Super Sentai

Season 28 Episode 36

Mother Universe (Mazā Yunibāsu)

Aired Sunday 7:30 AM Oct 24, 2004 on TV Asahi
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Mother Universe (Mazā Yunibāsu)
Swan receives a letter from SPD’s science research department wanting to award her the Sci-Tech award on planet Nuval. She decides not to go, but the Rangers tell her she needs a holiday and deserves the award. On Nuval, Swan is given the award by Numa O, but refuses his offer of a desk job at headquarters. At the Earth branch, things soon start going wrong without Swan as a Kaijuuki appears. There is no pilot so the Rangers destroy it, unaware that it was being controlled remotely by Poppen Seijin Heimel to gather data on the SPD robos. Heimel, a friend of Swan left SPD when he heard she would get the award and not him. Heimel builds the Frankenzaurus from old Kaijuuki parts hoping to destroy the Rangers. It appears in the city and defeats Super DekaRanger Robo. Doggie calls Swan for help and she recognizes the Kaijuuki’s power source as Heimel’s design which can be very dangerous if destroyed while active. The Rangers use DekaWing Robo instead while Doggie and Tetsu search for Heimel. Swan, now back on Earth, finds Heimel and, transforming into DekaSwan, defeats his Anaroids. When Doggie and Tetsu arrive, Aburera sets Frankenzaurus to self-destruct. Swan deactivates it so the Rangers can destroy it.moreless

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  • Emergency... DekaSwan!

    An excellent episode focusing on perhaps one of SPD's most important people; Swan. She doesn't get enough screen time, and I'm glad she really gets her chance to shine here with her own DekaRanger form. I like her suit, which seems to be based on her regular uniform, but it doesn't look all that police-like. Of course, the biggest question about DekaSwan is why she hasn't used it before now, such as when Ben-G kidnapped her. I feel sorry Heimel really. He tries his best, but could never match Swan's superior skills. Of course, as an alien, he couldn't just let it go, but had to leave SPD and build his own dangerous Kaijuuki that would explode when defeated. It's a shame DekaSwan doesn't have her own DekaMachine to pilot (surely she's thought of building one!) so she could destroy the Kaijuuki herself, but that's a minor point in an otherwise very enjoyable episode.moreless
Naomi Kusumi

Naomi Kusumi

Buntar (voice)

Guest Star

Naoki Tatsuta

Naoki Tatsuta

Heimel (voice)

Guest Star

Kazuhiko Kishino

Kazuhiko Kishino

Numa O (voice)

Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Narrator: Swan Shiratori is the Earth branch's mechanic. She takes care of all the DekaMachine's adjustments, remodel, and repairs by herself.

    • Swan: (reading her letter) From the Space Police's science research department... they want to give me the best Sci-tech award, so they want me to go to planet Nuvel.
      Tetsu: That's amazing! That means you're the best scientist of all Space Police!
      Swan: I always refuse. This doesn't interest me at all!

    • Numa O: What do you think? Will you return to Headquarters?
      Swan: I'm grateful but...
      Numa O: It's no using asking?

    • Swan: Buntar! Long time no see! Thanks for taking care of our guys before.
      Buntar: How're they doing?
      Swan: They're doing well! It's like everyone's gotten bigger. By the way, how's Heimel? Is he okay?
      Buntar: Heimel... Swan, the guy you used to work with in design? That guy... left the Space Police a bit back.
      Swan: Quit? Why?
      Buntar: You know his personality. He thought he would get the medal this time. When he heard the award was going to Swan...
      Swan: That's the only reason?
      Buntar: To him... that's not it. He said he would make greater machines than you.
      Swan: Then where did he go?
      Buntar: Don't know where or what he's doing. Just hope he's not with bad guys.

    • Doggie: Swan! How long until you land?
      Swan: Eh!? What are you talking about? I didn't hear a thing!
      Doggie: What!?
      Swan: This is the first time you've contacted me, Doggie. (views the battle on her SP License) This is... Heimel Reactor...
      Doggie: You know it?
      Swan: Yeah... The power source in its chest, it can produce a high energy output, however... if it exploded, half the Earth would be blown away. It's dangerous!

    • Tetsu: I'm sorry, Boss. I didn't know. I thought the DekaMachines damage was just a small thing. I didn't know daily maintenance was so important.
      Ban: We wanted Swan to have a day off.
      Doggie: Fools! Don't place such worries on Swan!

    • Tetsu: Swan! You can transform!?
      Swan: Are maidens supposed to be in distress?

    • Doggie: Heimel. Do you know what is different between yours and Swan's machines? You only create to give yourself fame. Swan... she always makes it with someone else in mind. She thinks about those who must pilot them, she always cherishes her machines. What's important... is love. That difference affects the efficiency.
      Heimel: Heimel has completely lost.
      Doggie: With this... case complete.

    • Narrator: The DekaRangers can face the enemy without fear... because Swan's mother-like kindness is protecting them. Keep doing your best, DekaRanger! Fight, Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger!

    • Swan: (preparing SP License) Emergency! DekaSwan!
      Narrator: When DekaBase accepts the call, they send shape forming, space metal, DekaMetal. Fixing on Swan's body, forming a DekaSuit.
      (Swan is transformed into DekaSwan)
      Swan: Face On! (DekaSwan's helmet appears) The pure white, healing Etoile. DekaSwan!

    • Bunta: I have to do a speech… Curse Swan… (taking the podium) Errrrrrrrr…

  • NOTES (19)

    • DekaSwan may be numbered 7 as her suit features a seven-sided heptagon, although this would conflict with the later appearance of DekaBright. She may also be number 99, as the heptagon resembles the Japanese kanji for "white" (白), which is one stroke short of the kanji for "100" (百).

    • The final scene of this episode is set to "Mother Universe", the DekaSwan theme performed by Mako Ishino (Swan).

    • Tooto Seijin Buntar previously appeared in Episodes 32 and 33.

    • Horus Seijin Numa O previously appeared in Episode 22.

    • Among the attendees at Swan's award ceremony are a Chanbena Seijin, a Slope Seijin and a squid-like alien similar to Porupo from Episode 1.

    • Frankensaurus is made up of components from Fan Crusher, Devil Capture, God Pounder, Terrible Terror, Shinobi Shadow and Million Missile.

    • Apparently Kaijuuki can be created almost instantly by designing them on computer and then having them materialize already assembled. It is maybe that building Frankenzaurus was made this easy as it used existing parts, although the Heimel Reactor at its core was new. It is unknown if this is how the DekaMachines, PAT Wings and DekaBase were constructed.

    • To get to and from Nuvel, Swan uses an SPD vessel similar to the one the DekaRangers used to travel to Kada for SWAT Mode training in Episode 32.

    • Nuvel is shown to be quite close to Earth.

    • Without Swan's maintenance, the DekaMachines have trouble combining into DekaRanger Robo and Super DekaRanger Robo.

    • Numa O had previously met Swan when she worked at SPD Headquarters. He is eager to get her back.

    • This is the first time that Doggie and Agent Aburera have met in person.

    • Jasmine's comment about the SPD Badges, "gold is one, silver is five" suggests that the usual makeup of a DekaRanger team is five regulars and one elite Tokkyou.

    • Swan's SP License differs from the Ranger's Licenses in that it has a white lid instead of black and orange lettering instead of white.

    • The tune that Tetsu hums in Swan's workshop is "Tetsu no Ishi de!", the DekaBreak theme performed by Yoshida Tomokazu (Tetsu).

    • Kaijuuki: Devil Capture 6 and Frankenzaurus.

    • According to Swan, in the next episode's ending credits section, she can only transform once every 4 years. Why this might be is never made clear, although Jasmine suggests an Olympic connection. It is possible that she lied, as later episodes would show her as DekaSwan again.

    • First appearance of DekaSwan.

    • Alienizer: Poppen Seijin Heimel.


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