned here, the large tower seen landing in the ground at this episode is actually the Land Wedge, created from the destruction of Namono-Gatari. It is used to contaminate the land.

    • Goseiger Card types:
      Change - Transformation Card.
      Explosion - Elemental Attack Card.
      Outbreak - Enhancement Card.
      Splash - Elemental Card.
      Spark - Thunder Elemental Card.
      Expand - Spell Card.
      Focus - Group Card.

      Gosei Cards used:
      (Card type : Card name - Description)

      Shared Cards:
      Summon: (GoseiWeapon) - Summons the GoseiWeapons.
      GoseiDynamic - Activates the GoseiDynamic attack with the GoseiBuster.
      Change: (Goseiger) - Transform into Goseiger.
      Summon: Miracle Gosei Power - Transform into Super Goseiger.
      Summon: (GoseiMachine) - Summons the GoseiMachines.
      Combine: GoseiGreat - Forms GoseiGreat.
      Victory Charge - Initiates GoseiGreat's final attack.

      Skick Gosei Cards:

      Landick Gosei Cards:
      Explosion: Rockrush - Lifts giant rocks from the ground.
      Summon: Landick Brothers - Summons the Landick Brothers Headders.

      Seaick Gosei Cards:

      Knightick Gosei Cards:

    • This episode ends with a trailer for the next Super Sentai series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

    • This episode ends with a trailer for Tensou Sentai Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger: Epic On Ginmaku.

    • This episode's ending credits feature clips from Tensou Sentai Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger: Epic On Ginmaku.

    • First new appearance of the Indevader since its destruction in Epic 15. Previous reappearances have been flashbacks, but Burajira's flashback here has not been seen before.

    • With this episode, the opening titles are changed to include the three Buredoran incarnations in split screen as well as a full screen shot of Burajira.

    • For unknown reasons, the Bandai advertisment between the opening credits and the main part of the episode uses a different voice than normal.

    • Burajira was the one that brought Warstar to Earth at the start of the series, triggering the chain of events that have been seen throughout the series.

    • Burajira believes that Master Head and Gosei World's watching over the Earth has allowed humans to defile the planet. He also blames the Gosei Angels for this as they have protected the Earth but not tried to change it. He plans to destroy the Earth and recreate it as its savior.

    • The Goseigers realize that Burajira is the Gosei Angel that Master Head spoke of when he mentions that he was the one that sealed the Yuumajuu leadership in the Erurei Box.

    • It is unknown how Burajira, at the time disguised as Buredoran of the Comet, explained his way aboard the Indevader when it first arrived at Earth.

    • Burajira was originally human in form (like the Goseigers) but his trip through time turned him into his current form, presumably because his Tensou technique was incomplete.

    • Burajira reveals that after he had sealed the Yuumajuu in the Erurei Box, he was scorned by Gosei World and the other Gosei Angels and used an incomplete Tensou Technique, Time Travel, to flee to the future. Finding himself 10,000 years in the future (our current time) he disguised himself as Buredoran of the Comet and summoned Warstar's Indevader to Earth.

    • The Groundion Headder, now GoseiKnight, once belonged to Burajira. This may explain GoseiKnight's initially heavy-handed approach to dealing with humans.

    • It is revealed that it was Burajira that ordered GoseiKnight, then the Groundion Headder, to lay dormant in the glacier 10,000 years ago where he remained until the reappearance of the Yuumajuu. This suggests that Burajira planned to use the Groundion Headder in the future as part of his plan and presumably ordered his other Headders, such as the Orthrus Headder, to do the same until he awoke them.

    • Burajira uses Dark Headders, GoseiHeadders corrupted by his evil nature. Presumably these Headders would have fought for Gosei World as the Goseiger's Headders do before Burajira's defection.

    • Namono-Gatari is able to regenerate his horn if one is destroyed.

    • Burajira used each of the enemy groups, Warstar, Yuumajuu and Matrintis, to further his plan of becoming Earth's savior.

    • Burajira reminds GoseiKnight of the time he captured him in a cage in Epic 19.

    • Burajira tells GoseiKnight to use the last of his power. This may suggest that GoseiKnight is running low, possibly due to his recent power drain fighting Buredoran of the Cyborg, or just that Burajira wants him to die serving him.

    • Master Head explains that GoseiKnight has used up all his Gosei power, mainly as a result of unsealing the Tensouders in Epic 44.

    • Burajira still controls the Bibi Bugs to enlarge his Dark Headders.

    • Kyosei Tsukui, who voices Gatari here, previously voiced EnjinCarrigator in Enjin Sentai Go-Onger.

    • Takahiro Imamura, who voices Namono here, previously voiced Manmaruba in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger.

    • Monster: Namono-Gatari of the Orthrus Headder, the first of Burajira's Dark Headders.


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