Super Sentai

Season 30 Episode 50

GouGou Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious (GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā Za Mūbī: Saikyō

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Aug 05, 2006 on TV Asahi
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GouGou Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious (GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā Za Mūbī: Saikyō
The Boukengers are relaxing by the pool when an earthquake hits the city and a woman appears. Calling herself Muse, she summons are a mountain in the middle of the city. She says it is a gift from her people, but it attracts the attention of the Negative Syndicate who all start fighting over it. Watched by a strange man, the Boukengers join the fight and defeat Gaja, Ryuoun, Yaiba and Shizuka. However, they are soon attacked by the Quester's newest robo. Eiji and SirenBuilder take it on to protect the mountain while the Boukengers climb to the top. The strange man follows them, who turns out to be Akashi's dad, Kouichi. Muse appears and tells the Boukengers and a group of Kaas and Jaryuu that whoever reaches her first gets the Precious. She drops them into a sea where all but the Boukengers fail to make it to dry land. Eiji destroys Quester Robo as the Boukengers make their way across a desert. The Boukengers are 'attacked' by flames, and Souta and Natsuki are apparently killed. The others move on and meet up with Kouichi just as a hoard of giant bugs attack them, taking Sakura and Masumi. Akashi and Kouichi escape and head into Muse's cave. Muse explains her purpose, to absorb the strongest lifeforms, and reveals the captured Boukengers. Kouichi frees the Boukengers, but Muse cuts off their escape. Eiji comes to the rescue, allowing the Boukengers to transform and defeat Muse. However, Muse becomes a giant space ship and starts attacking the city. The Boukengers call the GouGou Vehicles and combine them into Ultimate DaiBouken. A surprise attack almost destroys Ultimate DaiBouken before the Vehicles disengage. Akashi orders Bouken Formation 2, but Makino says it's still in the testing stage. Akashi is sure it'll work, and has Drill, Shovel, Mixer, Crane and Jet combine to form DaiTanken. Together, DaiTanken and DaiBouken destroy Muse. Kouichi leaves, but not before acknowledging, and embarrassing, his son.moreless

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  • The Greatest Precious.

    Well, it's a little short for a movie, but the Boukengers big screen adventure is definately an exciting outing. Along the way we get to see the Boukengers fighting all the Negatives at once in a massive four team battle which serves as the opening title sequence. Akashi's dad is one those obvious Indiana Jones typeswho seems too arrogant to start with but later comes to understand his son. The Precious this time is is an alien creature than travels space searching for other lifeforms to join with and become stronger. It previously wiped out the dinosaurs. The aerial battle in the GouGou Vehicles is very exciting, especially when the new formation DaiTanken, makes it's debut. A very good movie with plenty of action and adventure.moreless
Takaya Kuroda

Takaya Kuroda

Yaiba (voice)

Junpei Morita

Junpei Morita


Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta

Narrator/equipment (voice)

Masashi Mikami

Masashi Mikami

Souta Mogami/BoukenBlue

Nobuo Tanaka

Nobuo Tanaka

Mr. Voice (voice)

Chise Nakamura

Chise Nakamura

Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Narrator: Heroes that search unknown worlds for dangerous treasures. Appearing soon in theaters! Break through those barriers! Keep going, GouGou Vehicles! First Gear In! GouGou Sentai Boukenger The Movie!

    • Muse: At last, once again life is flourishing... The strong... The world's strong, I send you a message. I am Muse. The strong, please receive this wonderful ancient treasure. A relic of our civilization. Precious. The strong... I wait for you all.

    • Gaja: So that the Goadom civilization will once again rule the Earth, I will take this ancient treasure!
      Ryuoun: Gaja! Today, I will not let you interfere with the Jaryuu Tribe!
      Yaiba: Dark Shadow will be taking this Precious.

    • Kouichi: Treasure will cause the colour of people's eyes to change.

    • Kouichi: Treasure will cause the colour of people's eyes to change.

    • Akashi: Who's that!?
      Kouichi: Kids, you probably shouldn't go any further.
      Akashi: Who's a kid!?
      Kouichi: Am I wrong?
      (Akashi realizes who Kouichi is)
      Sakura: Who are you!?
      Masumi: Are you after the Precious too!?
      Kouichi: Precious? (to Akashi) You're still going around searching for that?
      Akashi: Yeah. That is my adventure. And someday...
      Kouichi: Someday... you will find your own important thing.
      Souta: That line just now...
      Natsuki: It's what Chief always says.

    • Kouichi: (to Akashi) To still not find it after all this time is proof you don't know what's important, kid.
      Natsuki: "Kid, kid". What's with you, old man?
      Souta: Will you introduce yourself?
      Akashi: He's my dad.
      Masumi: Dad!?
      Sakura: Father!?
      Souta: So that means...
      Kouichi: (to Akashi) Still in the Bouzu-ngers?
      Akashi: It's Boukengers! And I'm not a kid!
      Kouichi: Have you grown out of being a crybaby kid?
      Akashi: What!?

    • Natsuki: What about the old man... I mean Chief's father?
      Akashi: He won't die that easily. Kouichi Akashi is...
      Sakura: ...a legendary UMA hunter, right?
      Natsuki: UMA?
      Masumi: Like Nessie or the Abominable Snowman.Or possibly the Japanese wolves that should be extinct. Mythical unidentified lifeforms.
      Souta: Believeing in their existence and chasing after them are UMA hunters.
      Natsuki: So they're the same as treasure hunters?
      Akashi: They're completely different! Let's go.

    • (SirenBuilder fights Quester Robo Cannon)
      Makino: Takaoka, big trouble!
      Eiji: What is it!? I'm busy right now!
      Makino: Akashi and the others are in danger! A terrible lifeform is waiting for them on that mountain!
      Eiji: What are you talking about!? I don't really get it... but this is no time to die!

    • Souta: Do you hate your father, Chief?
      Akashi: "Humans are fools". That's his catchphrase. So he says the Precious created by those foolish people are worthless.
      Souta: But in the end, he's an adventurer like you, Chief!
      Akashi: No! I like people. I don't think they're foolish... The Precious is an example of human intellect. I walk a different path than him.

    • Akashi: (fighting several strange bug creatures) What are these!?
      Kouichi: The lifeforms that made the dinosaurs extinct!
      Akashi: What!? So they're what you're after!?
      Kouichi: Yeah! I've finally found them.
      Akashi: Then who's Muse!?
      Kouichi: Don't know.

    • Voice: Akashi's father's theory is that the dinosaurs were destroyed by an even stronger lifeform.
      Makino: And that lifeform is dormant on that mountain.

    • Akashi: I'm going to see Muse.
      Kouichi: Hey, what's that? Going to keep treasure hunting without a flinch from sacrificing your comrades? What is yours... No, what is really important to humans? You don't get it. There's something more important than the cleverly made Precious!

    • Kouichi: (on Akashi) People are foolish... and he's finally become like them.

    • Muse: Welcome, the strongest one. I've been waiting for you.
      Akashi: What is this place? Who are you?
      Muse: I travel from planet to planet, searching for the strongest lifeform to absorb their DNA, so that I can evolve into the universe's most powerful lifeform.
      Akashi: You destroyed the dinosaurs? Then that is your Precious?
      Muse: For a long time, I have waited for the most powerful combat lifeform to be born. And I've finally found it. You are the Precious.
      Akashi: What? I thought so. All this was to find the strongest. It was a game, right? Where are my comrades!?
      Muse: They will be our food when we become one. Now... let's become one. And then we'll be the most powerful Precious.
      Akashi: Sorry, but my Precious... is my friends! ]
      Muse: What?

    • Eiji: That was close! Listen, his true identity is...
      Kouichi: ...the most powerful lifeform that destroyed the dinosaurs.
      Eiji: Eh? Who are you?
      Makino: (via the GouGou Changer) Um... Is that Kouichi Akashi?
      Kouichi: Professor Makino. Thanks to you, my kid is all grown up.

    • Hyde Gene: Do you dare defy me!?
      Masumi: Alright. Let's do this!
      Souta: Pretending to be a cute girl is against the rules!
      Natsuki: It was really hot!
      Sakura: Unforgivable!
      Eiji: The most powerful lifeform? Sounds interesting.
      Akashi: We'll show you... the true stength of humans!

    • Akashi: (preparing his Accellular) Ready!
      Eiji: (preparing his GouGou Changer) Ready!
      Boukengers: (together) Start Up!
      (the Boukengers are transformed)
      Akashi: The Fiery Adventurer! BoukenRed!
      Masumi: The Fast Adventurer! BoukenBlack!
      Souta: The High Up Adventurer! BoukenBlue!
      Natsuki: The Strong Adventurer! BoukenYellow!
      Sakura: The Deep Adventurer! BoukenPink!
      Eiji: The Dazzlign Adventurer! BoukenSilver!
      Akashi: Endless Bouken Spirits!
      Boukengers: (together) GouGou Sentai Boukenger!

    • Hyde Gene: You are foolish humans for defying me.
      Akashi: I'm not going to lose! I am... BoukenRed!

    • (Stringross attacks Ultimate DaiBouken)
      Masumi: It's no good! Can't get free!
      Sakura: We'll be destroyed at this rate!
      Natsuki: It really is the strongest!
      Souta: Even Ultimate DaiBouken can't win!?
      Akashi: There's still one move left! Bouken Formation 2!
      Akashi: Akashi, Bouken Formation 2 is still in test stages. If it fails, all the Vehicles might explode.

  • NOTES (25)

    • Gekkou apparently resurrects Alienizers Diamant Seijin Don Moyaida and Ridomiha Seijin Kaasass from Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger and Hades Beast Troll from Mahou Sentai MagiRanger. How he came to have control over monsters and aliens that aren't Tsukumogami is unknown.

    • Gekkou resurrects the Tsukumogami Jougami (Task 3), Takumigami (Task 5), Kawazugami (Task 9), Kanadegami (Task 12) and Nendogami (Task 14).

    • Bouken Formation 2, DaiTanken, is still in the test stages. If it is not done correctly, all five GouGou Vehicles involved could explode.

    • DaiTanken apparently does not have a combined cockpit for all the Boukengers. Instead, Akashi controls it alone from the cockpit of GouGou Jet while th eothers remain in DaiBouken.

    • Akashi lost his watch in the pool at 9:13am.

    • Running time: 33 minutes.

    • The Scope Shot is shown to feature a rope used for climbing, a telescopic lens, a grappling wire and a flashlight.

    • The phrase "treasure causes people's eyes to change colour" would also be used by Professor Igarashi in Task 29.

    • In his pursuit of UMAs, Kouichi Akashi wrote the book "Dinosaur Ecosystem After The Cretaceous Period - The Most Powerful Mystery Lifeform That Destroyed The Dinosaurs".

    • Akashi knew of DaiTanken and Bouken Formation 2, although the didn't seem to have heard of it before.

    • To fight Stringross, all the Boukengers call for the GouGou Vehicles with the command "All machines launch!" instead of pressing each Vehicle's numbered button in turn.

    • The Boukengers' Accellulars do not work on the mountain until after the team escapes from Muse.

    • Kouichi already knows Makino, but their previous relationship is unknown.

    • Sakura is scared of bugs, especially previously unknown giant man-eating ones.

    • Masumi mentions that he doesn't have any parents.

    • When Kouichi tells Akashi that he doesn't flinch when sacrificing comrades, he is clearly referring to the other Boukengers, but he may also know about Shiro and Kyoko, Akashi's former partners who died retrieving a Precious with him.

    • Eiji's GouGou Changer is equipped with a rope for climbing, even though Eiji has his own Scope Shot which can perform the same function.

    • Makino's computer display shows diagrams of GouGou Vehicles 6-10 coming together to form DaiTanken. Each is shown in the Vehicle's own colours with the captions "Docking Shift On! Bouken Formation 02", "Operation forecast" and "Danger".

    • Makino's computer display gives the following information on GouGou Vehicles 6-10:
      GouGou Drill Vehicle No.06 PRP 8800
      GouGou Shovel Vehicle No.07 PRP 7500
      GouGou Mixer Vehicle No.08 7500
      GouGou Crane Vehicle No.09 PRP 8800
      GouGou Jet Vehicle No.10 PRP 12000

    • The visor of the BoukenRed helmet provides targetting information for Akashi while he is using the Dual Crusher. Presumably the other Boukengers also have this when they use the weapon.

    • Full Japanese title: GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā Za Mūbī Saikyō no Pureshasu.

    • First appearance of DaiTanken, the combination of GouGou Drill, GouGou Shovel, GouGou Mixer, GouGou Crane and GouGou Jet. It will later appear in the series.

    • This movie is set between Tasks 28 and 29 of the series, just before the introduction of Zubaan.

    • Precious: Giant Dragon Shaped Spaceship Stringross.
      Hazard Level: Infinate.

    • Monsters: Quester Robo Cannon and Hyde Gene/Stringross.


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