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Super Sentai

Season 33 Episode 22

Lord Butler (Tono Shitsuji)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Jul 26, 2009 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Lord Butler (Tono Shitsuji)
One of Genta's customers, the wealthy Yoshihisa Matsumiya, asks him to set up a fake wedding using Kotoha as the bride. Genta has Takeru pose as her butler. After the announcement, the three run off to fight the Ayakashi Urawadachi. The monster retreats, eventually reappearing having been hidden in Yoshihisa's jacket to feed on his feelings for Kotoha. To drive him out, Kotoha makes Yoshihisa believe that she doesn't like him. The other Shinkengers arrive and help to defeat Urawadachi. Later, Tenku ShinkenOh fights the Ozorananashi, while the Ebi Orgami and Ika Origami combine into Ika DaiKaiOh to destroy Urawadachi. After the fight, Kotoha and Matsumiya separate as Kotoha realizes she has feelings for Takeru.moreless

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    Hiroki Aiba

    Hiroki Aiba

    Ryunosuke Ikenami/ShinkenBlue

    Tori Matsuzaka

    Tori Matsuzaka

    Takeru Shiba/ShinkenRed

    Shogo Suzuki

    Shogo Suzuki

    Chiaki Tani/ShinkenGreen

    Rin Takanashi

    Rin Takanashi

    Mako Shiraishi/ShinkenPink

    Rintarou Nishi

    Rintarou Nishi

    Dokoku (voice)

    Romi Paku

    Romi Paku

    Dayu (voice)

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      • Shitari: Summer is difficult. It'd be something if we just let Dokoku's power continue to increase. If we don't limit it, it might destroy this world and that world, maybe even us. That's why we let him sleep.

      • Narrator: A little samurai who adores her lord. Her heart is still maturing. However, the strength found takes Kotoha's confidence one step further. Shinkenger Act 22 ends here.

      • Yoshihisa: Everyone. I have an announcement today. Today... I have become engaged to Kotaha Hanaori, who is over there.
        (the spotlight moves to Kotoha)
        Genta: Alright! Best in Japan!

      • Kotoha: Lord, I'm sorry. Having Lord go through that makes me feel uneasy.
        Takeru: (sitting down) Just sit. (Kotoha sits) Listen. Don't consider me so absolutely. Even when I'm around, make sure there's some of you inside yourself. Even Ryunosuke does that. Understand?
        Kotoha: I... don't really...
        Takeru: I see.
        Kotoha: Because, Lord is Lord.

      • Yoshihisa: (to Kotoha) I really am sorry about today. I asked you for this weird request.
        Kotoha: I'm fine. But... some people were crying. It's...
        Yoshihisa: It's fine. They were more attached to my family than to me. Their kindness was all superficial. But... Kotoha, you were different. When we first met at the cart... you were so kind even though you didn't know about my family. And you were so pure. Completely different from other women. I'm sorry. The engagement announcement was half an excuse. In actuality... Kotoha...

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